Konobi Episode 11 – Synopsis Edition

All right so here’s the deal. I’m feeling a bit too lazy to write anything substantial, so I’m going to just write a nice accurate and quality recap of what happened in Konobi episode 11. As accurate as possible, with no inaccuracies.

A perfectly accurate recap of what happened.

By the way, you can find this episode’s themes here.


Ok so first off, give me a moment to remember what happened in the episode.

I believe there were several skits? And some magic tricks may have been involved in this episode. We also meet several new characters. Didn’t Subaru propose to Usami or something in this episode? It’s all a bit foggy now – it’s been maybe 15 minutes since I actually watched the episode.

That’s right, I’ve got it all sorted out now.
Thanks for your patience.

The episode opens up with several students around the school working on the sports festival. Koyama-sensei tells Tachibana-sensei that the art club doesn’t normally do anything for the sports festival, because they actually take part in the athletic competition – it’s a core aspect of the club. Tachibana-sensei doesn’t like that though, and wants them to make something instead.

We then cut to the art club. Subaru is drawing expensive cars again, to use as a desktop wallpapers on his computer. Collette is doing a magic trick, and Usami is drawing apples. Tachibana-sensei walks in with several empty bottles of liquor and the students become concerned that Tachibana-sensei might have a drinking problem, while she searches the room for more booze.

Eventually we find out that this is not the case, but that Tachibana-sensei wants the art club to create a sculpture out of broken glass for the sports festival. No one is really on board at first, but Usami steps up and says that the club has to do it because Tachibana-sensei worked so hard to get all of those bottles.

tin collette.jpg
Collette was crushing back those beers at one point, Usami had to stop her.

After a pang of inspiration while trying to sleep, Usami tells the club that they are going to make a sculpture of a paint spill (like a puddle of paint). Everyone gets fired up and start drawing up plans and whatnot. The students have to wash, dry, and break every bottle in order to collect enough broken glass for the sculpture. President has a hard time with this, because it’s too much work.

Due to a misunderstanding, one of the teachers at the school actually came across Tachibana-sensei’s collection of empty liquor bottles and turned them all in for cash after school. As a result, the club decided to purchase liquor in bulk and sell it to their fellow students at a discount in order to maintain the idea that the entire sculpture was sourced from booze purchased on the school premises.

In the end, the art club manages to make the sculpture in time for the sports festival, and everyone was happy about it. The ending felt almost like this was the last episode, the way they displayed the Konobi cast in one sentimental picture.

And that was a perfectly accurate recap of Konobi episode 11!
One more episode to go!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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