Clannad Episode 5: Starfish

Looks like the anime has decided to go down the Ibuki Fuko branch, leaving the theatre club off to the side for now.

There’ll be plenty of time for club fun later I’m sure.
For now, what’s the deal with Ibuki Fuko?

Kyou Ryou Starfish.jpg


After speaking with Fuko, Okazaki and Nagisa decide to pay a visit to Fuko’s older sister (Ibuki-sensei), who used to teach before Fuko got into an accident and was hospitalized several years ago. Nagisa congratulates her on her engagement to Yusuke, to which Ibuki-sensei replies that she hadn’t told ANYONE other than her little sister about the engagement, let alone the name of the man she was going to marry. And she mentions that her little sister is still in a coma. It seems Ibuki-sensei is stuggling with the idea of marriage while her little sister is currently hospitalized.

Afterwards, Nagisa tells Okazaki in the park that she wants to help Fuko. They go to school and get Fuko to go with them to the Furukawa bakery + residence, and introduce her to Nagisa’s parents, Sanae and Akio. Being the kind-hearted people they are, they let Fuko stay with them. Okazaki shows up the next day to the Furukawa family helping Fuko carve wooden stars, until we find out that they are actually starfish.

At school Nagisa and Okazaki help Fuko hand out starfish to students, as Fuko invites more students to her sister’s wedding.  After school we find out that Fuko wants to attend classes, and so Okazaki gets the theatre club crew together at school on the weekend to give Fuko a taste of class, featuring Sanae as the teacher.

Fuko Class 2.jpg

Fun Moments

Embarrassed Nagisa

When Nagisa and Okazaki approach Ibuki-sensei, she asks Nagisa if he is her boyfriend. Nagisa gets super flush and denies that they are in a relationship, and then trips over herself saying that it’s not that she doesn’t like Okazaki, but that there’s probably someone better suited for Okazaki…

Ibuki-sensei asks Okazaki if he has a girlfriend, and he says no. She then looks at Nagisa and tells her that it looks like she has a good chance, causing Nagisa to almost overload in embarrassment. Nagisa is just too cute. All of the girls in this anime are too cute!

Nagisa Embarrassed.jpg

Isogai Fuko

When introducing Fuko to Sanae and Akio, it’s decided that Fuko will not mention her actual family name (Ibuki) because her older sister actually stops by the bakery. So instead, Fuko chooses to give the name Isogai. At first, Okazaki can’t help but think that Fuko chose an odd name… only for Sanae to remark that their neighbours are also named Isogai. Okazaki runs outside to the neighbouring house where the plaque confirms this. It’s a funny scene.


At the Furukawa residence, Okazaki mentions that seeing all of the carved stars on the ground makes it look like a starry sky, to Fuko’s confusion. Fuko then mentions that they are starfish, and that carving stars doesn’t make any sense. To cap it off, Nagisa enters the room and mentions how seeing them all together makes them look cute – the starfish.

Furukawa Family Carving Stars

Episode Thoughts

So, what’s the deal with Fuko?
I can think of two distinct possibilities, although both could be wrong…

First is that Fuko is indeed a “ghost” of the Fuko that is currently in a coma in the hospital. What’s bizarre about this is that it seems everyone except Fuko’s older sister can see her, although we haven’t seen the two together, I’m almost certain that her older sister can’t see her. So while her older sister can communicate to her, through her body in the hospital, she can’t communicate back.

The second theory is that Fuko isn’t in the hospital at all, and that her older sister is delusional, to the degree that she still thinks her little sister is in a coma when she isn’t. Basically this would shift the mysterious issue from Fuko to her older sister…

Honestly though option 1 seems more likely. First, because if Fuko was OK, I feel like she would be interacting more with others, attending classes, et cetera. But instead she’s sort of drifting around, trying to get people to go to her sister’s wedding, as a way of saying thanks. It’s almost like a last wish, to do something for her sister. The other reason is because I think that they wouldn’t want to miss out on the shock value of suddenly showing Fuko in the hospital.

Hmm, now this is making me think that maybe Fuko is clinging onto life just long enough to accomplish her goal of helping / thanking her older sister. Still, there’s just not enough information to know for sure yet, but I have a feeling we’ll see Fuko’s hospitalized body soon enough…

In Conclusion…

Aside from the exact nature of Fuko’s situation, the only thing I wonder about now is whether the anime will continue along this route, or if it’ll branch out towards other characters or the theatre club before coming back.

As for that, I have no idea what sort of episode we’ll get next!

Here’s a nice screencap of Nagisa to end the post off:

Nagisa Sunset.jpg

As you can see, Clannad loves their sunsets.
Especially with Nagisa it seems.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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