My Anime… Guilty Pleasures.

We’ve all got those anime that we love that just hit the spot, right?
Ratings, popular opinion, and well thought out arguments mean nothing when it comes to those special anime or anime genres that can do no wrong.

Maybe it’s not a genre, maybe it’s just a single character. Or a type of character. Just something that makes even the most intolerable anime tolerable. Calling it a guilty pleasure may not be the best way to describe it though, because enjoying certain aspects of an anime shouldn’t be associated with guilt.

How about… anime vice? Anime indulgence?

The ecchi take on this idea might be something like … “If it has breasts, I’m in!”.
Anyways, I’ll divulge some of my own anime vices / indulgences here.

jormungand koko hekmatyar

5. Ecchi – If it has breasts, I’m in!

Sorry, I had to do that.
Jokes aside, if you follow this blog, you probably know that I don’t really watch a lot of ecchi anime.

But here’s the thing. I used to watch a ton of ecchi anime. Back when I had started out watching anime, I used MAL recommended anime to find new anime, and this threw me into an ecchi loop where I would jump from ecchi anime to ecchi anime.

As a result, I’ve seen a fair bit of the genre.

What I’m trying to say here is that ecchi was an anime guilty pleasure of mine for several years. I guess there’s something about ecchi anime that manages to balance a story / action with… anime girls and lewd situations…? It creates this sort of viewing atmosphere where you don’t take the anime too seriously, which makes it enjoyable. That’s my attempt to explain it at least.

I guess I indulged myself a bit too much on ecchi anime back in the day, which is what turned me away from it up until recently.

I’ve been wanting to watch more ecchi anime lately, like rewatching Ikkitousen. I’m also watching Sankarea in a collaboration with Lynn Sheridan (you can find it on his blog HERE!). I’d like to watch that Quintuplets anime at some point too, I think that’s ecchi as well? So I think the ecchi itch is coming back, at least to a degree!

Ecchi anime girl Hinako lying on bed
Can’t forget about Hinako either. She’s contributed a lot to this blog and my health.

4. Isekai – Discovery in Anime.

Isekai anime have become quite popular lately, and I love it.

You would have a tough time finding an isekai anime that I disliked, because I just love this genre. I know that many people are getting sick of them, and have common criticisms like “we never see enough of the protagonist BEFORE they are transported to the new world“, or “they’re all the same“.. but I think that many people are missing the point of isekai.


You see, there’s a reason isekai anime transport the main character(s) into a new world, as opposed to just having them exist in that world from the start – discovery. It’s not explicitly about the character(s), it’s about the world and how we explore it. By transporting characters to a new world, the anime puts them on the viewer’s level, because now both the viewer, AND the main character(s) don’t know anything.

And so the fun part is getting to discover the new world alongside the main character(s). It’s a different experience than following someone who just always existed in the world, who knows what’s going on to a much larger degree. We get to experience everything for the first time alongside the character(s), and share many of the questions that they have about the world.

I love that experience. Even if the story falls flat, or the character(s) themselves are boring, I love being introduced to new worlds in anime, especially fantasy, which is most common for isekai. So I really love the way that isekai approaches the discovery aspect of fantasy worlds. I also like sci-fi isekai, or other forms of isekai, because of this approach. I just happen to love fantasy worlds the most.

No game no life beautiful

3. The Overpowered MC

Here’s one I’ve written about before. I love overpowered main characters. I know that many people find them boring, because there is no real sense of danger to the main character. It takes away from the realism, or thrill, at times. I get that, and naturally I enjoy anime with non-overpowered main characters as well.

But, I have a reason for loving overpowered main characters, and it’s actually sort of the inverse of what I wrote in regards to isekai anime.

While with isekai, the appeal is not knowing what’s going on alongside the main character, in this case, it’s knowing what’s going on alongside the main character. Specifically, knowing HOW powerful the main character really is, when other characters may not. I love those situations where other characters underestimate the main character’s abilities, and proceed to have their minds blown as a result. Whether it’s friend or foe, I love the sheer surprise displayed when character’s finally realize just who they are dealing with.

My absolute favourite example of this is from Overlord III, with that party of adventurers that ends up trapped in the Nazarick arena (Sixth floor I think?), forced to fight Momonga. We know that they are absolutely done for, because we know that Momonga is immensely powerful. But they don’t, and so they try their best to defeat him, thinking they have a chance…

Until he reveals his real power level.
The scene where the blonde girl recoils in absolute horror of what she witnesses is one of my favourite “overpowered MC” moments in anime. Her attitude changes from one of hope to absolute and total despair in a single moment. The immediate shock and despair is enough to completely break her, forcing her party to use magic to try and calm her down. And then there’s her final moments with Shalltear…


Well I wasn’t intending on coming off as a sadistic psychopath in this post, but I guess I’ll roll with it. Consider this the vice portion of the post!

Most of the time, the overpowered MC is a good character, so Momonga is one of those rare cases where the morality of the situation is questionable for sure. I just love those reactions from other characters. There’s a level of satisfaction in knowing something they don’t, and watching them figure it out.

2. Student Council Involvement

This one is broad, but, if there is a student council in the anime, I’m in.

