Date A Live: Episode 4

Something, something… it’s time for Date A Live episode 4!

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Date A Live – Cat Pen & Lollipop Edition

Not So Brief Synopsis

With Tohka’s powers sealed, she’s become a regular girl. And so, she seems to have been enrolled in Shido’s school. We also find out that Tohka will now be living with Shido & Kotori. Something about preserving her mental condition, as she feels more comfortable around Shido. Makes enough sense I guess.

So the first half of the episode is Tohka versus Origami at school, and Kotori putting Shido into awkward situations with Tohka at home (walking in on Tohka in the bath, etc…).  About halfway through there is a spatial quake – Tohka goes to the shelter, and Shido goes to the Ratatoskr airship.

We find out that a little girl whom Shido briefly met earlier in the episode at a shrine is the one behind the spatial disturbance. She is called “The Hermit”. I guess the Ratatoskr AI knew where the spirit would end up, because they sent Shido to an abandoned floor of some office building or something? I don’t know, really. It’s just some dark hallway with scaffolding and other random stuff.

Anyways, the Hermit shows up, and we find out that she only feels comfortable talking through a rabbit puppet. She introduces herself as Yoshinon. Shido tries to put the moves on her, with Ratatoskr’s love expert’s help, but then an angry Tohka shows up. Tohka takes the puppet from the Hermit, causing her to panic and summon a giant rabbit, destroying the area and running away. She takes some hits from the AST though that was waiting outside though.

The episode ends with Origami finding a body (Yoshinon’s?), and with Tohka angry at Shido.


Forgotten Moments

Yoshinon & Rabbit

I’m assuming Yoshinon is the girl’s name right? Not the puppet? I don’t remember. I don’t remember anything about Yoshinon, but I DID remember that rabbit puppet once I saw it. Other than that though I have no memory of this character whatsoever. She’s got quite the split personality – mischievous, or hopeless, depending on whether or not she has the puppet with her.

Tohka Vs. Origami

It’s a bit odd how Shido asked Origami on a date once, in episode 2, and now she’s gunning for him like they are a couple at school. I think Origami might have had the hots for Shido earlier than that though, because she seems to know an awful lot about him.

Anyways, I had forgotten about the whole love rivalry that goes on between Tohka and Origami. Like how they both make cookies and try to get Shido to eat theirs, or how they both try and sit next to him at lunch. Lot of great chances to witness Shido’s innate harem protagonist ability at work, always trying to compromise and never showing any favoritism (until he is alone with them).

date a live harem.jpg

Favourite Moments

Love Experts Round 2

We got another round of the love experts when Shido had to introduce himself to Yoshinon. His options were:

  1. Greet her normally
  2. Make a witty comeback
  3. Act “hard-boiled”

Out of the three, I think the first option was the best. But then one of the love experts had the amazing logic that “the Hermit never fights back, so we need to be aggressive with option 3”. Kotori agreed, and that’s what they went with. It sort of worked, as it made Yoshinon laugh, allowing Shido to introduce himself.

date a live options.jpg

Anti-Spirit Team Action

While we only saw a few brief moments of the AST going all out attacking Yoshinon, I liked watching her fly through the bullets and explosions in the sky, as well as when she was trying to make her escape with the rabbit that she summoned.

Thinking about it now though, I’ve realized that the AST is using rounds that explode in the sky – why is that? Are the rounds on a timer or something? Why are they just exploding in mid air? Is it supposed to be like flak rounds? Considering how close the AST get, you’d think that regular ammunition would be more effective. They look more like high explosive rounds than anything. Maybe this is why the AST is so ineffective, they are just using the wrong weaponry / ammunition.

yoshinon flight.jpg

Other Thoughts

I’m looking forward to seeing more Yoshinon, because half of this episode was just Tohka drama at school and at Shido’s home. I didn’t hate it, but to have two scenes where Shido either walks in on Tohka in the bath / washroom, and one scene of Tohka walking in on Shido in the bath… zero points for creativity. I expect better from this anime.

Panty Shot Update

No panty shots in episode 4. There was a moment that had me on the edge of my seat, when Yoshinon fell off of a scaffold, but alas, no panty shot. We’ll get to the bottom of this everyone – are there no more panty shots after episode 2?

In Conclusion…

Not a bad episode. I’d say that the previous episodes were more enjoyable, but you can’t win them all. I just wish the anime got a little more creative with Shido x Tohka at home, because just walking in on each other in the bath over and over is just lame.

Glad to see another spirit in Yoshinon though, she seems like she will be a fun addition to the cast.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Date A Live: Episode 4

  1. Yoshino is probably my favorite character, though the recent addition of Natsumi is quite good. Yoshino has a cool ability and the use of the puppet is just great, she’s so FUCKING adorable.

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