Circlet Princess Episode 3 Review

Last week I took at look at episode 2 of Circlet Princess after a long hiatus on this series, due to the difficulty of finding subbed episodes. But that drought is over now, and it’s time for more Circlet Princess with episode 3!

So far I think the best way to summarize this anime would be: fighting girls + fanservice, a tried and true combo for many anime out there.

reina sister.jpg

Brief Synopsis

As we saw at the end of episode 2, Yuuka’s bracelet can talk! Turns out it’s an AI designed to help it’s wearer in battle, and also it turns out it’s a circlet and not a bracelet! Guess I should have been on top of that one, given the anime’s name haha.

Anyways, the girls find another member (Nina Averin) to join them for their exhibition match against another school known for being skilled at circlet bout. They then practice a bit, and proceed to lose in the exhibition match, which was best 2 of 3. But because Yuuka wanted to fight as well (she didn’t get a chance), they bent the rules a bit and Yuuka got to fight a skilled opponent. She manages to win, and we see that the red-haired girl Yuuka fought in episode 1 was watching the match.

nina averin.jpg
Nina Averin, the new member we don’t see much of in this episode.

Yuuka’s Circlet

The AI in Yuuka’s circlet was pretty stuck up the entire episode, telling the girls that they were all pretty useless at circlet bout, with the exception being Reina. And he was right about that, they are all pretty useless. For example, Miyuki in the exhibition match never even threw her boomerang weapon, instead dual wielding the boomerangs as swords. Seems like a waste to me, why not just use swords if you’re going to fight like that?

Yuuka ended up winning her fight, but she seems to have an on / off switch that determines whether she is useless, or amazing at fighting. I hope that she develops into a good fighter, and that the anime doesn’t use the old “character gets beat up for the entire fight and then manages to pull out the win in the end” trope.

Yuuka came up with two names for the circlet / AI – Sieg, and G-kun.
I guess we’ll see which name sticks.

circlet princess talking bracelet.jpg


The combat was all right this time around. We got to see that Reina uses a spear, and that she’s pretty good with it – although not good enough I guess.

We also got to see a sword wielding girl, and a two-handed axe wielding girl from the opposing school. I always like to see some variety, so this was pretty neat.

The combat itself wasn’t bad. It wasn’t as fast-paced as it was in episode 1 though, so the fights felt a little slow. Yuuka’s fight in particular, which was the longest, wasn’t the most entertaining as the entire fight was Yuuka blocking / dodging attacks for several minutes before winning with a single attack. Hopefully the fights speed up a bit in future episodes.

circlet princess fan service.jpg

Final Words

Episode 3 was pretty good. More action than episode 2, and the introduction of Yuuka’s talking circlet actually helped I think, bringing a “voice of reason” into the fray. I think it’s a bit odd that we didn’t really see Nina Averin, the new club member, but I guess there’ll be time to show more of her in future episodes. The anime still feels like it’s just getting started.

That’s all for episode 3 of Circlet Princess.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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