Clannad Episode 3: Dango Daikazoku

Things are a little less tense this episode.
We are still learning more about the various characters as we go though.

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Okazaki visits the Furukawa bakery to check up on Nagisa. We learn that she just has a mild fever, and needs the day to rest. Outside the bakery, a man is arguing with an electrician, claiming that the electrician dropped one of his tools on the hood of his car. Okazaki notices paw prints on the car, and surmises that it was probably a cat that created the dent. The electrician thanks Okazaki, and gives him a business card, saying to call him so he could give proper thanks. We learn that his name is Yoshino Yusuke.

The next day, Sunohara confronts Tomoyo again, this time trying to prove that Tomoyo is actually a guy. He gets knocked around again. Okazaki joins Nagisa outside at lunchtime, and the girl from last episode shows up asking for her blade back. Okazaki gives it to her and she gives him the star that she had carved.

After school, Okazaki and Sunohara find a pig in the schoolyard. Sunohara picks it up, and gets kicked by Kyou. We learn the pig is named Botan, and is Kyou’s pet.

Okazaki and Nagisa go to the school’s “second library”, a room full of books that aren’t often read in the main library, in order to find books to help Nagisa practice public speaking. Afterwards, they go to the theatre clubroom and Okazaki pretends to be a guest, asking Nagisa questions about the club. Nagisa stumbles through all of the questions, except for one pertaining to dango daikazoku. On their way home they notice that their poster had been taken down. Nagisa is then summoned to the student council room.

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Episode Thoughts

This episode was definitely more easy-going than the last two.

Once again Sunohara seems to be obsessed with Tomoyo. I guess Sunohara is the reason that Okazaki gets to know her, as he is always there when Sunohara gets knocked around. We still don’t know the name of the shy wood carving girl.

There was a cute scene where Nagisa saw Okazaki looking at her from the second floor window, and she nervously gets the courage to wave at him. Also when Nagisa is answering Okazaki’s questions there are some funny moments. She’s just too cute.

I’m guessing that next episode we’ll find out the guidelines that need to be followed in order to reform the theatre club. Something tells me there will be some sort of “dramatic” catch that puts the pressure on, like a deadline or something. I’m also thinking that Okazaki will be forced to join for some reason or another. I don’t really remember much about the actual theatre club.

In Conclusion…

Short post, but I think that’s partly indicative of the episode.

It’s fun to see things coming together, and now I’m curious as to how the formation of the theatre club happens, and how the various side characters end up joining.

Looking forward to more Clannad!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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