Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu: Episode 2 (#1)

You may remember a while back I posted a list of anime I wanted to rewatch and well, you’ve probably figured it out considering the post title and all..

I’m rewatching Haruhi!

Not only that, but I will be watching it in chronological order, and posting my thoughts on an episodic basis. The first time I watched Haruhi, it was the dubbed version, and it was broadcast order. As I had already planned on watching it subbed this time, I figured why not change up the order as well? Hopefully the order of posts here don’t get too confusing with the episode numbers jumping around.

Due to the episode numbers not being in order for chronological order, I’ll be including the post number in brackets in the post title. In the end the order in which I posted might not matter, but at least then it gives any of you who are reading this from the future the ability to decide if you want to read these posts in broadcast or chronological order, which I think is pretty neat.

That’s enough intro though, it’s Haruhi time!

haruhi demand.jpg

Brief Synopsis

Kyon begins attending highschool, when he discovers that a certain eccentric girl sits behind him – Haruhi Suzumiya. After some time, he manages to begin conversing with her for a few minutes in the mornings before class. One thing leads to another, and Haruhi eventually comes up with the idea to create a new club (she temporarily joined every club in the school and didn’t like any of them), and Kyon is roped into helping her.

Haruhi somehow manages to secure the Literature Club’s clubroom, as the literature club only has one member – Yuki Nagato, who is fine with joining Haruhi’s club as long as she can read in peace. Haruhi also manages to kidnap convince Mikuru Asahina, a shy upperclassman, to join her club. At the very end, the name of this club is revealed: the SOS Brigade!

Forgotten Moments

Kyon’s Chatty Friend

I forgot about Kyon’s chatty friend (not sure if we get his name in this episode, or if I just missed it..), who loves to gossip and talk about girls. I actually really enjoyed the sequence of scenes where he is telling Kyon about Haruhi from middle school, while Kyon is just watching Haruhi doing weird things around school like throwing a baseball at a dome on the school rooftop.

I also love how the entire sequence ends with the classic “If you’re thinking of going after her, forget it.”.

Kyon watching.jpg

Haruhi’s Hair!

Can you believe that I actually forgot about Haruhi’s changing hair & braid colours? Of all the things to forget, I feel like Haruhi’s changing hair is pretty memorable. The moment I saw it and remembered is when I realized that I am definitely due for a rewatch. I just remembered Haruhi’s classic short hair, which we also see in this episode. Funny how the day after Kyon comments about her changing hairstyles she just cuts it.

haruhi buns.jpg
Blue = Wednesday.

Favourite Moments

Classroom Interruption

I laughed quite a few times in this episode, but the scene I found the funniest was when Haruhi grabs a sleepy Kyon’s collar and slams his head into her desk. When he angrily turns around, we see Haruhi with a beaming smile on her face as she tells him about her idea of forming a school club. We then find out that this whole scene took place during class, with all of the other students and the teacher watching them in silence.

Haruhi happy.jpg

Then Quit It

Another scene that got some laughs out of me is right after Haruhi has finished harassing Mikuru. She asks Mikuru if she is in any other clubs, and Mikuru responds saying that she is a part of the calligraphy club. To which Haruhi immediately tells her:

“Then quit it. It’ll interfere with our club activities”.
Haruhi Suzumiya

The bluntness of Haruhi got a laugh out of me, but what I found even funnier was Kyon’s face. The moment Haruhi finishes saying “Then quit it..” his eyes dart to Haruhi and he adopts this alarmed / angry look:

haruhi quit it.jpg

Other Thoughts

Maybe it’s just because this is the first episode, but it really felt like a lot happened. From day 1 of highschool to learning the name of Haruhi’s club, I was a bit surprised. Part of me had wondered if there would be enough content per episode to merit episodic posts, but episode 1 proved to me that there definitely is enough to write about. Especially if I keep the format simple.

The subbed version of Kyon has a different feel from the dubbed version, or at least from what I can remember of the dubbed version. Dubbed Kyon seemed more apathetic, unenergetic, unmotivated. Subbed Kyon still has this feel somewhat, but the different VA makes him seem a little more lively. Some of his thoughts are spoken very quickly, and the Japanese VA I think has a higher pitched voice too in comparison. He just seems more energetic as a result.

Kyon fake smile.jpg

In Conclusion…

What episode 1 has made me realize is that it’s been too long since I first watched Haruhi. I knew she was a seriously eccentric girl going in, and she still managed to feel more eccentric and energetic than I remembered.

I’m glad to be able to see Haruhi in all her glory once again, and I’m excited to see what other details I’ve forgotten, as well as how different the anime feels in chronological order.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ooh, a Haruhi rewatch! This is going to be fun.

    Out of curiosity, are you planning to review every episode of Endless Eight individually too, or are you just going to do those in a batch? Or maybe you hadn’t thought that far ahead yet.

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