Rozen Maiden S2 Review

As stated in my Rozen Maiden S1 Review, Rozen Maiden was the anime I chose for the letter R of the anime A to Z challenge. I have finished both S1 and S2, and am currently watching the third season that aired in 2013.

If you haven’t yet read it, I would recommend reading my S1 review before this one – especially if you haven’t seen Rozen Maiden S1 / S2. Rozen Maiden S2 is a direct continuation of S1, so many aspects of the first season carry over.


Rozen Maiden S2

First off, as this is a direct continuation of S1, I will mention many of the similarities between the two.

Just like the first season, you can expect more of:

  • Dolls hanging around the house
  • Jun Sakurada character development
  • “Polarized” episodes, either laden with action, drama, or comedy

My main criticism of season one, that the anime tends to slow down at parts, is still present, but to a lesser extent.

Season one was focused on Jun Sakurada and his growth as a character, forced to overcome his fears through a disruption in his life (the dolls). His growth continues, but right from the onset of season two it’s made clear that Jun has become much more comfortable with his circumstances, and that he is making an effort to catch up on his studies that he missed from being a shut-in.


With Jun’s issues addressed in the previous season, the Alice Game becomes the new focus. Just as a reminder, the Alice Game is the overarching plot of Rozen Maiden – each of the seven Rozen Maiden contains a Rosa Mystica, and the Rozen Maiden that defeats the rest and collects them all will ascend to become Alice, a perfect girl. Although I’m not sure if Alice is just a perfect doll, or an actual human girl. I’m leaning towards human, that the anime is playing off Pinocchio.

Thanks to the Alice Game, this season of Rozen Maiden picks up quite a bit in terms of action. More battles and more intrigue.

We are also introduced to several new characters – two dolls, a magical talking rabbit (Laplace’s Demon), and an edgy dollmaker.

Carrying over from the previous season, it’s still very enjoyable to watch the dolls as they live in the Sakurada residence. With often Jun out of the house for his studies, there are many new comical scenes of the dolls in the house on their own – usually causing trouble of some sort. Watching the dolls is just very fun, and arguably the most unique aspect of the anime.


Overall, with new developments and the eventual climax that is the Alice Game, Rozen Maiden S2 was very enjoyable. I also thought that the ending was excellent. There were some unexpected moments, and it wasn’t as straightforward as you might expect.

I previously mentioned that I consider Rozen Maiden S1 a sure thing – an anime that probably won’t change your world, but will almost definitely provide enjoyment.

Given that I enjoyed Rozen Maiden S2 even more than S1, it’s no surprise that I would say you should watch S2 if you enjoyed S1! This season does a great job of advancing the main plot and wrapping it all up.

And that also wraps up this review of Rozen Maiden S2.
A little on the shorter side, but many aspects of this season carry over from S1, so it’s to be expected.

Stay tuned for the final installment of anime R: Rozen Maiden (2013), the third and final season of the series!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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