Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 5 (#3)

Keeping with the chronological order, we’re jumping ahead to episode 5. Just a reminder that the bracketed number is the post number for this episodic review series.

A lot has happened in this episode, so here we go.

yuki nagato glasses.jpg
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Yuki’s Glasses Edition

“Brief” Synopsis

Yuki finishes explaining to Kyon how she is an alien – a human interface for the Integrated Data Entity, and that her job is to observe Haruhi. Haruhi’s existence is an anomaly and so the Integrated Data Entity wanted to keep an eye on her, because something something, three years ago. She also mentions that Haruhi has chosen Kyon for some reason.

The next day, the school receives a mysterious transfer student. Haruhi ends up dragging him to the club, and after next to no explanation of what the club does by Haruhi, he joins. His name is Itsuki Koizumi.

On the weekend, Haruhi has the club meet up in order to search for mysterious happenings / occurrences. Everyone draws lots, and Kyon ends up getting paired with Mikuru. They go to a park, where Mikuru proceeds to tell Kyon that she is from the future, and that she was sent back to watch over Haruhi, because something something, three years ago. Mikuru also tells Kyon he was chosen by Haruhi.

Mikuru’s most determined look.

The club reconvenes for lunch and draws lots again, this time Kyon is paired with Yuki – they go to the library and are late meeting up with Haruhi. She gets upset and leaves.

Finally, on the following Monday, Kyon enters the clubroom and asks Itsuki if he has something he wants to say. They go outside and Itsuki tells Kyon that he is an esper, and that he had to transfer in to keep an eye on Haruhi, because something something, three years ago. He also assures Kyon that he is a regular human, despite being chosen by Haruhi.

itsuki koizumi.jpg
Itsuki Koizumi.

Forgotten Moments

Something Something, Three Years

Well, I wasn’t about to forget about the alien, time traveler, or the esper. But I did forget about the whole “something happened three years ago” aspect of why Haruhi managed to capture everyone’s attention. I still don’t remember if it ever ends up explicitly stated… I don’t think it does, right? Doesn’t the anime have a pretty open ending? Well, maybe I’ll be surprised in regards to this.

Unlucky Haruhi

While I vaguely remember several moments where the club hits the streets, I forgot about how they drew lots – both times resulting in Haruhi not getting paired with Kyon. It’s pretty funny watching her reaction to the results, both times. She gets pretty upset about it too, telling Kyon that he had better be searching, no fun allowed! I guess Haruhi can’t really influence a lottery, at least in this situation, despite her latent powers.

haruhi point.jpg
“If you have fun, I’ll kill you!” – Haruhi

Favourite Moments

Library Card

My favourite moment from the episode was actually another small moment. When Kyon gets paired with Yuki, they go to the library. He proceeds to fall asleep on a chair, missing the 4 o’clock meetup time with Haruhi and others. But he isn’t able to rush out of there, because Yuki refuses to leave until she gets a particular book. So Kyon had to Yuki get a library card, so she can check out the book, so they can leave. I just can’t help but love Yuki for moments like this.

yuki library card.jpg

Wait, That’s It?

Haruhi brings Itsuki to the club, telling him to join. So Itsuki asks, what kind of club is this? Haruhi declares that the SOS Brigade is all about finding aliens, time travelers, and espers – and playing with them. Kyon is dumbstruck at the declaration, thinking that Itsuki would probably refuse to join after that…

Itsuki then proceeds to join the club, eliciting this hilarious facial expression and internal response from Kyon:

kyon blank face.jpg

Kyon really reminds me of Gintoki from Gintama, and that’s what led me to confirm that it is in fact the same voice actor! No wonder I’ve been loving Kyon’s VA so much.

In Conclusion…

A lot happened this episode. But now, we have the main cast all together, and the explanations out of the way. We still had some funny moments in the episode, so I’d say it was all around a great episode.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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