Anime A to Z: W – Weiß Survive

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The anime I chose for W was Weiß Survive, a series of 2 minute episodes that I believe were released online in promotion for a card game called Weiß Schwarz. I don’t know much about it but judging from the anime it’s a card game that uses characters from all sorts of popular anime like Fate:Zero, Haruhi, et cetera.

I watched both seasons of this anime because the episodes were so short anyways. It still ends up being shorter than a regular anime season.

weiss schwarz anime michi

Brief Synopsis

In season one, our protagonist Takeshi and his friend Michi get sucked into a mysterious game world for Weiß Schwarz. Michi, an experienced player, teaches Takeshi how to play because an old man has told Takeshi that he is the “chosen warrior”. Takeshi proceeds to fight many card battles before they manage to leave the world.

In season two, Takeshi and Michi meet an old friend, who is also an experienced Weiß Schwarz player. The old man appears (as a fly) and proceeds to give them a quest. Someone had been battling Weiß Schwarz players in the city and stealing their cards. They proceed to try various methods to track down the culprit. When they eventually find the culprit, they engage in an epic card battle.

weiss survive old man

Game, Comedy, Ecchi

MyAnimeList is spot on with these tags. Weiß Survive is a game, comedy, and ecchi anime. That’s exactly what you can expect.

For the game portion, well, there are many card battles. I’d say the card battles weren’t THAT great though, because we never really see any strategy or actually learn how Weiß Schwarz is played. Instead the battles are just characters throwing cards out onto the field – we don’t even get to see their hands. It’s more like “I choose this!” or “Oh yeah? How about this?” as they throw cards onto the field.

The comedy in the anime is excellent. Very funny, and the anime does not take itself seriously at all. Several times the fourth wall is broken with a character saying “Well, it is a card battle anime after all” to explain away WHY the characters are having a card battle to solve problems. The old man in particular is hilarious. He’s perverted, he’s an idiot, but he also has some magic abilities and “special” cards. I’d say this anime is worth a watch for the comedy alone, especially when you consider the short length of each episode.

The ecchi in this anime was good. There was a good amount of ecchi content. Both Takeshi and the old man are a couple of perverts, so we got many scenes of them eyeing up a woman’s chest or butt. Which resulted in a some good ecchi moments. The anime also did some crossdressing stuff with Takeshi, which I’m not really a fan of. But it is what it is – the ecchi is still good overall.

Comedic Highlights

The Robot

Takeshi trying to play Weiß Schwarz from within a giant mech that the old man conjured up. You think that Takeshi is going to fight the enemy with the mech, only to find out that they are going to engage in a card battle – but the mech is too big to properly hold the cards!

weiss survive robot cards

Chibi Beat’em Up

Chibi Michi beating up on chibi Takeshi after doing something perverted. This clip played often, and I like the style. Cute little animation that made me laugh several times. Other characters join in later on, and the old man gets a few beatings as well.

weiss survive tsundere michi

Old Man’s “Special Cards”

Ah yes, the old man’s “special cards”. We see two of them, and both are useless in terms of the actual card battles going on.

The first special card the old man gives Takeshi in a pinch appears to be a Weiß Schwarz card, but then when Takeshi looks at it it’s actually a woman’s telephone card. Later on, in another pinch, the old man gives Takeshi a card that has x-ray capabilities and lets Takeshi see through women’s clothing.

“Have I ever given you a useless card?!”
– Old Man

weiss survive all nude card

Ecchi Highlights

Michi’s Swimsuit

The first ecchi highlight has to be Michi in a swimsuit. The old man transforms her clothes into a swimsuit, in order to provide motivation for Takeshi in his battles. The pictures speak for themselves I think.

Old Man’s Adventures

Another highlight is when the old man, in his fly form, goes to town on a particularly endowed character in the second season. Honestly, the old man is just a great character, and he very is well suited to being a fly.

weiss survive old man breastsweiss survive old man butt rub

In Conclusion…

Weiß Survive (+ sequel) is a great anime. A fun and comedic anime that made me laugh on several occasions – and provided some good fan service as well! While the card game aspect of the anime fell short, in that we don’t really learn how the game works or see that many interesting cards, the anime still holds up as a fun parody of card battle anime. The old man especially is a funny character that adds a lot to the comedy.

I’m going to give Weiß Survive (+ sequel) a 7.5 / 10.

While it’s nice that the anime is short, it is a bit of a pain to have to flip to another episode every 2 minutes. And the anime is solid enough that I actually wish this one had longer episodes or more content. So while it’s fun, it’s also very short. I’d say it’s a good watch for anyone looking for a short ecchi + comedy anime.

I’ll give Weiß Survive the Best Old Man award, for having the best old man.

That’s it for W of the A to Z challenge.
Next up is anime X!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Anime A to Z: W – Weiß Survive

  1. Oh, wow, I didn’t know those cards had their own series. I own a bunch of Weiß Schwarz LoveLive! decks, but I have no idea how it’s played…I just thought they were cool looking, lol

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  2. Yup, based on a real card game that has a ton of crossover into various properties. No clue how to play though but it always makes me think of WIXOSS. Despite being a short, this one doesn’t interest me but the robot thing sounds very funny XD

    Liked by 1 person

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