Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Chapter 3

So I’ve found the time to finish chapter 3, and it was quite the mystery, I’ll admit.
I’ll also admit I didn’t do so well!
After the first two chapters, the game managed to throw me off quite a bit with this one.

I’ve decided to stop writing so much synopsis / summary in these posts, because they don’t do the game justice and just draw the post out. If you haven’t played the game or seen how it plays out, my synopsis probably isn’t going to help out much in the end anyways.

Going to try and focus more on what my thoughts were as I played through.

Still ended up writing a lot haha. I feel like this post is more interesting though, with all of my theories and concerns moving forward in the game as to what will happen! A lot has happened this chapter!


Free Time

For this chapter, I spent my first free time on Miu, maxing out our friendship, which apparently is grounds for her to give me (Shuichi) her panties. Thanks Miu.. I guess that’s not enough to be able to use the love hotel though? Not sure how to get scenes from there. It doesn’t really make sense that scenes would unlock later on in the game, considering people are dying every chapter. If I never figure it out I’ll just look it up later and go back to an early chapter though, not a huge deal.

I spend the rest of my free times on Maki, who is now available to hang out with. Despite being an Ultimate Assassin, Maki seems pretty reliable. She reminds me a lot of Kyoko from the first game. Maybe not as intuitive, but she has that “I can trust this character” feel like Kyoko did. Plus Maki has the best hair.


Student Council, Supercomputer, Necromancy

It’s been a little while, but I don’t remember the “student council” being a thing at all in chapter 2, meaning it’s completely contained in chapter 3. Considering it was relevant to the case this time around, I’ll mention that I had a strong suspicion that the whole “curfew” would play a role in the upcoming killing.

The supercomputer definitely had me wondering! After all, something similar was a key part of Danganronpa 2. Is the game trying to fake me out here? Here’s the thing – if they were in a simulation, there wouldn’t need to be a supercomputer IN the simulation, because it’s CREATING the simulation. Like in Danganronpa 2. So then what’s it for? Is the game trying to trick me into thinking it isn’t a simulation, because it’s been done before, only to reveal down the road that this is all a simulation? Regardless, I have a strong feeling the computer will become relevant at some point in the game.

I’m definitely not going to rule out that this game is taking place in a simulation, especially when you consider the introduced revival motive…

The student council was planning to revive Rantaro, the Ultimate ???. Which was interesting, because I was curious as to what his ultimate talent is. The fact that revival is possible (and I believe it is, despite it not happening) tells me that this could be in a simulation. Or something else could be allowing this to happen and I’m just not sure what yet. Like maybe they are all in surrogate bodies or something, and the computer is related on that front? I wonder this because the revival ritual required a figure of the one who was to be revived – could mean the revival requires a new surrogate body for the one being revived?

What I know for sure is that something is up. There is some sort of overarching element that is allowing this whole situation to occur. Simulation, surrogates, or something else.

Murder #1

The first to die this round was Angie. Not actually that surprising to me, as I figured there were many people who could be motivated to kill her. She was a bit too controlling in the end, deciding things on her own. Or was she?

I’ve been wondering about Atua, and this ties into the whole simulation / surrogate thing. We know that there are characters in the outside world who are free and dedicated to stopping despair, rehabilitating people, and spreading hope. Makoto and crew. So is Atua really just a figment of Angie’s imagination? Or is she the only one who Makoto / the good guys could communicate with? Regardless of HOW they are trapped in the game, we know that everyone is trapped in the game. It’s definitely possible that Atua was actually someone on the outside trying to help out.

I just want to expand on this a little further with the decision to revive Rantaro. We don’t know his ultimate talent, BUT we know that he knew about the ultimate hunt when no-one else did. If he remembered that, what else did he remember? Perhaps Rantaro was in the game in order to help everyone escape, but he died too early to be able to, or something like this. It would make sense then for Atua (potentially someone on the outside communicating in through Angie) to tell Angie to revive Rantaro, as opposed to one of the other characters, such as Kirumi for example, who we know was an important figure in the real world.

Anyways, Angie was next to die, so I wonder how this Atua thing will play out – if anyone else will hear Atua’s voice in the future, or if outside help will try some other means of contacting / influencing the characters.

Angie’s murder itself was an interesting setup. Wax figurines of several characters, Kaede’s stabbed by the gold-leaf katana, and Angie dead in the middle, stabbed in the neck. Also had an injury on her head.


Murder #2

Rest in piece Tenko, you didn’t stand a chance.

