Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuustu: Episode 8 (#11)

The master of the house had just been murdered, the butler has confirmed him dead, and Asahina has fainted… looks like Haruhi has a case to solve!

Haruhi Kyon Storm.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – “Dark Stormy Night” Edition

Brief Synopsis

Our story began last episode, with Haruhi and the SOS Brigade visiting the remote island villa of one of Itsuki’s “distant relatives”. Haruhi had been hoping for something to happen, but was she wishing for a murder?!

The situation is supposed to be a sealed room type of case, where all possible entrances were locked – so how did the culprit escape? Immediately the prime suspect is the victim’s son, who was missing at the time the body was discovered. While Itsuki goes off to do his own investigation, Haruhi drags Kyon with her to do some sleuthing. They question the butler, maid, and then go outside to see if the boat was still there or not.

The boat was missing, and then Haruhi thinks she saw a shadow in the nearby cliff, so she brings Kyon with her to investigate that as well. Unfortunatley, they fall off the path and end up having to take shelter in a cave until Itsuki finds them. We find out that the only possible explanation for the murder is that the victim was still alive and went to lock the door himself, but when the door was kicked in it pushed the knife deeper into his chest and killed him.

Kyon and Haruhi end up playing a trick in order to get the victim and co-conspirators to come clean. The whole mystery was a hoax, just as I had suspected!

Investigation Haruhi.jpg

Favourite Moments

Mystery Solved

What can I say, the anime tried to fool me into thinking someone had died, but clearly they didn’t anticipate a higher IQ individual such as myself seeing right through their tricks. I knew it was a hoax, just as I mentioned last post. Too easy.

Jokes aside, even though I sort of remembered this being a hoax, the anime does make it pretty obvious. From the start last episode, with Itsuki bringing up the idea of a mystery over and over, it was fairly clear that his organization would do something like this. It actually made me laugh that almost right after they found the body, Itsuki walks over to the window and says “We’re in a closed circle situation!” with no hesitation.

Just a little too enthusiastic there, eh Itsuki?

Koizumi window.jpg

Yuki’s Orders

While she didn’t get much screentime, Yuki did manage to do something funny once again. Haruhi orders Yuki to lock their bedroom door and not let anyone in. 10+ minutes later, after Haruhi and Kyon had gone outside and whatnot, they return to find the door locked. When they knock and ask Yuki to unlock the door, she says “I’m not supposed to open the door for anyone”.

But we notice that Yuki had opened the door to let Kyon’s little sister outside. Yuki mentions that she was not given any orders regarding opening the door for someone inside the room.

Which means, would Yuki have not let Kyon’s little sister back into the room had she returned? This is the real mystery of the episode.

Either way, it was a funny scene.

Haruhi Mystery Villa.jpg

In Conclusion…

To be honest, I felt like this episode didn’t really deliver, especially when you consider the cliffhanger we got in the last episode (chronologically). I guess the mystery felt a bit too slapped together. If you’re going to spend an entire episode building up a mystery, I end up having high hopes for it. But in this case, it just didn’t really get me thinking or interested…

Even knowing that it was a hoax, I feel like the mystery could maybe have been done better… I could make suggestions but that’s not really the purpose of this post. I’ll just conclude by saying the mystery wasn’t very satisfying.

Haruhi Wink.jpg

Stay tuned for more Haruhi.. the next several episodes should be VERY interesting!
Time sure flies in chronological order!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuustu: Episode 8 (#11)

  1. The mystery not being very good is kind of the point, though. Kyon even gives Itsuki a list of the obvious mistakes he made that gave away the whole thing being a setup. But the whole thing was set up for Haruhi’s entertainment, so as long as she’s engaged and having fun, she doesn’t really sweat the details like that, and she probably enjoyed the heck out of getting to play Phoenix Wright at the end of the day.

    My favorite moment was the tumble down the cliff. Kyon and Haruhi are both such tsunderes that neither one would ever admit to caring about the other, but the way their instincts took over (Kyon twisting around as they fell so that he’s underneath her, the look of relief on her face when she sees he’s okay) says it all really.

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    1. Yeah I guess my issue was just with the feeling of the episode itself. Everything happened so quick, and there was not really any investigation… it’s less the mystery and more the episode didn’t frame it in a satisfying way. Of course it’s my fault for expecting any excitement there, because this is a slice of life anime and I was sort of imposing “mystery” expectations..


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