Date A Live: Episode 10

Last episode we left off with Kotori revealing her identity as a fire spirit on the school rooftop just as Kurumi had defeated Origami, Mana, and Tohka.

What happens next?

Kurumi Tokisaki Rifle Pistol
Date A Live – 1 O’Clock Edition

Brief Synopsis

Kurumi proceeds to pull out all the stops in order to take down Kotori. She freezes Kotori in place and riddles her with bullets, but Kotori’s flames heal her injuries. Kotori blasts countless Kurumi clones. More happens… it’s a very back and forth fight. Long story short, Kotori’s forced to give into her powers and loses control of herself. Just as she’s about to incinerate Kurumi, Shido jumps in the way to stop her, and ends up falling unconscious from the flames, somehow. We find out later that Kurumi escaped shortly after.

He awakens in Ratatoskr’s facilities to Yoshino, and Tohka sleeping next to his bed. Reine brings Shido to Kotori, who appears to have been put into some sort of containment room. We find out that Kotori had inherited her abilities five years ago in an incident that involved both her and Shido. I guess their house was attacked by an actual fire spirit or something, because it was in flames. Kotori doesn’t remember why she gained the spirit’s abilities, just that she did. But now the spirit is threatening to overtake Kotori. And so Reine tells Shido that he will be going on a date with her in two days, as he has the ability to seal her powers.

Shido then goes to the hospital that Mana and Origami are being held at. He is not allowed to see Mana, and finds out from Origami that some experiments were being performed on her, or something like this. So Shido ends up spending the day with Origami, because everytime he tries to leave, she “forces” him to do something for her like feed her or take her temperature. As Shido is leaving Origami swears that she is going to kill the flame spirit as revenge for killing her family.

Kotori Spirit.jpg

Forgotten Moments

A Date of Dates

Well, if I had forgotten that Kotori was a flame spirit last episode, you can bet that I had no idea Shido was going to have to date her! This is excellent news! Here I was thinking “well, I guess there’ll be no more dates this season considering how things are going”. And a date with Kotori? I’m already looking forward to how cringeworthy it’ll be, considering Kotori will know that Shido is getting advice from Ratatoskr’s love experts.

I’ll throw a prediction out there for the date. I think the date will be entertaining, but won’t manage to save Kotori. I’m thinking that Origami will interrupt the date, there will be some combat, and then Shido will do his usual thing and save Kotori’s life in a heroic manner, which will manage to win her over enough that he can seal her powers. We’ll also learn the truth behind the flame spirit, that it was the flame spirit itself and not Kotori that killed Origami’s parents, likely prior to when Kotori inherited it’s powers.

Lots to look forward to on this front!

Favourite Moments

Kurumi Tokisaki is Awesome

I think we can all agree that Kurumi Tokisaki is an amazing antagonist. I just love how edgy, and yet complete she feels as a character. I couldn’t think of a single thing I’d want to change. And with this episode, we got to see a lot of Kurumi and her abilities. It’s weird but I feel like her appearance has looked better and better with each episode we’ve seen her. She started out covering her left eye and wearing that schoolgirl outfit, all the way to where we are now with her spirit outfit and full blown powers.

Heterochromia? Check.
Evil grin? Check.
Antique rifle & pistol? Check.
Shoots herself in the head with said pistol? Check.

I took a lot of Kurumi screencaps this episode, so I’ll just throw them all here for everyone to see the amazing and edgy Kurumi Tokisaki!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Origami Does It Again

Whenever Shido is alone with Origami, she takes complete advantage of his inability to say “no” to a woman. And I’m glad that she does, because someone has to! She made some serious moves on Shido too. First a piggyback back to her room, then she sucked on his finger when he was feeding her apple slices, and then she sat on his lap when he was going to take her temperature. It’s just fun to see Shido act so uncomfortable, considering he could have realistically walked away at any moment if it weren’t for his critical weakness.

To be honest, the one thing that gets me is that we can get fan service like this, but still no panty shots since episode 2! I know they aren’t required, but it’s interesting that they made that decision and have stuck to it so far at least.

Origami Hospital.jpg

Other Thoughts

I’ve already made my prediction for what’s going to happen over the next two episodes in regards to Kotori and Origami, but there are a few other topics I wanted to bring up.


First is Mana. I’ve been warned by Dewbond that she was going to disappear at some point, and now I’m wondering if she’ll make another appearance or not. I know the anime had already mentioned that because of experiments she was only going to live for another 10 years or something like this… but now they are doing more experiments. So maybe that number will jump down to, a week or something.

Which makes me think we’ll get a final appearance at some point, but then maybe they’ll write her off between this season and the next. We’ll see what happens with her.


Aha! I caught a continuity mistake. It happens early on too. If you take a look at the images in the Kurumi slideshow, you’ll see in one that Shido is being held by one of Kurumi’s clones. This is right before the OP.

But then, after the OP, he appears behind Kotori! Not only that, but everyone else on the roof just disappears! Tohka, Origami, Mana, and the other Kurumi clones.

Shido Continuity.jpg

I guess maybe something happened that they couldn’t fit into the episode, so they just glossed over it? Someone with the manga needs to look into this for me…

In Conclusion…

This was quite the climactic episode, but was it the season climax? With Kotori’s date and what I imagine will be a confrontation between her and Origami, I wonder if we’ll get another episode that’s on the same caliber as this one? I’m thinking we will, in some aspects at least.

I don’t know if we’re going to see Kurumi again this season or not, considering the storyline they still have to wrap up with Kotori and Origami. I’m sure we’ll see her again next season though at the very least.

Definitely looking forward to another date in Date A Live!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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