Ikkitousen Episode 2 – Nanyo Academy Fights Back!

Last episode, Hakufu took down some Nanyo academy students on her first day before being defeated by Gakushu, one of Nanyo’s Big Four. It seems that word spreads fast at Nanyo Academy – and it’s mysterious leader has decided to take quick action.

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Not So Brief Synopsis

On their way to school, Koukin explains that a student / fighter named Totaku has taken control of most of the schools in the area. As a result, many schools have banded together in order to fight against him – Nanyo included.

At school, we find out through a conversation between Saji and Gakushu that Enjyutsu, Nanyo’s leader, has pledged to take down Totaku, and won’t let anyone get in his way. Later Saji meets with Ryomou and tells her that Enjyutsu has given the order to execute Hakufu, and that Kannei (the last Nanyo Big Four) is going to do the deed. Ryomou mentions that Kannei is no longer a fighter, but doesn’t elaborate as to why. She also lets Saji grope her breast, which leads me to believe that Saji is stronger than she is.

After school, Hakufu realizes she forgot something in the gym locker room and runs to get it. Koukin waits for her outside, but is ambushed by a large group of students. We find out that the regular students were given an order to execute Koukin. He manages to beat all of his opponents, but when he tries to get to Hakufu, Saji stops him and leaves him bloodied and lying on the floor.

Hakufu is attacked by Kannei in the locker room, a freaky “lick the blade” type character. Once she realizes that he is trying to kill her (after he manages to basically destroy her clothes), she begins to take him down. At some point, Ryomou shows up and finishes Kannei off. We then get a fight between Ryomou and Hakufu, as Ryomou plans to complete the execution herself. The fight is pretty back and forth, but Ryomou manages to immobilize Hakufu in a grapple. Convinced Hakufu has passed out, she turns around to leave – when Hakufu stands up and piledrives Ryomou into the ground, winning the fight.

hakufu breasts.jpg

New Character

Kannei Koha

kannei koha.jpg

We don’t know much about Kannei, other than that he is a freaky dude. He fights with a police baton, and moves around like a spider, clinging to walls and attacking from above. I think he is the weakest of Nanyo’s Big Four.

Ryomou mentions to Saji that something changed in Kannei recently, so it’s possible he is not acting his normal self. He certainly acts and talks like he is possessed!

Favourite Scenes

Hakufu vs. Kannei

At first, the Kannei fight was just Hakufu dodging his attacks, trying to figure out why he was attacking her. He does manage to hit her a few times though. The moment Kannei mentions he is there to kill her though, she goes to town on him, kicking him into walls and taking control of the fight. Kannei never stood a chance, and it was satisfying to watch Hakufu just “flip the switch” and beat him like that.

Ryomou finished Kannei off in a brutal manner. As he was lying on the ground, she proceeded to sit on his stomach, grab one of his batons, and swing it down at his head, creating a large splatter of blood. While I don’t think he died, I also don’t think we’ll be seeing Kannei for a while…

kannei hakufu.jpg

Hakufu vs. Ryomou

What’s better than one half-naked girl fighting? How about two? Double the panty shots!

Aside from the fight itself being great, we also get to see Ryomou’s surprise at how Hakufu is taking her attacks without flinching. We learn that Hakufu’s mother has managed to really train Hakufu with her beatings.

“This is nothing compared to my mom’s 16-beat continuous face-slap!”
– Hakufu

So while her movements were amateurish according to Ryomou, Hakufu is very strong and able to take a lot of punishment thanks to her mom’s.. training?

Hakufu also manages to knock the eye patch off of Ryomou’s face, and we see that she has heterochromia – so maybe something happened to her left eye to cause that.

ryomou hakufu.jpg

Most Ecchi Moments

Saji’s Chat With Ryomou

While we don’t explicitly see anything, I think the moment where Saji gropes Ryomou’s naked breast underneath her shirt is the most “ecchi” from a sexual perspective. Either there’s something going on between these two, or Saji is just too strong for Ryomou to bother putting up a fight over it.

This is the second episode in a row that Saji’s groped someone.
Will he manage to grope someone else in the next episode?

saji grope.jpg

Hakufu vs. Ryomou

While Hakufu’s uniform got all torn up in her fight with Kannei, the fight between Hakufu and Ryomou is just packed full of panty shots. So from a fan service perspective, this continuous fight scene would take the cake.

ryomou piledrive.jpg

Closing Thoughts

After Saji took out Koukin, Gakushu shows up and accuses Saji of manipulating Enjyutsu to issue the execution order. Saji hints at the fact that he is purposely trying to “awaken the beast”, referring to Hakufu. So it’s clear that Saji is trying to prop up Hakufu as Nanyo’s new leader, as he believes she is strong enough to be useful.

This makes me think that Enjyutsu is not very strong. The fact that he rules Nanyo from the shadows strengthens this belief.

The anime ended right after Ryomou was taken out, so I wonder if the fight will continue or not, as Saji was standing there watching. I have a feeling he won’t fight Hakufu though, and that he just manipulated Ryomou into fighting her. This might lead to Ryomou getting demoted from the Big Four after her loss to Hakufu, Kannei as well.

With Gakushu still out of commission from his fight with Ryomou last episode, only Saji remains as a Big Four threat. So perhaps we Enjyutsu will have to show himself sooner rather than later.

Things are starting to get interesting at Nanyo Academy!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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    1. I saw the synopsis for that one recently actually. I don’t like the “guy transforms into girl” thing though. Didn’t like it in To Love-Ru and didn’t like it in that twintail anime either.


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