Date A Live: Episode 7

Looks like things are starting to heat up again, with the introduction of that other prominent Spirit!

kurumi clock eye.jpg
Date A Live – “Tick Tock, Eye Clock” Edition

Brief Synopsis

Unexpectedly, a new student transfers into Shido’s class. She announces herself as Kurumi Tokisaki, a Spirit. Kurumi then asks Shido to show her around school. We get a bit of comedy as Ratatoskr tries to guide Shido into doing / saying the right things to Kurumi. Ultimately though it doesn’t work.

On the way home, Shido runs into a girl named Mana Takamiya, who claims to be Shido’s little sister. Apparently Shido was adopted into Kotori’s family, and Mana is actually his lost blood-related sister. Kotori took a disliking to Mana immediately and the two argue a bit before Mana runs out when she lets slip that she is living in a “special work dorm”.

The next day it’s revealed to Shido that Mana is actually a member of the AST, which was revealed to us at the very beginning of the episode. We also see that Mana had killed Tokisaki, decapitating her – but somehow, Tokisaki still appeared at school. The episode ends with Tokisaki strangling Origami in the stairway after Origami confronted her saying that she should have died.

Forgotten Moments

So Soon!

I definitely hadn’t forgotten about Kurumi and several of her abilities, although I did forget about the part where she can come back from death… What really surprised me was how soon she is introduced – episode 7! I guess this means we’ll be getting 6 solid episodes featuring Kurumi? I’d be pretty OK with that, Kurumi is a pretty cool character.

kurumi tokisaki.jpg

Mana Takamiya

Yep. I completely forgot about this character. Even after she declared Shido her big brother, it still wasn’t ringing any bells for me. I don’t remember anything about Mana and what happens with her throughout the series. Which is a good thing I think, because the more I’ve forgotten, the more fresh the episodes feel.

Favourite Moments


I’m sure most of you who have seen Date A Live will remember this one. The Ratatoskr AI managed to come up with a conversation option for Shido where he asks Kurumi what kind of panties she is wearing. Naturally, the Vice-Captain suggests option 3, because “black tights with white panties are the pride of mankind”. Kotori snaps her fingers and two men drag the Vice-Captain away.

I’m really starting to like the Vice-Captain…

vice captain date a live.jpg

Kurumi’s Panties

Of course the anime had to come up with a way to get Shido to actually ask Kurumi about her panties! Kotori reads the question out loud, asking why such a question was even presented. But because her mic was still on, Shido heard her read the question and ends up asking it.

The sad part though is that we don’t actually get to see Kurumi’s panties, even after she teases showing them, because Shido wimps out. It’s too bad really, being denied the pride of mankind like that. If they wouldn’t show panties here, then when will they? It’s definitely starting to look like episode 2 was the end of panty shots in Date A Live.

Other Thoughts

Origami vs. Mana Fight

At the beginning of the episode, we watch a sparring session between several AST members (including Origami) and Mana. Origami pulls off some moves and manages to get her blade touching Mana’s back, but for some reason Mana won the sparring match. I still don’t understand why Mana won the match, when she had a sword to her back like that..

Not a big deal but it seemed odd. I feel like they could have done a better job at displaying Mana’s abilities in that fight, instead of having her stand still and then somehow magically win without really doing anything.

mana origami duel.jpg

In Conclusion…

This was a nice episode. I feel like introducing BOTH Kurumi and Mana may have been a bit much for a single episode, but the plus side to this is that we don’t have to worry about time being spent on their introductions in future episodes. Which means we have another 5 solid episodes in the season where the anime can really ramp up the tension / action.

In the end though, any episode that features Ratatoskr and the “dating options” is a winner in my books!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Date A Live: Episode 7

  1. And here we come to it. The introduction of Mana.

    If there was an anime dictionary, and you looked up the term “superfluous character” then there would be a picture of Mana. Harem anime always have this problem of having just one too many female characters, and this is a prime example

    Mana Takamiya should have been merged into other characters, she barely fucking shows up after this, and considering her connection to Shirou, it just feels like a total waste of time. Merge her into Kotori, combine the Kurumi hunting into Origami’s character and everything is better. Right now she’s just sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Oh Kurumi is here too, the “best girl” has one of the greatest time powers ever seen in anime, and she’s a cutie.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kurumi is definitely one of the coolest antagonists, I love her character design so much. I was both surprised and happy to see her already at episode 7!

      Mana does seem like an odd addition. I didn’t like how much time was spent trying to introduce her AND Kurumi in the same episode… Kurumi deserves more attention imo. I like the idea of making Origami the Kurumi killer, makes a lot of sense.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the best part about Kurumi is that they just went all in on being edgy with her. Heterochromia, antique rifle / pistol / clock, dark powers, red and black clothing… she’s just awesome. And the way she hides her clock eye with her hair just makes me think of the whole “sealed power in my left eye” deal.

      It all just works so well!

      Liked by 1 person

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