Date A Live: Episode 2

Just finished up episode 2 of Date A Live, and wow, time flew by.
Felt shorter than it was, so I must have been pretty into it!

No time to waste, episode 2 here we go!

tohka sunset.jpg
Date A Live – Sunset Tohka Edition

Brief Synopsis

Shido underwent some training in order to practice for trying to get the spirit from last episode to fall in love with him. In the process he managed to get his homeroom teacher to fall for him (with help), and he also was in the process of asking Origami on a date when the spatial quake warning went off.

He then confronted the spirit and managed to get her to lighten up. After giving her a name, Tohka, they sat down and talked for a bit in the safety of Tohka’s barrier while the Anti Spirit Team (AST) shot at them from a distance. Eventually the gunfire destroyed enough of the building that Origami saw Shido, causing her to draw her electro blade and move in to fight Tohka.

Tohka unleashes a blast that forces the AST to withdraw. The next day, Shido revisits the area and finds Tohka there. She changes into a school uniform to blend in so that they can go on a date.

tohka conversation.jpg

Forgotten Moments

Anti Spirit Team

Not only did I forget this, but I got it wrong in my episode 1 post. I guess the AST is actually a separate entity from the organization that Shido’s sister, Kotori, runs – Ratatoskr. Just a realization I had while watching this episode. For some reason I thought they were the same organization, because the anime showed Shido waking up at the same time as Origami was putting her gear away in episode 1. I sort of figured it was the same building, but that’s not the case.

The Love Expert Panel

I completely forgot about the panel of “love experts”! And how while Shido is talking to spirits, they all have to vote from an AI created selection of lines for Shido to say. It’s hilarious, and I just can’t believe I forgot about this awesome part of the anime. I love how the options they choose from are sometimes all terrible also, or how everyone will vote on the worst option and Shido will go through with saying it.

This just shot up my enthusiasm for rewatching Date A Live. Definitely looking forward to watching more of these “choices”. I also love how Kotori always adds her own commentary to the options as well. Always a laugh to be had with these moments.

date a live kotori vote.jpg

Favourite Moments

Call In The Troops

Right after Tohka opens up to Shido, he asks her name and finds out she doesn’t have one. So, she tasks Shido with figuring one out. This prompts Kotori and Ratatoskr to go into action, getting name suggestions from the world. How? Turns out, they run the virtual girlfriend app that we saw Shido’s friend with last episode. There are some funny moments as they go through the names, but in the end, Shido thinks of something himseslf, because the people at Ratatoskr are pretty useless.

Tsundere Tohka

I remembered that Tohka was a tsundere, but I still really liked seeing that part of her character again. Tohka starts out very tense and suspicious of Shido, but after confirming that Shido was all right, it’s like a switch flips and all of the sudden Tohka becomes tsundere. It’s a bit cliche that she immediately says “Baka! Baka!” after going into tsundere mode, but I guess it’s been a while since I’ve seen a classic tsundere. So I enjoyed it.

tohka frown.jpg

Other Thoughts

Panty Shot #2

Last post, Dewbond mentioned that the Kotori panty shot at the beginning of episode 1 was one of the only panty shots in the anime, if not the only panty shot. Seeing as I’m watching through anyways, I let him know that I’d keep my eyes peeled for more panty shots in Date A Live. Honestly, it’s something that I don’t really remember from the first time I watched through the anime, so I’m a bit curious as well.

With that said, we do actually get another panty shot this episode.
I wasn’t planning on being that guy, but yeah, I’m going to keep track of this going forward! Each panty shot could be the last! This is important research.

This particular panty shot happens after Shido bumps into Origami in the hallway at school. There is a much closer view, but… I’ll use a more distant screencap of it.

date a live pantyshot.jpg

In Conclusion…

Great episode. Being re-introduced to the panel of “love experts” and all that they entail reminded me of a very enjoyable aspect of the anime. So far the anime is a lot of fun, and I’m remembering why I have fond memories of Date A Live.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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