Ikkitousen Episode 5 – Hakufu Takes Down Youshu High

Where we left off, Taishiji had just been stabbed by his leader from Youshu High for disobeying orders and letting Hakufu live, after defeating her in a fight. Things are starting to really heat up around Hakufu..

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Sort-of Brief Synopsis

The episode begins with a new imperial order by Totaku – the announcement of a Big Fighters Tournament, just two years after the previous tournament where Totaku crushed the opposition and took control of the Kanto region.

With Taishiji hospitalized and abandoned by Youshu High, Hakufu decides to visit him as his honourable fighting spirit had inspired her. Unfortunately, Taishiji is in a coma, and Hakufu wasn’t allowed inside the room. Angry about the whole situation, Hakufu goes to Youshu High. After being knocked around a bit (clothes torn as usual), Hakufu’s fighting spirit, the Haou, woke inside her and proceeded to destroy the Youshu students. Word quickly spread about how what Hakufu had done – and on the same day as the tournament announcement too!

We find out from Gakushu that Saji is still missing, and that Kannei is still crazy. Which means that Koukin and Hakufu will have to fight for Nanyo Academy in the upcoming tournament, as each school must send 5 fighters. Ryomou, knowing where Saji is, goes to pay Totaku a visit, but is stopped by Ryofu Hosen, the green haired girl that had taken Saji down last episode.

New Characters

Ryofu Hosen

Ryofu Hosen.jpg

I probably should have introduced her earlier, but I never even knew her full name until this episode. Ryofu Hosen is a third-year at Rakuyo High School (Totaku’s school). She seems to act as Totaku’s personal bodyguard, although she also talks and acts as if she has some sort of relationship with Saji as well.

Favourite Moments

Youshu High Destroyed

The highlight of the episode was definitely when Hakufu took down Youshu High. They were a bunch of scumbags anyways, and it’s cool to watch the news of their loss spread around between all of the other fighters.

youshu high.jpg

The Big Fighters Tournament

I’m also looking forward to the next Big Fighters Tournament. We were shown some flashbacks of the previous tournament, where Totaku won, and where one of Ryomou’s friends was almost killed from the last time Nanyo Academy entered. Ryomou intervened in a fight to save her friend and Nanyo was disqualified as a result.

Ton Has A Visitor

Well, Hakufu’s mom had “joked” around about paying Ton, the “basics guy” fighter from episode 3, a visit to return his jacket. And well, I’m pretty sure she paid him a visit this episode! We don’t actually see the meeting, but someone calls Ton, saying someone is waiting outside for him. He then makes the comment “I didn’t know you liked older women”. And we only know one older woman in this anime…!


Hakufu Moments

Well, for once Saji isn’t featured in a post. We didn’t see him at all this episode, although I’m sure he’ll be back soon enough to grope more women.

So instead, I’ll just show some Hakufu screencaps I took.

In Conclusion…

We got a little action, but the biggest focus of the episode was actually on setting the stage for the upcoming Big Fighters Tournament. The end of the episode even hinted at a new fighter in town who seems to be regarded as powerful.

I don’t know if we’ll get the tournament just yet with the next episode, but we’ll probably get one fairly soon. It’ll be interesting to see what happens up until then. Maybe we’ll actually get to meet Nanyo Academy’s leader, Enjyutsu, soon.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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