Ikkitousen Episode 9 – Hot Springs Training

The Big Fighters Tournament is over, although the end result was not exactly conclusive. There’s definitely some action to come on that front, with Kyosho being jipped out of an opportunity to challenge Totaku. But not this episode!

Hakufu Peek.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Hakufu’s Mom takes Hakufu and Koukin to a remote hot springs in the mountains, one that’s apparently well-known amongst fighters. While there, Hakufu runs into Ryomou. Ryomou leaves the hot springs and goes into the nearby forest to train. Naturally, Hakufu follows her. An old man appears before the two, the master that apparently trained Hakufu. Ryomou challenges him to a fight but is unable to land a proper hit on him. Hakufu joins in and with some teamwork they are able to land a hit.

Ryofu was also at the hot springs. Through some flashbacks we learn that she has some sort of health condition. She has three months before… I’m not sure if it’s death or she will just lose all of her strength, to be honest. Either way it means that Ryofu has to act soon if she wants to take down Totaku.

Finally, Gakushu, the giant he is, manages to somehow shadow Kannei. He follows Kannei into one of the rooms at Nanyo, and that’s where he finds the corpse of Enjyutsu. It seems Kannei, as nuts as he is, has been asking a corpse for orders. Which means someone else has been sending him those orders. Gakushu takes down Kannei, but is then hit from behind by someone else.

Apparently Koukin got lost in the mountains at some point, because the episode ends with Koukin being found and given a new nickname by Hakufu – “Little Lost Child Koukin”.

Episode Thoughts

Well, there wasn’t much action in terms of fighting. Just the part where Ryomou and then Hakufu fought the old man. Of course it’s always nice to see a strong fighter, even if it’s an old man showing us some new techniques. He seemed to be able to block hits using an energy of some sort.

Other than that though, most of the episode was just pure fanservice, of the NSFW variety, considering they were at a hot springs. Not the kind of imagery I’ll post here, but after I finish season one of Ikkitousen on this blog I’m going to move the watch through over to Ecchi Hunter. And I’ll do some recap posts for S1 there where I shamelessly post all of the ecchi moments.

But for now, what this means is that not too much really happened this episode. We didn’t get any updates on the Kyosho vs. Rakuyo situation, after Kyosho was screwed over by Totaku in the Big Fighters Tournament. I imagine Kyosho’s invasion of Rakuyo is still on the books though, so we can definitely expect some action in the future with that.

So the only intriguing scene we got was the Enjyutsu one, where we found out that Enjyutsu is actually dead. I’m guessing Totaku is the one manipulating Kannei? If my memory serves me right, Kannei actually comes to his senses at some point. Maybe Totaku needs to be defeated first, or maybe it’s someone else manipulating him that we haven’t met. I can’t imagine anyone we’ve seen so far would be the one behind it.

Gakushu Punch.jpg

In Conclusion…

This episode was essentially a fan service break from the action.
Not bad, but I’m ready to see how everything unfolds in the next 4 episodes!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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