Clannad Episode 2: Basketball

We continue on with more Clannad.
Such a heartfelt anime, and yet we’re only a few episodes in!

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Carrying on from the last episode, Okazaki had run into Nagisa outside in the evening. She was practicing lines from a play that she dreams of performing one day.

Okazaki sits with Nagisa after school as she creates posters for the theatre club that they are working to revive. After school they put the posters up on boards around the school. Sunohara sees Okazaki putting the poster up and mentions that he thought Okazaki hated clubs. Nagisa overhears this.

After school Okazaki puts some Big Dango Family skewers together. His dad walks in and asks if he can help, but Okazaki storms out in frustration. He runs into Nagisa and gives the skewers to her, and tells her about how he used to be in the basketball club, but quit soon after. Nagisa asks him to play basketball with her after school the next day.

Okazaki ends up skipping school and spending the day with Sunohara, but then remembers Nagisa and goes out in the rain to find her waiting for him. She gives him the ball to shoot but he is unable to. He mentions that he hurt his right shoulder in a fight with his dad in middle school. Stressed that she had inconvenienced him, Nagisa faints.

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In Addition…

Kyou Fujibayashi hit Okazaki with her motor bike on her way to school. Somehow neither of them were injured and the bike wasn’t damaged, so I suppose she wasn’t moving as fast as the anime makes it seem. Okazaki runs into his friend Sunohara afterwards, and they go to school where Sunohara confronts Tomoyo for a second time. He proceeds to get kicked down a garbage chute.

Okazaki skips class at first and goes to the library to nap. He runs into a girl sitting on the floor surrounded by books, and stops her from cutting pages out of one of the books. She gives him some of her lunch. We find out her name is Ichinose Kotomi. Afterwards, in class, Okazaki is about to tell Ryou Fujibayashi about how he was hit by her sister when Kyou enters the room and drags him out, giving him an earful.

Okazaki also runs into a girl carving a star out of wood, but she keeps accidentally cutting herself because of the dull blade she is using. We don’t find out her name.

Episode Thoughts

There are a few major developments this episode.

We now know that Nagisa has a particular play that she wants to perform, and I believe this is linked to the unexplained scenes of a “girl in a world where nothing exists”. If I remember correctly, this play is an important overarching theme to the anime.

We see once again Okazaki seem to overreact to his father trying to interact with him. As time goes on we will come to understand why he feels the way he does towards his father, but we can also see that his father to some degree is trying to connect with his son. It’s very sad to see such a damaged relationship between father and son here.

The anime hints again at Okazaki’s past. Like in the first episode, he is painted as a sort of delinquent student. We see him skip class, and he is friends with Sunohara, who is a jerk. Sunohara mentions Okazaki’s past hatred for clubs, and he says this in a smug way that causes Okazaki to clench his fist in anger. I know it’s early, but I get the feeling that Sunohara is sort of a representation of who Okazaki was in the past.

Finally, we see how frail Nagisa is in the end of this episode, when she faints after worrying about Okazaki. Of course, this will also be a common occurrence in the anime.

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In Conclusion…

While I wonder if this style will keep up, it’s very interesting how the anime manages to both advance the “major” plot with Okazaki / Nagisa, and introduce side characters / plots. It makes it difficult to write a concise synopsis, which is why I’m going to try and keep these things separate – at least when it’s necessary. It also makes the episodes feel longer, with so much happening in a single episode.

I enjoyed this episode. I’m reminded that I don’t remember any of the side characters.
I’m looking forward to watching the story continue to unfold.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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