Ikkitousen Episode 4 – Totaku Makes His First Move

Carrying on from episode 3, it turns out that Hakufu fighting alongside Ton may have had some ramifications!

hakufu punch.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Hakufu is at home practicing the “basics” after having met Ton. Koukin also teaches Hakufu the basics for a new fighting style. But while they are taking a break, Koukin gets a phone call from Gakushu. He meets up with Gakushu and finds out that Hakufu fought alongside Ton – a strong fighter from Kyosho Academy, the school that is leading the anti-Totaku movement amongst the schools in the Kanto region. As a a result, Nanyo Academy, which was also secretly anti-Totaku, has now been exposed.

On his way home, Koukin runs into a group of fighters from Youshu High. They pick a fight with him, because they want to see Hakufu. They pin Koukin and use his cellphone to call Hakufu, who begins to rush over. Koukin then realizes that Youshu high is probably following Totaku’s orders, and begins to fight back. He takes down several fighters before their leader, Taishiji Shigi, one of Kanto region’s top 5, appears. Taishiji knocks the wind out of Koukin, just as Hakufu appears.

In the meantime, Saji is confronted by a green-haired girl that serves Totaku. We don’t see the fight, but Saji is left bloodied and on the ground afterwards, so it’s clear he lost.

Hakufu fights Taishiji and manages to do well, but ultimately loses. Taishiji lets her live though, because he respects her fighting spirit. Later on, Taishiji’s leader and someone else from Youshu High ambush him and stab him with knives. He takes them down, and then collapses.

New Character

Taishiji Shigi

taishiji shigi.jpg

Seems like a cool guy. Strong fighter, and strong sense of honour, just like Gakushu. Even though he is ordered to kill Hakufu, he doesn’t do it out of respect for her strength.

Favourite Moments

Hakufu’s Mom

Hakufu’s mom is pretty funny in this episode. Hakufu had come home wearing a man’s sweater, because Ton had lent it to her due to her clothes being torn. Once hearing that he was strong, Hakufu’s mom insisted that she personally go and return the sweater (remember, she preys on young men). Hakufu objects, calling her old, and receives a spanking as a result.

There’s also a moment where Hakufu is being a bit loud towards her mom, but then her mom attacks. Hakufu barely dodges, and then her disposition completely changes to that of a frightened girl, and her voice gets really quiet. It’s a funny and well done scene.

Training Pays Off

For the first portion of her fight with Taishiji, Hakufu doesn’t manage to do any damage, and instead gets thrown around. But after speaking with Koukin, she remembers what he had taught her, and assumes a new fighting stance. Taishiji immediately recognizes the fighting spirit within her, and he ends up taking a hit strong enough to surprise him.

Sometimes I wish Hakufu wasn’t such an airhead, so that we could see more of her in this serious mode. She’s just so badass when she gets like this.

hakufu fighting spirit.jpg

Ecchi Moments

Saji & Green-haired Girl

Once again, Saji is up to his usual antics, going after the breasts of women around him. This time, it’s the green-haired girl that he fights. They must know each other or something, because they chat a bit before the fight. Saji calls her “Hosen-chan”. We also see her in her disintegrated clothing after their fight.

Hakufu’s Torn Clothes

Because she is wearing shorts, we don’t actually get any Hakufu panty shots this episode. Which was a surprise, but it’s nice to see her outfit change here and there. Not that it matters, because women’s clothing is made of paper in this anime.

hakufu torn clothes.jpg

In Conclusion…

So the vibe I got with Saji’s situation is that Totaku now knows his school is in the anti-Totaku movement. Which is why the green-haired girl followed him out and proceeded to beat him down. That said, she wasn’t looking to good herself, and Saji had a broken arm, so I think in regular circumstances Saji would have won that fight.

We also don’t know if Taishiji explicitly dies or not, but the anime hints that he doesn’t. It mentions that the historical Taishiji fought Sonsaku on behalf of his leader, and Sonsaku was so impressed with his abilities that he granted Taishiji a kingdom within his kingdom, or something like this. So with Taishiji’s school having betrayed him, I wonder if he is going to help Hakufu in the future.

I know this is a very ecchi anime, but I’m really digging the story so far, and all the action. I genuinely find myself interested in seeing how these school rivalries play out, and am curious in seeing more of the big shot fighters like Taishiji.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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