Ikkitousen Episode 3 – The Basics of Street Fighting.

After the battle at Nanyo Academy, many characters are on the mend. But worry not, because this is Ikkitousen! There is still plenty of fighting and shameless fan service to be found in this episode.

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Not So Brief Synopsis

Through some flashbacks we see what happened in the aftermath of the Nanyo Academy fight. After Hakufu was choked out by Ryomou, her body was taken over by Maou, her fighting spirit. She proceeded to nearly kill Ryomou, forcing Saji to step in and fight. Saji managed to knock Hakufu out, but not before having his arm broken in the process by one of her kicks.

The next day, Saji visits Ryomou in the hospital, after feeling up a nurse. He tells Ryomou to look after Nanyo Academy for him, and leaves. Hakufu is at home moping after what she believes was a lost fight – or so we thought. Turns out she snuck out to go for a walk to mend her broken heart. A couple of guys wanting to “have some fun” with Hakufu offer her food and take her to karaoke, but before they do anything a girl shows up and beats them up.

Hakufu and the girl (we never get her name) walk until they spot a bunch of fighters. At the centre of the action is Kakoton Genjyo, or Ton for short. He’s beating down a bunch of rabble, yelling at them for not knowing the basics of fighting. Hakufu joins in and they fight the rabble. Afterwards Ton pulls out a toolkit and patches up some of the damaged concrete – he forgets his toolkit though and leaves.

Later on, Koukin finds Hakufu at school, patching up some of the holes from her fights with Kannei and Ryomou. The episode ends with Saji visiting a greenhouse, where he meets with the villain of the series – Totaku.

New Characters

Kakoton Genjyo

Ton for short. He’s a bit of an idiot, a mindless fighter who obsesses over “basic skills”, and so he is known as the “basics guy”. If I remember correctly, he’s a pretty reliable character and helps out when we see him. I’d say his strength is somewhere around the same level as Koukin.

Hakufu’s Mom

I didn’t introduce her in episode 1, but I guess I should have. I didn’t realize how often Hakufu’s mom was going to show up, and she’s a pretty strong motivator for Hakufu. Hakufu’s mom likes to prey on younger men, and I guess she’s fairly strong herself. Stay away from her when she’s been drinking!

Favourite Scenes

The Basics of Street Fighting

“Don’t use the submission technique in street fighting! What the hell is wrong with all of you?! Trying to follow the popular new trends… when you don’t even have the basic skills?! The basics of street fighting are… Punch! Kick!”
– Ton

Ton’s a funny character, I like how he religiously preaches the basics of street fighting while taking out fighters. The fight itself is also excellent, with plenty lowly fighters getting knocked around. At one point they pin Hakufu and cut her dress, which causes her to get angry and take them down because her mom will punish her for coming home with damaged clothes.


Another great scene was the one right after Hakufu fights with Ton. He’s inspecting the damage to the area that was caused by the fight, and Hakufu asks him what he is doing. He then begins to berate her for not paying respect to the streets.

“Don’t tell me you always go home after a battle without doing anything!”
– Ton

“I… just go home, but..”
– Hakufu

“You idiot!
In baseball they have the ballpark! In judo, it’s a dojo!
So where’s the sacred place for street fighters?”

– Ton

“Is this a riddle?! I’m very bad at those things! You know, I’m very stupid!”
– Hakufu

Just writing out the dialogue doesn’t do it much justice, but basically Hakufu’s reactions are pretty funny.

Most Ecchi Moments

Saji & Nurse

Maybe I should just change this part to “Saji moments”, because Saji has no qualms over feeling up women. This time it was a nurse, who he “plays with” until she lets him go and see Ryomou – I guess it was after visiting hours or something.

Yeah, Saji is a creep. But, at least he’s giving me something to write about!

Hakufu Fanservice

Other than Saji’s usual, the rest of the ecchi content in the episode was mainly Hakufu fanservice.

In Conclusion…

We’ve met Ton, and Hakufu managed to get out of her slump. From a story perspective though, the biggest development is Saji meeting with Totaku. Saji is a pretty clever guy, but even he looks very uneasy around Totaku. What’s going on with these two? Also I wonder what will happen at Nanyo Academy, now that Hakufu has taken on the Big Four? Will they continue to fight?

Guess we’ll see!

Until next time,

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