This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 10 – The Cursed Episode

You read that right, this episode of Konobi is cursed.
If you are a Collette fan, you might want to avert your gaze.
What you are about to see is a collection of cursed images, collected from this cursed episode of Konobi.

My theme this week is “Collette”, and you can find the themes list here.

It’s a miracle I made it out alive.
Take this Collette, you’ll need it for what is to come.
When things get too rough, scroll back up to this image to recharge your hp.

collette smile

At first, I didn’t expect anything off.
I saw Collette and thought, “Yes! Collette is in this episode!”.

Unfortunately, Subaru was also in the image.

collette uchimaki.jpg

All right, no problem.
We’ll get more chances for Collette screencaps in the future, I thought.

Cue another scene where Subaru is also in the image.


Collette looks great, if only there wasn’t a certain deadbeat character ruining the image.
Surely there will be some great Collette moments to come, right?

How naive I was.

collette subaru.jpg

At this point I was beginning to lose hope.
Why does Subaru have to be in the same scene as Collette for so long?
I just want to take screencaps of Collette, and call it a day!
That’s what Konobi is all about, after all!

Subaru really is the worst.
Even after that moment, the anime wouldn’t give up on trying to push Subaru into my screencaps:

collette relaxed.jpg

I will mention I thought it was funny how Collette just calmly goes back to reading manga after Tachibana-sensei leaves, as if nothing happened. Such a carefree spirit, Collette truly is the essence of Konobi in a single character.

That said, the curse continues at Usami’s house.


Is someone trying to make a statement here?
Can Subaru just leave Collette alone already?

What did she do to you, man? Just go watch your anime or whatever.
Get out of my screencaps!

Truly a cursed episode.
Notice Collette isn’t even smiling here?
A certain someone just can’t help but sour the mood for everyone.

collette unhappy.jpg

Finally, we get Collette on her own – but she’s not smiling!
I admit I like this screencap though. The only good one from the episode.

Still, I need that Collette smile! What’s going on with this episode?
If this isn’t a curse I don’t know what is!


Ok, this image is kind of funny. But it’s also unsettling.
I blame the curse for this. Someone is out to sabotage Collette’s image, but I won’t fall for that. Even if episode 10 is beyond saving, I will retain hope for the last few episodes.

I want to delete these screencaps off of my blog, and off of my computer.
An absolute disgrace to Collette. But I have to get the word out there, and this is the best way to prove the curse is real.

I’m going to finish this off with the ultimate cursed image.
Look away while you can, you have been warned.








Here it comes…


I wish I could un-see this, I really do.

I want Collette to get her sleep too, but this is too much.
Everything just went wrong in episode 10.
I just wanted a single week where I could post cute Collette pics, was that too much to ask for?

So yeah, that was episode 10 in a nutshell.
Subaru ruined everything.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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