Ikkitousen Episode 6 – The Big Fighters Tournament Begins!

The anime wasted no time in getting right to it with the first round of the Big Fighters Tournament, which we only just heard about last episode.

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Brief Synopsis

The episode begins with Ryomou losing her fight with Ryofu. The next day, fighters get text messages telling them about the commencement of the Big Fighters Tournament. Nanyo Academy is to go to an underground parking garage for their first fight, against a school called Yoshu, not to be confused with Youshu, the school Hakufu took down last episode.

Yoshu has only sent two fighters. Gakushu is chosen for Nanyo’s first battle. He gets sucker punched at the beginning of the fight and gets destroyed from there on out. Just as Hakufu is ready to step in, as Gakushu had lost, Ryomou shows up. She ends up taking down both fighters with her usual grapple techniques that work on opponents who are standing up.

Hakufu and Koukin take Gakushu outside, but are confronted by Kannei, who claims Enjyutsu sent him an order to find and kill Hakufu. They run off with Kannei, leaving Gakushu behind. Ryomou finds him laying there, but then proceeds to go to the next round… a one on one fight between her and the skilled Kanu Unchou, the fighter favoured to win the entire tournament singlehandedly.

New Character

Kanu Unchou

kanu uncho.jpg

If I remember correctly, Kanu shows up a lot throughout the Ikkitousen franchise. Kanu fights on behalf of Seito Private School. She’s a skilled fighter who normally carries a naginata around, although I guess she isn’t allowed to use it in the Big Fighters Tournament. In this episode we see Kanu win her first round against 5 fighters in a train car.

Favourite Moments

Ryomou’s Grapples

This episode was pretty much Ryomou’s episode. We see her lose to Ryofu, and then show up with a stronger resolve to win at the tournament. The anime makes it seem like Ryomou has leveled up, basically. It’s always entertaining to watch Ryomou’s weird grapples that she uses on standing opponents. Are these sort of grapples actually a thing?

Either way, it’s something different from the usual kicks and punches, and it gives the anime another excuse to provide some fan service, as if there wasn’t already enough.

Opponent #1

ryoumou grapple 1.jpg

Opponent #2

roumou grapple 2.jpg

Kakoton’s Biggest Fan

We got to see Ton win for his school in the first round of the tournament. And who is there to cheer him on but Hakufu’s mom? We still haven’t seen Ton even speak to her, but I guess she knew where the fight was going to take place so they must have talked last episode… what’s funny in this scene is the reaction of the other guys from Ton’s school.

hakufu mom.jpg

Other Thoughts

 Useless Gakushu

The real question I have from this episode is, will Gakushu ever be useful again? It’s funny how just a few episodes he was framed as being one of the stronger characters, and now he doesn’t even manage to land a single hit on his opponent. He was just annihilated in his fight this episode. He’s such a big and daunting looking guy too, it’s just funny to see him end up this way.

I’ll keep rooting for him though. Hopefully he bounces back and can get something done at some point! Because right now, it’s seeming like even Koukin has become stronger than Gakushu, and Koukin hasn’t really even done anything! Or maybe it’s just that Gakushu has become weaker..

gakushu defeat.jpg

In Conclusion…

Next episode will feature Ryomou versus Kanu Unchou, from the looks of things. I have a feeling Ryomou’s grapple techniques won’t work so well against Kanu, so I wonder how the fight will go. I’m thinking it’ll be more of a speed oriented fight, with a lot of quick punches, kicks, and dodging.

Oh, and I wonder what’s going on with Kannei?
I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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