It’s too bad to see the second best hair go like that, but at least we still have Maki. I knew Tenko was going to die when she allowed a several hundred pound cage to be placed over her. Dark room, trapped girl – sorry Tenko. It was cool to see that ritual take place after being mentioned by Korekiyo. Tenko’s death is really sad, powerlessly trapped in a cage like that before being skewered while others are in the same room.

Listen folks, the lesson here is simple. Don’t let anyone convince you to willingly trap yourself into a cage. It’s just not worth it, and it’s sketchy – especially during a murder game.

The investigation for this murder was a bit odd, because you didn’t have to leave the room at all. Just look at a few details, and next thing you know it’s the class trial.

Prior to the Class Trial

Going into the trial, my thoughts were a mess – just as the game intended, I’m sure. I tried to spend some time piecing something together, but I didn’t have too much.

What I knew was that Angie was killed with the sword, and that the killer escaped through the back door somehow.

I also knew that Tenko was stabbed in the cage during the ritual, at the moment of the loud noise. The blade under the floor and whatnot made that pretty clear. Despite knowing about the floor beams being tampered with and whatnot, I didn’t quite know what that meant in terms of the murder. What I did know though was that if they were tampered with in all three rooms, that it didn’t matter which room the murder took place in – which I was sure would come up. So even though Himiko chose the room, her name was cleared thanks to that detail.

Honestly, I thought that the first murder would be more important than the second one.
I never drew a strong connection between the two murders.

Monodam pls

Class Trial

First thing to mention – I found a perjury route!

When Keebo was accused of sneaking under the floorboards, because he has a light function (which is stupid because any light at all would have been noticeable during the ritual), you can either mention that his light function would have been noticed through the gap in the floorboards, or you can commit perjury and say that Keebo’s light function is SO BRIGHT that he can’t actually see anything while it’s active. The funny part is that after committing perjury, you instantly get corrected by someone (I believe it was Maki) basically saying “Who cares? The light would have been noticed through the floorboards”.

The trial resumes like normal right after. I wonder if some perjury routes change more than a single round of non-stop debate though, and they are fun to hunt for, so I’ll keep trying for perjury routes.

As for the trial itself, I was mostly right about Angie’s murder. I knew about the back door lock but not the spinning sword trick. I figured maybe the killer’s hand had gold dust on it and that was what got on the lock, but it was the sword itself that got gold residue on the lock.

With Tenko’s murder, I ended up basically following along for most of it. I hadn’t thought of the seesaw trick, or concealing the blade under the blanket in the cage. I also never noticed that the magic circle was drawn differently, with salt going to the corners.

The one thing I will say though, is that it’s a little unbelievable that no one would notice Korekiyo moving based on his voice. I can sort of see it, considering the room was so small and maybe there was a bit of an echo or something, but even then you’d think it would be noticeable that he was moving during the song – especially as he would have been crawling, the elevation of his head would have changed quite a bit (unless he began the song while in a crouching position?). Everyone would have been focused on his voice. This is the one detail I found a bit off from the whole case.

In the end though, the whole sequence of events was impressive, and it all adds up perfectly. The whole case was well done, and managed to keep me from figuring everything out.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are this: Korekiyo was the one who murdered both Angie and Maki. However, we learned that if a murder occurs during an investigation, that second killer would not be the on the hook during the class trial. I wonder if this will come up at any point in the future? Someone taking advantage of this and blatantly (or not) killing someone during investigation because they know the rules will let them.

Oh, Monodam died too. His coup failed and then he ended himself during Korekiyo’s execution. Rest in peace Monodam… Monodam has been such an oddball character though that I can’t help but think that he is either still alive, or will come back somehow. His killing of two fellow Monocubs still makes me think Monodam is somehow good or helpful. Guess we’ll find out!

Rantaro was also never revived, and apparently the revival option has been taken away now. But I wonder if Rantaro is still important somehow, or if the revival can still take place somehow? I definitely believe that the revival was possible. I also wonder about Atua, and the possibility of outside help trying to communicate in / influence things. Finally, I wonder if the supercomputer has something to do with any of this.

Oh, and how do I spend time with Miu / Maki in the love hotel?
Just wondering…


Anyways, that’s all for chapter 3 that I can think of. I played this one over the course of a few weeks or so, so I may have forgotten some smaller details.

My goal for chapter 4 is to properly solve the murder before the trial.
No more slacking, this time for sure.
I have to remember to spend more time thinking about alibis, motives, and the overall sequence of events instead of just piecing together smaller clues.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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