Date A Live: Episode 3

You really can’t go wrong with more Tohka!
Which makes for yet another great episode of Date A Live.

origami sniper.jpg
Date A Live – Sunset Sniper Edition

Brief Synopsis

Shido goes on his date with Tohka, although she doesn’t quite understand what a date is. Most of the episode follows Tohka eating various foods, with Shido following her around. Eventually, the Anti-Spirit Team takes notice of Tohka and begins to track her. Ratatoskr, the peaceful organization supporting Shido, plays a large role in helping the date move along, by giving Tohka free food and whatnot.

At the end of the date, Shido and Tohka are on a walkway overlooking the city. The sun is setting, and the Origami of the Anti-Spirit Team is nearby with a sniper rifle affixed on Tohka’s head. Her partner gives her the permission to fire, but Shido notices the reflection of her scope at the last moment, causing him to push Tohka out of the way and take the bullet himself.

Tohka then enters a rage, pulling out a giant sword and proceeding to attack Origami while also destroying the surrounding area. But somehow, Shido’s wound manages to heal up, and with some help from Ratatoskr, gets launched into the air towards Tohka. She catches him, they kiss, and her spirit armour / weapon disappear.

angry tohka.jpg

Forgotten Moments

Shido’s Second Life

Or is it more than that? Either way, I completely forgot that Shido escapes death, and has some sort of innate ability related to this. Kotori hinted at it in episode 1, but it went over my head. Still is, really – I can’t remember what’s up with Shido and this healing ability. I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough though!

Tohka’s Appetite

I like Tohka, but I forgot about how much food she eats… unfortunately this means she loses a few points from me. Just not a fan of the “big appetite” trope, whether it’s Luffy, Goku, or Tohka in this case. I think it would have been interesting to see a bit more variety on the date. Shido does take Tohka to an arcade at one point, where they play a single crane game, but most of the date is Tohka eating. Feels like a bit of missed potential.

tohka bread.jpg

Ratatoskr’s Influence

Ok, I knew Ratatoskr had some serious cash. After all, they control that popular dating sim mobile app that Shido’s friend uses, and they have a giant floating invisible ship. But it was still a bit surprising to see a large section of the town just transform into a mini food festival for Shido’s date with Tohka. I really shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was anyways. Looks like Ratatoskr is not just wealthy, but also has a lot of boots on the ground, so to speak.

Favourite Moments

Total War

There’s a moment when Tohka while stuffing her face manages to look up and realize that there are a bunch of people on the street – to which she automatically assumes means everyone is out to kill her. It’s a cute little moment, and it makes sense because whenever Tohka had come to Earth prior it was through a spatial quake, so she never would have seen so many people. The only people she ever saw were the Anti-Spirit Team, to my knowledge.

all out war.jpg

tohka all out war.jpg
Couldn’t help myself.

Dream Park

While at the Ratatoskr funded “festival”, Tohka “wins” a lottery granting her two tickets to Dream Park. At first I thought maybe it was an amusement park, but then we find out that it’s a love hotel! This causes Shido to grab Tohka and storm off. Just a funny scene. During the sunset scene Tohka says “it’s too bad we didn’t get to see Dream Park” or something like this, which also made me laugh.

Sunset Action

I really like the scene where Shido gets shot, causing Tohka to become enraged. Everything about it is very well done. Starts out with Shido and Tohka talking at the end of their date, to Origami zoning in on Tohka… and then everything goes to hell. Good buildup, good execution – just a great scene.

date a live sniper.jpg

Other Thoughts

I’m looking forward to future episodes and meeting more spirits. Like I’ve mentioned, I don’t really remember any other spirits, except for that one villainous spirit that uses muskets and time magic or something like this. Can’t remember her name.

Panty Shot Update

I didn’t see any panty shots this episode.
Maybe the one from episode 2 was the last one?

Stay tuned, and we’ll find out as the series progresses.

In Conclusion…

I’m starting to remember more and more about the anime. Once I see another spirit I’m sure I’ll recognize them immediately, although there’s no guarantee knowing my memory. Very enjoyable episode, and looking forward to more!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Date A Live: Episode 3

  1. Tohka REALLY comes into her own this episode and firmly establishes herself in that ‘adorkable” way that I mentioned in my character dive on her. Yes, the food thing is a cliche, but for me at the time, I never saw that from a female, and frankly her english voice and mannerism sell the hell out of her character.

    It’s VERY rare that the main female of a harem anime (which this is and isn’t) is actually one of the more popular characters. There is just something about Tohka that just works.

    Also I do believe there is ONE more panty shot, and that is IT for like 3 seasons and a movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Tohka is fun, I love her character design too. And her hair is great – it’s no hime cut, but it’s still excellent.

      The panty shot hunt will continue. Once this is done we’ll be able to say for certain if that is the case or not!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tohka and that edgy heterochromia girl are the only spirits I remember from the series, so it’s pretty amazing how new everything has felt haha


      1. I think you’ll see as you go through the series why I think Date A Live is a perfect “B+” harem series. It does A LOT really well, but has flaws that hold it back.

        Liked by 1 person

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