This Art Club Had A Problem… (Episode 12)

Thank goodness we got to see Collette in the final episode – I was getting a bit worried.

You may think that this is the end, but there are a few more Konobi related posts that I’d like to write in the coming weeks (even though my blog has been plagued with Konobi posts for the last several months haha). A recap post, a post listing everyone’s posts, and a post to talk about the collab and my thoughts on it – how it went, what I’d consider improving, etc. I have learned quite a bit and have plenty of ideas thanks to this collab. So stay tuned for more Konobi posts I guess!

All this time I’ve been putting something off – core themes. And so, not to be outdone by Jon, I too have decided to take on multiple themes for the final episode of Konobi. In fact, I have chosen three core themes + one episodic theme. Basically, in order to not be a liar, I have decided to complete all of the core themes I didn’t do, because I said I would try and cover them all at some point (the episodic themes were just getting too fun!), and I can’t turn down bashing Subaru.

For what better way to end the the collab than with a bang?

Farewell Collette.

Moral Dilemmas

Following Konobi this whole time, I’ve realized a few things. First off, in an unrelated note, “dilemma” is a weird word. Either it’s a weird word, or I’m experiencing that thing where you look at a word and it just looks completely alien. Secondly, the “moral” dilemmas in Konobi are lacking the “moral” part of “moral dilemmas”, so I guess that’s a reason why this theme has never been selected for a post – until now!

Along came the perfect dilemma to write about, in the final episode. One that I can actually work with, because there are actual health implications involved.

With the school day over, we discover that Imari forgot her umbrella, and there was quite the rainstorm happening outside. So instead of leaving, she was just hanging around the school entrance, putting off going out and getting soaked. Usami came across Imari and when she found this out, she found herself in a moral dilemma!

  1. Does she wish Imari good luck, and move on with her life? Effectively abandoning Imari to the elements, which means guaranteed sickness for Imari.
  2. Does she offer Imari her personal umbrella, but then risk having no umbrella herself? (Effectively guaranteeing sickness for Usami).
  3. Or does she find some sort of compromise? One that hopefully results in no one getting sick.

This is quite the predicament – Usami ended up choosing all of the above!

Collaboration is key it seems. First she offered her umbrella. Then she reneged on that when Imari said she was going to walk home with Collette. And then finally, after finding out Collette didn’t have an umbrella, she found a compromise by asking Subaru to walk with Imari.

I’ve got to admit, what Usami did was checkmate.

Had Imari stuck to the plan, that is.
Instead, she ended up just walking home in the rain with Collette, deciding to get sick. Which is fair, because the alternative was walking with Subaru…

imari rain.jpg
She’s already sick in this scene, as you can see.

How Does This Compare to the Classics?
+ Final Chance to Bash Subaru

A perfect chance to combine some themes! Combined, we get: how does Subaru compare to the classics? Not well, as you may have expected. After all, this is my final chance to bash Subaru…

Good, so let’s talk about Subaru and why he’s just not a fun character. You see, there is an anime called Genshiken. It’s an amazing slice of life / comedy anime about otaku culture, and there just so happens to be a character extremely similar to Subaru in Genshiken – Kousaka. So I actually have a character to compare Subaru with, believe it or not.

Time spent on screen the first thing I’d like to mention. While a major character, Kousaka doesn’t hog the screentime in Genshiken like Subaru does in Konobi. Subaru is just in way too many scenes, and I have a feeling most of you (if not everyone) will agree with me on this. I’d rather see more of any other character than Subaru, no question. With Kousaka, I didn’t feel this way at all. With Kousaka, every scene wasn’t “2D girls > 3D girls” like it is with Subaru, using the same joke over and over.

And I’ll also mention this: Kousaka just works better for the setting he is in – a slice of life, otaku culture anime. He fits in perfectly. Not once did I find myself thinking “man this gag is getting old fast”. Plus Kousaka actually has a girlfriend, allowing the whole “2D girls” jokes to be a little more varied.. With Subaru, whenever he is on screen, you know what sort of joke the anime is going to produce. With Kousaka, there can be more interactions because he has a girlfriend, but also is an otaku. Similar, but different enough that Kousaka wasn’t an eyesore after 24+ episodes.

I rest my case. The problem with Subaru, compared to his classic counterpart, is that he is too one dimensional. It’s fine for Subaru to exist as a character, but he didn’t accomplish enough as a character to be fun or interesting. Not dynamic enough, too much of the same jokes.

The Hidden Dark Side of the Art Club

Hope, despair, and everything in between. You just never know what’s going to happen next in the art club. If there’s one thing that Konobi does well, it’s hide things.

You may have noticed President in this scene, for example:

What’s that behind the couch?

Have you ever wondered if there was something else going on here?
Something like… the real secret of the art club.
The secret that THEY don’t want you to know about.

Too many nights I’ve pondered this topic, and I’ve managed to find out the secret.
In fact, I’d stop reading right now if I were you…
Or keep reading, that’s fine too I guess.

Oh, you want a hint?
Curious, are we?

And let me guess, you think I’m making this up don’t you?
Well, let me tell you this..

Collette isn’t involved, so keep her out of it.
She is too pure for the secrets you are about to read.
The secret is quite the secret. The kind of secret you’d intentionally keep a secret, because you don’t want someone else to find out about it. Very secretive, isn’t it?

Is the secret a complete secret? No, because I know it. And so do they.
Suspicious, right?

Best be ready for what you’re about to read.
It’s a very hidden secret. A concealed secret. A secretively secretive secret.
Hopefully you get the point. The secret involves a certain…

Let me give you another hint: this secret is very mysterious. Covert, even. Undisclosed to all but a few. Just promise that you won’t reveal this secret to anyone.
I’ve hidden the secret here, in this post.

Read the first word of every new paragraph of this post prior to this one (first word after every line break), not counting the numbered list.



That’s all I’ve got, hopefully my hidden message wasn’t too obvious, considering I had to write in a way that definitely felt odd. The post reads a bit funny too, so I’m wondering if anyone will pick up on it before getting to the end. Also, I lied, Collette was involved in the secret.

The best news from the episode is that I got that amazing screencap of Collette in a frog raincoat. The entire episode was worth it for that, and this post in part was a dedication to Collette being the best girl of Konobi.

As I mentioned previously, I have a few more Konobi posts to go.
Thanks again everyone, and thanks to all who participated.
Special thanks to Aria and Jon for keeping up with weekly posts for this collab, I’m sure we are all ready for a break from Konobi posting haha.

Oh and I keep forgetting to pingback the themes page, so if you’ve made it this far, check out the other episode 12 posts here.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “This Art Club Had A Problem… (Episode 12)

  1. I realised there was a “Collette is best girl” message before I read the line pointing it out…It’s more obvious when you read it on a phone, I think.

    Already said thanks in my post…but once again, thanks for a fun collab.

    I don’t quite get what Jon’s going on about when it comes to Collette’s kappa stuff, but I guess we’ll find out soon…

    Liked by 1 person

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