Date A Live: Episode 5

Ah, looks like I was mistaken last episode.
Yoshinon is the rabbit puppet, and Yoshino is the spirit!

Speaking of which, I’m really loving Yoshino!

date a live yoshino sad
Date A Live – Sad Edition

Brief Synopsis

Yoshino lost her puppet, Yoshinon. Shido promises to find it for her, and Yoshino opens up to Shido as a result of his kindness. Tohka is still mad about the unintentional kiss between Shido and Yoshino that happened last episode.

Kotori informs Shido that Yoshinon (the puppet) is at Origami’s apartment, and that she must have taken it home after the battle with Yoshino last episode. Shido goes over there and Origami acts very forward in several ways – wearing a maid outfit, sitting on Shido, showering while Shido is there, sitting next to Shido in only a bath towel… but that’s what we like about Origami right?

While Shido is there, Origami gets called to the Anti Spirit Team. Yoshino in a panic summons her monster rabbit familiar, or whatever it’s called, creating a large blizzard around herself. Tohka shows up and realizes that Shido was just trying to save Yoshino, and summons her sword to help fight off the AST. Shido then walks through the blizzard to give Yoshino her missing puppet Yoshinon.

date a live anti spirit team

Forgotten Moments

Origami Has No Shame

You know, I knew that Origami was fairly “robotic” when it comes to these things, but I didn’t realize just how forward she is. I forgot that she has no qualms about making moves on Shido – and Shido pretty much shuts down when she does, because he’s a hopeless harem protagonist who is never allowed to make a move on a girl, unless it pertains to the whole plot of saving girls. At least, that’s how it seems so far.

So when Shido was alone in Origami’s apartment like that, and Kotori couldn’t communicate with him due to the signal being jammed, it felt like he was completely at Origami’s mercy. It’s too bad they were interrupted and nothing happened…!

date a live maid tobiichi origami

Shido’s Healing Ability

So we learned through a slip of the tongue by Kotori that Shido’s healing is a spiritual power. I mean, it makes sense that it would be, because spirits are the equivalent of “magic” in the anime, and Shido’s healing isn’t exactly natural. We still don’t know the exact parameters surrounding Shido’s spiritual ability, or what it means. Is he human? Or a spirit? Or are all spirits actually human, with some sort of stipulations?

I completely forget what the correct answer is, but I’m sure we’ll find out as we go.

Favourite Moments

Everything Yoshino

What can I say, Yoshino is just so cute! Who needs that puppet anyways? I remembered the scene where Shido cooks for Yoshino, and she half-hides behind the couch as she talks to him. I loved seeing so much Yoshino in this episode, and can’t wait to see more of her. She’s just too adorable to not love.

Shido Can Be Pretty Cool Sometimes…

Thanks to his healing power, I guess Shido is able to be pretty cool at times. This episode was the first time I thought that of him, when he walked into the blizzard with Yoshinon, even though he could get hurt or die. While he collapses, he quickly gets up afterwards and talks to Yoshino normally.. so I guess it wasn’t THAT dangerous after all. But still, I’ll give Shido some credit where it’s due here.

date a live shido yoshino

Other Thoughts

Well, no panty shots this episode either. At this point, I’ll just give periodic updates. No real reason to bring this up EVERY episode, because who knows when the next panty shot will be, or if there will be any more! Rest assured though, I have my eye open. No panty shot will escape me.

In Conclusion…

Now I’m wondering what the deal is with Shido’s healing ability, and spirits in general. Considering Kotori seems to know something we don’t, I hope Shido presses her on it next episode.

I also look forward to seeing Yoshino adjust to regular human life, and I’d like to see more Origami as well. It’s kind of funny how Origami didn’t even ask Shido why he showed up at her apartment, she just let him in as if it was a natural occurrence. I guess I’m really starting to like many of the female cast in Date A Live!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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