Anime A to Z: Y – Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome

Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome.
Otherwise called The Night is Short, Walk on Girl.

What an odd experience this movie was! I knew going in that I was going to be watching something that is quite abstract, but there’s no way I could have prepared for what I just witnessed!

I’m not even certain where to start, but I’ll give this a try!

You can expect spoilers for Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome in this post!
If you’d like to skip them, click here.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Alcohol.jpg

What Did I Just Watch?

Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome is the definition of “what did I just watch?”, in a 90 minute form. Not that this is a bad thing mind you. This is a very interesting and wacky movie, with twists and turns I don’t think any sane person could predict.

I’ll give a broad overview of some of the various happenings in this movie…

1. The Bar Crawl.

The anime opens up at a wedding reception. There are two main characters to this tale – the raven-haired girl, and the hopeless guy. Hopeless guy has been purposely crossing paths with the raven-haired girl consistently (they go to the same school), in order to try and get her attention (he’s too scared to ask her out). This has resulted in many “coincidences” of them running into each other.

After the wedding reception, the night truly begins. Hopeless guy loses track of raven-haired girl, and she proceeds to visit a bar to indulge her passion for alcohol. She runs into some eccentric characters there, and they proceed to go to another bar.. and another.. and another. Many drinks are consumed, many people are losing their minds, and, well, a lot happens. Hopeless guy ends up crossing paths with her at some point that night as well, although he lost his pants after bring mugged.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Bar Hop.jpg

2. The Used Book Market.

The next night is the used book market. Hopeless guy has connections with their school’s police force that spies on all students, in order to make sure they return their library books. He finds out that the raven-haired girl’s favourite childhood book, a one of a kind, will be for sale at a used book market. So he goes in order to find that book.

Raven-haired girl also goes to the book market, as she loves books. Both characters run into some eccentrics, many of which we met the night prior. Hopeless guy enters a spicy food eating contest and ends up winning the book he came for. They cross paths, but only for a moment.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Book.jpg

3. The School Festival.

Immediately after the book market is the school festival, and man, this is some festival. It’s got everything, and is extremely lively. For instance, a lively debate between two clubs over rice versus bread.

But what’s really lively are the crimes being committed at the festival! Hopeless guy sets up his own stall, with the book on display, in order to try and run into raven-haired girl. A group of people show up and end up stealing his entire stall. This is when we learn from the school police that there is a rogue group of theatrics called “Eccentric King” that steal people’s stalls and set up makeshift stages elsewhere in order to perform unauthorized romantic plays. Not only this, but there are also a few individuals who have been setting up a kotatsu and eating hot food, known as “Swift-Footed Kotatsu” without authorization. Naturally, the school police are very busy.

Raven-haired girl ends up getting pulled into the theatrics at some point, because the other actresses were arrested by the school police. Hopeless guy then tries to get on stage to perform with her, but has to compete with someone else – the man behind the plays, who is trying to attract the attention of a girl he fell in love with at last year’s festival but never saw her after that. Once again, a lot happens.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Theatric Delinquents.jpg

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Play.jpg

4. Sickness.

Considering almost all of the main eccentric characters have made appearances at the various events every night, it’s no surprise that they all manage to get sick at the same time, hopeless guy included. Raven-haired girl is fine though, and she spends the night going from place to place caring for various sick characters. The last place she visits is hopeless guy, and well, the story continues from there, with hopeless guy asking her out on a date.


I actually loved the story of Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome. It’s a simple story that contains an extremely eccentric, wacky, creative, and interesting journey. I could go on about how crazy this anime is, so much happens it’s pretty unbelievable. What gets me is how the movie manages to take a million random little events and connect many of them together. You meet someone at point A, and they turn out to be doing something at point B, which then ropes one of the main characters into doing something that causes them to cross paths.. stuff like that. And sometimes it’s just random. Friend A is out selling books at the market, and then next thing you know he is actually a part of “Swift-Footed Kotatsu”, causing trouble at the festival.

Basically, Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome is a wild ride that somehow manages to all come together in the end, even if it seems completely nonsensical at times.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Drinking


I think this movie was produced by the same studio that made Devilman Crybaby, so that sort of gives you an idea of what the animation itself is like. It’s almost like I’ve gone full circle, from dropping Devilman Crybaby at Anime D on the A to Z challenge to watching and enjoying their movie at Anime Y. While I didn’t like the animation then, I love it now. This style just lends itself so well to the wild and abstract antics that we see in this movie.

I could try to explain in words, but I’ll just leave some screencaps for you all to see the variety of colours and art in this movie. And I’d like to say it’s art, as opposed to just animation, because this is not top-notch animation, it’s something different. A style that works well to create some very unique and interesting moments.

Also, I absoltely loved the use of minimalist art. I guess the entire animation style is minimalist, but there were specific vibrant minimalist scenes that really stood out in addition to the regular animation.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Rain.jpg

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Art.jpg


If you understand that Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome is a very abstract and random anime, and look over all of the screencaps in this post, then you’ve got a pretty good understanding of what this movie is like.

Definitely one of the more unique movies I’ve seen, especially when I consider how simple the overarching story is. This is most definitely more about the journey than the destination.

I’m going to give Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke Yo Otome an 8.5 / 10.
Normally I find it tough to get into movies, anime included, but this movie was so odd that I ended up watching it and really enjoying it.

I’ll also give this anime movie the Abstraction award, for how well it managed to embrace the abstract art style and turn it into something great.

Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke Yo Otome Parrot.jpg
A segway riding monkey that communicates through the parrot on his shoulder. Amazing.

And that’s anime Y!
Only one left, and I’m already partway through.
Shouldn’t be too much longer till the Anime A to Z is complete!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.


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