Ikkitousen Episode 7 – Kanu Unchou

I’ve decided to look into the Chinese names for the various characters to better make sense of who these anime characters are supposed to represent.

Also this is because I caved recently and purchased Total War: Three Kingdoms, so now I actually know who is who and how the whole situation in China looked at the time, at least as well as the game depicts it. My first playthrough was as Sun Jian, naturally, because I wanted to play for the “good guys” from the anime. Nanyo Academy is a depiction of the Wu Empire, led by Sun Ce, the Little Conqueror (Hakufu).

Anyways, this has created a sort of link between the TW:TK game and Ikkitousen for me, which has ended up being pretty neat.

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Kanu Unchou.jpg

Brief Synopsis

The episode begins with Ryofu and Saji getting a little touchy-feely. Saji tells Ryofu to be careful, because he suspects Totaku will try and have her killed soon for keeping him alive in secret.

After chasing Kannei into an alleyway, Koukin’s left arm is broken by Kannei, taking a direct hit from one of Kannei’s batons while protecting Hakufu. Koukin barely holds on, but takes a hit to the throat, prompting Hakufu to step in. Hakufu proceeds to glide around Kannei and take him down with two kicks, proving that she has become much stronger since episode 2.

In the meantime, Ryomou is fighting Kanu Unchou on a rooftop as part of the Big Fighters Tournament. Ryomou is unable to land a single hit, with Kanu consistently dodging her punches and delivering powerful counter hits. However, this seems to have been Ryomou’s plan, as she fools Kanu into thinking she is repeating the same attack, only to move into a grapple on Kanu’s arm. Hakufu and Koukin make it to the rooftop to see Kanu on the ground, stuck in Ryomou’s grapple. Kanu proceeds to break her own arm in order to get out of the grapple, and then finishes Ryomou off with a kick.

Ryomou and Kanu Unchou.jpg

Hakufu is up next. As usual, she gets knocked around for a while, and then the dragon within her awakens and she proceeds to fight toe-to-toe with Kanu. Eventually, both fighters throw out a kick at the same time, and end up knocking each other down. Kanu is the only one to stand up afterwards. Instead of continuing the match with Koukin, Kanu forfeits from the Big Fighters Tournament and leaves, giving Nanyo Academy the win. Even if she had won the match, she wouldn’t have been able to continue with a broken arm, most likely.

That night, Saji leaves the room that Ryofu had been keeping him in. He once again warns her about Totaku, and tells her that he’ll be sad if she dies. Ryofu proceeds to get intimate with some other girl that also serves Totaku. It seems there is some turmoil from within Totaku’s ranks…

Saji Ryofu.jpg

Three Kingdoms

All right, so naturally I have to bring this all into Three Kingdoms context, now that I actually know a little about the Three Kingdoms.

First off, the big fish Totaku is Dong Zhuo. No surprises there, I knew pretty much instantly that this was the case, considering how he is ruling all of the schools with an iron fist.

In the context of this episode, next is Saji Genpou and Ryofu Hosen. Ryofu Hosen is Lu Bu, the man that kills Dong Zhu, and one of the strongest if not the strongest warrior. Saji Genpou is actually two characters from the Three Kingdoms, but for now he is playing the role of Wang Yun, a minister that served Dong Zhuo and is rumoured to have used his adoptive daughter to seduce Lu Bu into killing Dong Zhuo. This is all pretty cool, cause we can see something similar taking place as we speak, with Saji making Ryofu paranoid about Totaku.


Next is the big fights from the episode.

Kanu Unchou is Guan Yu, another one of the strongest warriors, and said to be the most honourable – and we certainly see that honour in Kanu Unchou. Ryomou Shimei is Lu Meng, strategist for the Wu, the one who captured Guan Yu. She didn’t succeed in taking down Kanu Unchou, but we can see how she managed to fool Kanu into a grapple that would have defeated almost any other fighter. So that was a bit strategic in itself.

Lastly we have Hakufu’s fight with Kanu, which would be Sun Ce versus Guan Yu. I don’t know if they actually fought in the Three Kingdoms. One thing I do know about Ikkitousen is that unlike in the Three Kingdoms, where Sun Ce died young, Hakufu manages to survive, sort of breaking her “historical fate” which was to burn bright and then burn out. Naturally there are going to be changes when it comes to details like this in the anime.

Kanu Unchou and Hakufu.jpg

Anyways, if you hadn’t guessed already, just comparing what’s happening in the anime to the Three Kingdoms stories was my favourite part of this episode!

In Conclusion…

I feel like I’ve written enough for this episode, even if it wasn’t the usual format.

There’s another important faction that we’re going to see with the next match in the Big Fighters Tournament, and that’s Nanyo’s match against Kyosho. Also the school of Kakoton, who Hakufu’s mom has been cheering for.

I think that Ryofu is going to start making some moves behind the scenes as well, although I also think that Totaku probably will know about this. After all, these characters know their fate, so Totaku definitely understands that Ryofu’s fate is to kill him.

That’s all for now though, I’ll try to tone down the Three Kingdoms stuff going forward, although I do find it fun to write about!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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