Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 16 (#12)

Ah, summer.
The perfect time to get together with friends and make some memories.
What could be better?

Ep16 Takoyaki.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – “You can have one, but only one.” Edition

Brief Synopsis

Kyon is lying on the couch at home, watching baseball with his sister. Being the nice guy that he is, he finds himself cheering for the underdog team that is behind by 7 or more runs. He gets a phone call from Haruhi telling him to meet the SOS Brigade at 2pm in front of the station. Haruhi then immediately calls him back telling him to bring a swimsuit and his bike.

He arrives 15 minutes early, only to be accused of being late because all of the other members are already there. The SOS Brigade then proceeds to go to the pool, an Obon festival, play with fireworks, catch cicadas, work a part-time job, stargaze, go to a batting center, watch a fireworks show, a fishing tournament, a test of courage, watch an  overhyped movie, go to the beach, bowling, and karaoke over the last two weeks of summer.

After everything, on August 30th, the SOS Brigade meets up at a restaurant to close out the summer. Everyone concludes that they had done enough, and so they all go their separate ways. Kyon spends the last day of summer break trying to do his summer homework, and slacking off.

And thus ends a complete and fulfilling summer.

Ep16 End.jpg

Favourite Moments

The SOS Brigade made so many great memories this summer break, it’s hard to choose just a few favourite moments!

Festival + Yuki’s Mask

While at the Obon festival, Yuki buys an alien mask, which leads to a funny little exchange.

“Huh? What’s with the mask, Yuki?”
– Haruhi

“I bought it.”
– Yuki

“I see. But why that one?”
– Haruhi

– Yuki

Ep16 Festival.jpg

Yuki’s Catch

During the SOS Brigade’s Cicada Capturing Competition, Yuki manages to catch a cicada. Kyon then tells her that what she had caught isn’t a cicada, so she lets it go. It turns out she managed to catch a hercules beetle. Nice catch Yuki.

Ep16 Yuki Cicada.jpg

Part-Time Work

While working a part-time job was on Haruhi’s bucket list, she seems to have already upgraded herself to management, contracting out her club to wear large frog costumes on a hot summer day while she watched from inside the air-conditioned supermarket. As payment, the SOS Brigade gets to keep one of the costumes.

The real reward was the memories made that day, I’m sure.

Ep16 Job.jpg

In Conclusion…

If there was one issue I had with the episode, it’s that they did so many things over that two week span that the anime really didn’t have much time to spend on any of them. Aside from a few moments, like the pool and Obon festival, the episode almost felt like a slideshow of what they did. It’s great that the SOS Brigade managed to do so much in two weeks, but we didn’t exactly get to experience it all aside from a few images or very short scenes.

There’s really not much else to say about it though!

Just another slice of life episode here, which is nice from time to time.
I will admit I’m still curious about those other people who viewed the corrupted SOS Brigade logo that could be infected, like the computer club president was… maybe we’ll see more regarding that plotline at some point?

Anyways, looks like summer’s just about wrapped up in the Haruhi universe.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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