Date A Live: Episode 9

Wow, I’m constantly reminded how little I actually remember of Date A Live.
Even I am surprised at how I’ve managed to forget so many big twists and major details… I guess this is just the beauty of the anime rewatch and a bad memory!

kurumi tokisaki.jpg
Date A Live – Cloudy Skies Edition

Sort Of Brief Synopsis

Mana kills Kurumi in front of Shido in the park. Even though we all know that Kurumi won’t actually “die” from it, it’s a pretty brutal scene, and Shido is quite shaken up by it. That night he goes out with Tohka, and she manages to calm his nerves, assuring Shido that despite how she appears, Kurumi is just like Tohka and Yoshino.

The next day Shido tells Kurumi that he is going to save her. This causes Kurumi to create a barrier around the school that incapacitates everyone inside except for Shido, Tohka, and Origami. Kurumi invites Shido to the roof, and tells him that if he takes his words back (about saving her) she will take down the barrier. She also begins the formation of a spatial quake above the school.

Shido, sensing that Kurumi needs him, jumps off the roof. This forces Kurumi to save him. He then threatens to bite his tongue and kill himself. Moved by Shido’s display, Kurumi takes down the barrier and stops the spatial quake. But just as she reaches out for Shido’s hand, another Kurumi reaches out from within her body and kills her. This new Kurumi seems more cruel and on guard. Mana appears and cuts her hand off.

Kurumi summons a giant clock and proceeds to revert time to restore her hand. She summons another spatial quake, but just as it’s about to explode, something offsets the quake causing it to fizzle out.

We then see Kotori, surrounded by flames, hovering above the school.

kotori spirit form.jpg

Forgotten Moments

Kotori’s Secret

Yep. I forgot that Kotori was a spirit! It’s like I’d never even seen this anime before. I’m pretty surprised that I forgot such an important detail. I know that a lot of the anime has felt new to me, but I’m still blown away at how I managed to forget this.

Kotori looks pretty badass as a spirit. She also says she will have Shido return something for a little while.. so I’m guessing that the healing ability Shido was using is actually Kotori’s spiritual power. It would make sense that Shido is just a regular human, as he is a liaison for spirits to accept the human world and live a normal life. He isn’t related to Kotori by blood, after all.

Kotori spirit form weapon.jpg

Favourite Moments

Rooftop Confrontation

I’m going to lump everything together here. From start to finish, I’ve enjoyed everything that has happened on the rooftop this episode.

Shido jumping off, and almost convincing Kurumi to give him a chance was great – I especially loved Kurumi’s reaction to having to save him. A perfect mix of anger and concern. Once again Shido has managed to prove that he’s a pretty cool guy in the moment. I have to give him credit, he did a good job.

shido kurumi eye.jpg

Kurumi’s giant clock and two weapons, an antique rifle + pistol, are very cool as well. Looking forward to seeing more of them next episode. From what we saw this episode, bullets from her weapons can not only serve as regular attacks, but can also be used to manipulate time. Kurumi shot herself to restore her arm, but she also shot Mana in order to freeze time and incapacitate Mana. We also see that Kurumi is quite powerful, moving so quick that Mana couldn’t keep up.

Finally, Kotori’s spirit form was the ultimate cliffhanger. I’m absolutely looking forward to a battle between Kotori and Kurumi! I have no memory of what actually happens with Kurumi in the end, whether she gets saved or not. Considering I didn’t even remember Kotori was a spirit, the battle is going to be pretty exciting for me!

kurumi tokisaki clock.jpg

In Conclusion…

Let’s just get to next episode already!
I want to see Kotori and Kurumi fight!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Date A Live: Episode 9

  1. I always loved Kotori’s spirit form and it’s a shame it’s not used that often. I kinda think the writer really didn’t know what to do with that character sometimes, so many cool ideas that aren’t just fully realized.

    Still, and this is true for everything Date A Live, it’s still a solid fucking series, just that perfect example of a B+ Anime

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