I love school anime, and I love school anime that incorporate the student council in some way or another even more! Unlike my last few guilty pleasures, this one is the most difficult for me to explain…

Whether the anime is directly about the student council, like Seitokai no Ichizon or Seitokai Yakuindomo, or the student council plays a secondary role like in SKET Dance or Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches… I just like the addition of a student council. I guess it’s just something that adds to the school setting. Makes it more dynamic.

Bonus points if the student council has a disciplinary officer / committee that goes around punishing students who don’t follow the rules. An active student council makes the school feel more alive, and interesting. That said, they can be strict, or easy-going, doesn’t really matter, as long as they take part in the anime somehow.

I don’t know if this one is as uncommon as I think it is… does anyone else love the presence of a student council in school anime?

kujibiki unbalance kujiun kujian anime ova ritsuko

1. Collette!

Collette truly is a godsend. Without her presence, who knows how Konobi would have turned out… (not good). Plus, I don’t know what I would post on Twitter if it wasn’t for Collette. Sharing Collette is all I’ve got in that area, I’m not sure what else is even worth tweeting about?

I’ve got a nice collection of Collette images that you can all expect to see on a regular basis, assuming you haven’t noticed how often I’ve been using Collette in my posts already!

Konobi Collette smile

I’m sure there are more anime guilty pleasures out there that I just can’t quite think of at the moment. But now you know, if an anime contains one of the above 5 elements, I’m probably going to enjoy it. At the very least I’ll be more likely to enjoy it.

Anyone else have any anime guilty pleasures / vices / indulgences that they’d like to share?

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “My Anime… Guilty Pleasures.

  1. I’m going to try to come up with five too.
    1. I love anything with swords. The bigger the better.
    2. Strong female leads. Nothing like a girl that knows what she wants and how to get it.
    3. Harem ecchi comedies. I love seeing just how ridiculous they will make things.
    4. Zombies. If it’s got them I’m there. No questions.
    5. Strong female leads who have swords and fight zombies, preferably in a harem ecchi comedy…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous

    1. Robots- I grew up watching that kind of genre so it is hard to discard it.
    2. School girls with d-cup breasts-any bigger than that and I will vomit due to disbelief.
    3. School girls with short skirts while wearing thigh high socks (black and white only)- I need to see a doctor.
    4. Maids with short skirts while wearing thigh high socks or garter belt- I need to see a doctor again.
    5. Cat girls who also doubles as a maid while wearing a short skirt and thigh high socks or garter belt- I need to see three doctors at once.

    …I think 1 is the only guilty pleasure. 2-5 is actually my fetish. D’oh!

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  3. My biggest vice is food. I usually tend to check out any new food/cooking anime that comes along, unless the early reviews on it are just really, really bad. There’s the occasional dud (Restaurant to Another World) but most of the ones I’ve picked up have at least ended up being watchable.

    I watched Quintessential Quintuplets last season and then jumped straight into the manga as soon as it ended, and while I personally loved that series, if you’re looking for ecchi you’re going to be disappointed. Frankly, Quints has even less fanservice than Love Live. What you do get with Quints is an unusually well-written cast of characters for a harem (five girls who all develop into well-rounded, multifaceted people and an MC with a strong and distinct personality), and a lively low-stakes mystery over which girl he’s going to marry, since the story opens on his wedding day and is told in flashback. Unfortunately the anime also ends right around the time the story really starts picking up, but it’s been surprisingly popular (QQ’s manga sales have gone through the roof since the anime started) so hopefully we’ll get a season 2 down the road.

    Now if you want Student Councils and Ecchi both, then go check out My Wife is the Student Council President if you haven’t yet. It should make you happy. Just make sure you’re watching the uncensored version (Crunchyroll carries both).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Food always looks so amazing in anime. What food / cooking anime would you recommend? Only ones I can think of that I’ve seen were Shokugeki no Soma and Working!!

      Love Live had fanservice? (Haven’t seen Sunshine, if that’s what you are referring to) Maybe I never noticed. I wasn’t sure if Quintuplets was an ecchi or not, but it seemed like that kind of show. Thanks for the into though, reaffirming that I need to check it out. And I’ll be sure to add that Student Council anime to me list!


      1. Love Live had a few bath scenes, a beach episode, and Nozomi occasionally groping the other girls. Not much, but Quints has even less, and almost none at all after the first three episodes. Honestly the most fanservicey part of the entire show is probably its OP.

        Yeah, I liked Food Wars too. Some other food/cooking shows I’ve liked:
        Sweetness & Lightning
        Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family (this is a Fate/Stay Night spinoff, so some of the appeal is lost if you aren’t already familiar with the characters from that series, but the food is amazing)
        Gourmet Girl Graffiti (slow-paced moe slice-of-life show, which won’t be to everyone’s taste; the appeals are obscenely delicious-looking food and very sensual animation of the girls enjoying it)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You know, lately I’ve been noticing that I didn’t notice whether a show had fanservice or not. Now I’m wondering if that’s because I’ve become accustomed to more “in your face” type of fanservice.
        I’ll take a look at those recommendations when I get the chance, thanks. Once my A to Z challenge is done I’ll be able to go back to watching whatever more frequently.


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