This Art Club Has A Problem! – Episode 10 Themes List

Only three more episodes to go!
Last episode managed to not advance the plot / characters at all.

Will Imari stay as a side character?
Will Collette get more than a few minutes of screentime for once?
Is Koyama-sensei alive or dead?
What was President’s masterpiece, that caused him to stop creating art?

So many questions, so little time.
Which is why I’m banking on this episode answering some of our questions.

The collab:

  • The anime is This Art Club Has a Problem!
  • Each week, for each episode I will post a list of themes.
  • Pick a theme, watch the episode, and write a post about it!
  • You are free to write however you wish, and as much as you wish.
    Just be sure to write about your chosen theme in relation to the episode!
  • Please tag the post the theme list post where you got your chosen theme (ex. tag this post for episode 10) so that I can keep track of everyone’s posts. I will also update this post with a list of everyone’s posts as we go.
  • Have fun!

Previous episode themes can be found here.

the classics.jpg
Konobi Episode 10 – The “Classics” Edition

Episode 10

Core Themes

  • The Spirit of the Artist
  • Sometimes it’s the Small Things in Anime
  • Moral Dilemmas
  • How Does This Compare to the Classics?
  • The Hidden Dark Side of the Art Club

Episodic Themes

  • Status of the art club & its accomplishments / failures
    • Can be from the entire series, or just this episode
  • President’s motivation
  • Collette
  • Usami & Subaru
  • Imari & Subaru
  • Rabbits
  • Critique of Tachibana-sensei as a club advisor
  • Ah! Moments
  • Minor characters
  • Glasses characters


Episode 10 Posts


Themes are pretty broad this week, let’s see what you can do with them!

I’m choosing Collette this week, because I’ve purposely been holding back on the Collette themes and I want to write another Collette post. You may have noticed Collette leaking out onto many of my other posts – I can’t help but take too many Collette screencaps every episode! Jon, it’ll be up to you if you want to double up or not for this one!

Here’s hoping that Konobi episode 10 is a good one!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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