Circlet Princess Episode 7 Review

Well, I’ve been slowly getting through Circlet Princess.
Time for another episode!

circlet princess ayumu.jpg


Sasaki Yuuka and Union Academy have become famous on the internet, with Yuuka earning the name “Overclock Princess”. This time around the episode focuses on Ayumu who is trying to figure out the nature of Yuuka’s circlet, G-kun.

We learn that Ayumu’s father was some sort of scientist / researcher involved in Circlet Bout. In her childhood he had designed a hologram of a fighting princess… or maybe it had something to do with a circlet. The episode doesn’t really go into details, we just know that as a result, Ayumu has become very interested in the science behind Circlet Bout.

Ayumu wakes up after dreaming about her father to Yuuka practicing outside, moving just like the hologram Ayumu remembers from her childhood. Ayumu challenges Yuuka to a circlet bout. She uses a giant shield that has various ranged weapons (guns, missles, laser beam) built into the front. Yuuka manages to weave through the ranged assault and slice the shield in half, defeating Ayumu.

Ayumu then visits Chikage, the champion Yuuka had faced prior to obtaining her circlet, and asks her to share all of the details about what happened on the day of that exhibition match in episode 1.

circlet princess internet.jpg

Ayumu’s Father

Well, she may not realize it herself, but it’s fairly obvious that Ayumu’s father is linked to Yuuka’s circlet. Why? Because the voice of the “AI” on the circlet is the same voice that we hear from Ayumu’s father in her dream. This made me realize that the circlet never explicitly stated it was AI! So perhaps it’s not actually AI, but Ayumu’s father in some hidden location, communicating to Yuuka to help her become a better fighter. Further evidence points to this when we find out that G-kun was sleeping while Yuuka was practicing in the morning.

ayumu childhood.jpg

Ayumu vs. Yuuka

The fight this episode was actually pretty good. It lasted several minutes, and was fun to watch. Essentially how it worked was Ayumu would fire projectiles at Yuuka, and then we would see Yuuka move in a manner that was exactly like that holographic princess from Ayumu’s childhood.

I guess it doesn’t sound as good when I write it out like that, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Plus we actually got some explosions and whatnot this fight, because Ayumu’s shield fired out a ton of missles at one point.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the Ayumu and Yuuka stuff, the rest of the episode was essentially the circlet bout club going shopping, singing karaoke.. basically just hitting the town for a day out. Still, it wasn’t a bad episode. It’s nice to see Yuuka fight in a competent manner and show some improvement. It seems we were due for an Ayumu episode considering everyone else in the club has had their own episode up until now.

I guess there is going to be some sort of dramatic twist in regards to Ayumu’s father in the future. We’ll see how the anime plays out!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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