Circlet Princess Episode 5 Review

It’s time to keep going with the watch through of Circlet Princess, an anime that has potential, but also has it’s shortcomings.

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Brief Synopsis

With Reina now a member of Union Academy’s circlet bout club, the club is no longer in danger of being shut down. The girls appoint Miyuki as their captain, because no one else volunteers for the position.

The club then goes to an event where the brackets for the Princess Cup – the most prestigious circlet bout tournament. While there we see the reigning champ Chikage and her two friends. Yuuka waves at Chikage, and is promptly ignored. Miyuki goes up to for the draw and ends up choosing Hoshinoumi Academy, a strong opponent. The club leader for Hoshinoumi’s circlet bout team happens to be someone that Miyuki knows. The rival club leader proceeds to trash talk Miyuki.

At practice Miyuki is sluggish and easily beaten by Reina. We find out a bit about Miyuki’s past as the girls probe Miyuki and try to help her.

Finally, the day of the first Princess Cup match arrives – Union vs. Hoshinoumi. The girls choose the order – Yuuki, Reina, and then Miyuki. Yuuki wins her match, Reina loses, and then Miyuki faces off against her rival. Miyuki loses at first, but then gets the motivation to win in the end, allowing Union to move on in the tournament.

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Episode Thoughts

More Circlet Bout

We got to see more circlet bout in this episode than we have in previous episodes. Some of the fights were incredibly short though, and you can really tell the anime is trying to avoid animating long fight scenes. Even the longer fights, like Miyuki versus her rival, have many cuts to other characters or parts where the fighters stop and talk to each other. I’ve come to expect this, but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable knowing that the anime probably didn’t have the budget to give us some decent, long-form fight scenes.

Episode 1 was probably the best we are going to see, although I’m also hoping that we get another good fight whenever Yuuka faces off against Chikage again.

chikage fujimura circlet bout.jpg

The Tournament Has Begun

I’d say a big plus from this episode was the start of the Princess Cup. This means that the anime doesn’t have much of an excuse anymore – we’re going to have to see more circlet bout. Even if the fights we do see are incredibly short, it’s still better than pure dialogue for an entire episode. Plus you can’t go wrong with a tournament in anime.

New Weapon: Bladed Hoop

I don’t know what this type of weapon is called, or if it’s even based off of a real weapon. Miyuki’s rival uses a bladed hoop, similar to Tira from Soulcalibur. The few scenes where she wields the hoop are pretty cool, they managed to make her look fairly elegant as she was fighting Miyuki.

I also thought that the Hoshinoumi fighters had cool outfits, sort of jester inspired. The first Hoshinoumi girl wielded a rapier, and the second one wielded a lance.

circlet princess rival.jpg

In Conclusion…

I don’t think Circlet Princess is an amazing anime by any means. I admit I’m mainly still watching it because I have been writing about it, and so I will finish it regardless of how good or bad it gets.

I think that the anime had the potential to be much better if they had just put more into animating the actual fight scenes. Of course I understand that they probably had to work with whatever funding they were given, but this anime is definitely one of those situations where you can tell they were trying to cut corners. The fight scenes just don’t feel as great when they are just short clips accompanied by many a lot of talking.

circlet princess ecchi.jpg

At least they didn’t hesitate to throw in fan service whenever possible, especially with the circlet bout outfits! I suppose it’s a cheap and effective way to garner some interest at least.

Overall, we’ll see where the series goes, but those are my thoughts on the series so far.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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