Date A Live: Episode 8

Finally, an episode I can (mostly) remember.
Perhaps one of the more infamous Date A Live episodes too!

kurumi 2.jpg
Date A Live – Fun in the Park Edition

Brief Synopsis

Shido asks Kurumi out on a date, because even though she apparently can’t die, Ratatoskr still thinks she can be saved through the usual dating process. Tohka, feeling neglected, is given some tickets to see an aquarium by those three girls that appear every now and then. She asks Shido out on a date. Finally, Origami calls Shido telling him that he isn’t safe on his own.. and asks him out on a date.

In other words, this episode is the ultimate dating episode. Shido juggles three dates at once, with the help of Ratatoskr and a lot of trips to the washroom. He goes to the aquarium with Tohka, a restaurant with Origami, and a lingerie shop with Kurumi. However, while he is away from Kurumi, she wanders into a nearby park where she finds a group of delinquents hurting a cat.

Kurumi proceeds to decimate the delinquents. Shido shows up to blood everywhere, but he is held down by Kurumi when he tries to run.

At the last moment, Mana shows up and knocks Kurumi away.

kurumi shido

Forgotten Moments

How could I forget about this episode? It’s Shido’s crowning achievement, as far as I’m concerned. The best parts of the anime, in my opinion, are the “dating game” aspects. And this episode was excellent as a result. I don’t know if this is the most memorable episode of Date A Live, but I sure don’t remember much from the second season.. It’s definitely one of the more memorable episodes.

ratatoskr date.jpg

Favourite Moments


I couldn’t help but take a bunch of screencaps of Yoshino, even though she isn’t the focus of this episode. She’s just too cute. And she even helps out by distracting those three schoolgirls that are always together.

cute yoshino.jpg

Origami Statue

To be honest, Shido is so lucky that Origami is a bit.. dense? Patient, I guess. Origami ends up waiting a long time for Shido to show up for their date. While she says that she had “just arrived herself”, the pigeons tell a different story.

origami pigeons.jpg

Other Thoughts

The “Experts”

Once again we have a situation where Kotori ignores the results of the vote by the experts, and chooses the least selected option in the lingerie store. I like how she reasons out her decisions, but it makes me feel like the “experts” really aren’t needed. That said I like that there is a team of “experts” aboard their ship. I guess they do chime in every once in a while.

Anyways, it looks like the vice captain got his way this time. He spoke in a calculating manner, and somehow managed to help convince Kotori to go with the lingerie option.

Kurumi in Lingerie

I don’t count this as a panty shot, because she is fully in lingerie.. it’s like a swimsuit in that sense – it doesn’t count as a panty shot. But still, I figured I’d share it after putting all of the panning shots together. The lighting changes as the shot pans over her body, which is why you can see lines between the screencaps I took, but still you get the picture.

kurumi tall lingerie.jpg

At least Date A Live is still willing to show us SOMETHING, considering their sudden aversion to panty shots after the second episode.

In Conclusion…

Amazing episode. This is what Date A Live is all about – dating girls to save the world. We really need more episodes like this I think! Even with just a single girl is fine. The dating is definitely my favourite part of this anime. Unfortunately though I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more dates with Kurumi, considering Shido has now witnessed her crazy side and is in danger.

I don’t actually remember how they deal with Kurumi, so I’ll look forward to seeing what happens next!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading,

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3 thoughts on “Date A Live: Episode 8

  1. I love how Kurumi, this early in the series already turns the central gimmick of the show on it’s head. She remains the one who “gets away,” but damn if she’s not a great Vegeta-isk anti-hero.

    Oh and Mana is here. I reckon she’s got one more episode until she pretty much vanishes for the rest of the bloody series.

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