Circlet Princess Episode 2 Review

And we’re back with more Circlet Princess after that riveting first episode that I covered… 4 months ago?!

Actually that sounds about right.
I had chosen Circlet Princess as an anime to cover from Winter 2019, but due to my inability to speak Japanese, and the lack of subbed material, I had to hold off. Until now!

We’re back in business baby!
Episode 2 here we come!

sasaki yuuka.jpg


Allow me to bring you up to speed on what has happened so far in Circlet Princess:

Episode 1

Our heroine, Sasaki Yuuka, is a very naive airhead who somehow managed to wander her way into a high profile exhibition match of Circlet Bout, a virtual reality sport where highschool girls fight each other using virtual weapons, and score points based on hits.

Two years later, Yuuka is now attending Union Academy, a school that was once famous for it’s circlet bout team (I think). But now, it turns out that the school is disbanding it’s circlet bout club!

Episode 2

Which brings us to episode 2, where essentially, Yuuka has joined up with the two remaining circlet bout club members in the midst of being shut down. Luckily though, they manage to get an invitation to a practice match from another school before it’s too late.

The episode ends with us learning that Yuuka’s bracelet can talk…

yuuka disgust.jpg

Circlet Bout

There were exciting moments. Or at least an exciting moment, which was the few moments the girls actually spent practicing circlet bout, before the student council president Reina showed up to shut it down.

We got to see the weapon of choice for Miyuki Kasahara, the blonde girl in the circlet bout club. She uses a boomerang, but she can also summon a second boomerang and combine them to make a throwing glaive. Personally, I don’t see why you wouldn’t just keep them separate and throw them individually for more attacks, giving the opponent less time to react. We never see them separate though, so maybe it’s actually just a boomerang that can upgrade to a throwing glaive?

Yuuka’s weapon is a “sword” that is taller than she is. It almost looks like a combination of a tower shield and a greatsword, all wielded in one hand – because this is virtual reality. It seems unfair, really. In the episode it’s implied that it’s heavier because of its size, but… what a weapon. I guess you can’t block and attack at the same time though.

I’m not a circlet bout fighter myself, so my opinion may not really matter but… if I had to choose, I’d go with the classic sword and shield. Too many people try to get fancy with their boomerangs, greatswords, dual wield swords, etc. Call me old fashioned, wanting the good ol’ sword and board.

circlet bout weapons.jpg


Aside from that little practice fight, not too much happened in the episode aside from dialogue between characters. We got to see more of the other two circlet bout club members, Miyuki and Ayumu. We also have learned that the student council president, Reina, has some sort of history with circlet bout, that involves her sister. (Don’t tell me her sister was the one who was screwed out of her chance to partake in an exhibition match two years ago because Yuuka stumbled in there and took her place?!).

I wish we could have seen more in terms of school life – the slice of life fan in me just yearns for a good classroom scene or two. This episode was mostly focused on the circlet bout club (understandably) but maybe we’ll get a classroom scene in a future episode.

Finally, Yuuka’s bracelet started speaking at the very end of the episode. The bracelet was given to her by a hologram after that exhibition match two years ago. We don’t know much else about it, but it’s looking like we’ll find out soon enough.

circlet bout club.jpg
Left to right: Miyuki Kasahara, Sasaki Yuuka, Ayumu Aizawa.

Final Words

Not an amazing episode, but bad either.

While more school or action would have been nice, I’m happy we got to see a little fighting at least. Checking out new weapon choices is always fun, and I’ll look forward to more of that in future episodes. Overall, considering the anime is setting itself up here, I think it’s fair that this was on the slower side.

That’s it for Circlet Princess episode 2.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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