Randompost #… 7.

Well, even though the Konobi collab and Pastel Memories are still a thing this week, I’ve managed to drag my feet on watching both of those things. Which means I’ll freestyle it here with a randompost.

What will I write about here?

Even I don’t know yet, so let’s get started.

To start, a random image.

Anime Word Association

Word – reservoir

First anime that comes to mind for this word is Jormungand. Reservoir made me think of Reservoir Dogs, which I’ve never actually seen, but it’s a war movie right? And war made me think of Jormungand, which is without a doubt my favourite modern / gritty / war anime. Definitely one that I’ll be rewatching in the future at some point, maybe in a year or two. By the way, you can check out my review of it here, free of any major spoilers.

Word – complain

Allright, well this one came to me instantly. While I like ripping on Evangelion, I also try my best not to because I know people actually like that anime. But hey, the word complain in an anime context just screams Shinji to me, so that’s what it is.

Moving on..


Decided to glance at my anime list, and noticed Taboo Tattoo. Does an anime get more mediocre than this? I can’t even remember when I saw this one, but I do know I saw it because I remember the protagonist’s house had a massive basement they used for training. That’s all I remember about the anime also, the massive basement. Clearly this anime doesn’t have much going for it if that’s all I remember about it.

What a mediocre anime! That said, it’s probably still better than Pastel Memories… Maybe I should give Taboo Tattoo a second chance sometime. It would be interesting to re-explore what made this anime so mediocre. But is the science worth it when there are so many other great anime to rewatch on my rewatch list?


Search Engine Traffic

Lately I’ve been getting a lot more traffic via search engines, mostly Google as you’d expect. Believe it or not, a post of mine that received next to no likes (I think it only got 2?) is now one of my most viewed posts – Anime Meets Hearts of Iron IV. This post is averaging several clicks per day, and as a result has a ton of views now. Funny how that happens right?

I know a lot of other bloggers have something similar with posts of theirs that include words like “ecchi” or sexual related words in anime context. Mine just happened to be Hearts of Iron IV, which I’m thinking about doing another post on… what a sellout right? In all honesty, I still play the game consistently, so I was thinking about recording a playthrough and posting about it. We’ll see though, they can take many hours depending on what happens.

That post aside, I have noticed that other posts here and there are getting the occasional traffic. I guess as you accumulate posts you just start to get clicks here and there.

Seishun Buta Yarou

The second character analysis from this outstanding anime is still on-going. I’ve got about 1500 words into it, just need to take some time to jump back in. It’s pretty amazing how just a few episodes can generate so much to write about, I end up having to prune my analysis quite a bit because I feel like I am writing too much synopsis.

That’s how it was with the Koga analysis too.

Plus with long posts I feel like it’s important to try and space everything out properly, with quotes and images in between multiple paragraphs in order to make it not seem so monotonous. This might just be me, but I think readability is important with long posts. Personally I can lose focus very easily if there is too much text in front of me and I am not engaged enough.



I just can’t resist throwing a song into these posts.
Song this time around is more Hatsuki Yura.

Nice song. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Akatsuki Records still, as you might expect.


Oh yeah, I made a twitter a few weeks ago.
Thanks everyone who welcomed me there.

From what I’ve seen, I don’t really like twitter, so while I’ll try to engage with it, I’ll probably only just skim the twitter feed every once in a while. I do like the cat / rabbit pages I am following, but there are things about the platform that I dislike.

Lot of politics, for starters. I’m following anime pages but I guess politics / calling people out / etc. is rampant on twitter. My policy is to avoid all of that, because this is an anime blog, not a politics blog. Also there are a lot of random retweets on topics / content I don’t really want to see. I don’t know who Vic is, but people either hate him or love him. I don’t care either way personally.

I’ve also noticed that so many people do these “PSA” tweets, trying to tell the world how to act / what to do / etc. I don’t mean to sound rude or offend anyone who does these, I just don’t really see the purpose in all of it. Writing a popular sentiment that most people (if not all) would agree with in the form of a PSA… well I just don’t see the purpose aside from to garner attention. And that’s not the kind of attention I’d want personally.

I guess twitter just feels too cluttered, too much going on. My twitter feed feels very random, because people can retweet anything, which fills the feed with posts from random twitter pages that I’m not even following. Just not something I’ve been enjoying very much overall – aside from the cat / rabbit / hamster posts, because I can see everyone’s anime posts through WordPress already. Maybe I’ll end up finding some new content to follow through twitter though, who knows?

Anyways, I’ll still be checking twitter for notifications regularly, and I can still share posts through twitter, so it’s useful regardless. Plus I get to see lots of great cat pics and rabbit pics. I still appreciate the follows and I am happy to interact with people on twitter (minus the politics). More interaction would make twitter more enjoyable anyways.
Feel free to engage with me there – @umaiyomu

pastel memories choppy

That’s all I’ve got for this randompost.
Many more to come I’m sure, in times like this where I just want to write something.

Not even going to proofread this, so if you see any written mistakes that irritate you enough to want to mention them, feel free to let me know.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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