Circlet Princess Episode 8 Review

Sticking with the bi-weekly Circlet Princess, here we are for episode 8.
And you know what? Episode 8 was pretty good!

Circlet Princess Ayumu.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Last episode ended with Ayumu visiting Chikage, the circlet bout champion. They analyze the fight Chikage had with Yuuka in episode 1, which was several years ago. Ayumu poses that the reason the fight had ended was not due to Chikage’s fiery attack, but actually because both Yuuka and Chikage were “overclocking the system”.

Essentially what this discovery means is that they were apparently moving faster than the circlet bout system can compute, resulting in.. lost frames I guess? Basically when they are fighting the system doesn’t show all of their movements because it can’t keep up. Naturally this is a game-changer for the circlet bout world, and with all of the other teams analyzing Yuuka’s fights, they all begin to pick up on it.

During the next match, Reina manages to pull off a win. Miyuki then loses her match, and then.. Yuuka loses her match. The other team had prepared for Yuuka, and the fighter she faced was predicting Yuuka’s movements to make up for the fact that she couldn’t rely on visual cues. Yuuka’s weapon is shattered in the fight as well, not sure if this is important or not. After the fight, it seems that Yuuka is unable to talk to G-kun (her circlet). The next day, the girls go into Yuuka’s room and find a note that just says “I’m sorry.”.

Fist Weapon.jpg
Miyuki was pulverized by that giant fist weapon.

Episode Thoughts

It may not seem like much happened, judging by the synopsis, but that’s because there was actually a lot of fighting this episode! Basically, the first half of the episode was mostly explanation about how the “overclocking” works, and the second half was fighting.

The arena they fought in this time around contained a bunch of platforms, and had low gravity. So the fighters could jump between platforms throughout the fight. It’s a neat concept, but unfortunately they didn’t really do much with them. There was a bit of jumping, but I feel like maybe they could have had more impact. I feel like the different elevations of the platforms could have played a role. Not a huge deal anyways. At least the arena wasn’t giving one side an unfair advantage like the ridiculous arenas we saw last episode.

Reina’s fight was pretty good. She fought another spear user like herself, and they traded quite a few blows. Not sure what else I can say about it! It was a fight.

Reina Fight.jpg

One thing that I’ve noticed that’s pretty lame is the format of circlet bout matches. They are treated as best 2 of 3, which technically means that a match can end in 2 fights. But they almost always go to 3 fights, so you can predict the outcome of the second match before it even happens. Like in this episode, it was obvious that we’d get to see Yuuka fight, and so it was obvious that Miyuki was going to lose her match after Reina had won hers.

Yuuka’s fight was also good. What I liked to see from it was Yuuka fighting in a generally competent manner. She didn’t do that thing where she looks like a total amateur who can barely fend off her opponents attacks before going superhuman in an instant and winning. She used a good mix of slow and fast attacks to try and throw her opponent off, but it didn’t work.

Now the real mystery is what’s going on with G-kun? I already had a guess that G-kun isn’t actually an AI, but just Ayumu’s father speaking through the circlet. Still haven’t seen anything to prove or disprove this.

Circlet Princess Yuuka Tears.jpg

I’ll also quickly mention that there was a good deal of fan service this episode. See that’s the thing about the anime, it gets better when there are more fights, because then we see more fan service oriented circlet bout outfits! The fighting and ecchi just go hand in hand in Circlet Princess! Truly a symbiotic relationship.

Circlet Princess Captain.jpg

Yuuka Fight.jpg

Circlet Princess Ecchi.jpg

In Conclusion…

Wish I had more to say about this episode, but I don’t!
They’ve introduced an interesting “mechanic” to circlet bout with overclocking, and the fights are seeming to pick up. Or at least they did in this episode, I guess we’ll have to see if they can keep it up in future episodes.

I don’t know if there’s a losers bracket in the tournament they are taking part in, or if Union Academy is just out completely after their loss this episode. If they are out, then they’ll have to create some sort of reasons for us to see more fights. Yuuka has to have a redemption fight after all.

That’s it for this week’s episode.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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