Remembering Koyama-sensei

Remember Koyama-sensei?
The original art club advisor.
A kind man, and a great club advisor.

It feels like it’s been ages since his last moments.
There was so much that we still could have learned from him. Despite the countless great moments we had with Koyama-sensei, he still felt like a stranger. And now that’s all he will ever be – what a tragedy.

This is for you, Koyama-sensei.

koyama sensei

The episode got off to a great start, with some Collette.
Collette was pretty close to Koyama-sensei, and trusted him.


You really can never have too many screencaps of Collette. I can’t think of any other anime character that makes me want to snap screencaps more than Collette. She might just be the ultimate best girl. I was also glad to see that she is still studying under Imari, learning… the dark arts. The good news though is that Collette is probably too naive to ever become a full-fledged chuuni. She’s just too innocent, a quality that chuuni characters lack.

Tachibana-sensei also makes an appearance this episode. She’s the one who was trained by Koyama-sensei, and took over his role of art club advisor. It’s a role that Koyama-sensei loved, so I’m glad to see that she is doing her best to advise the art club in his absence. She also wears glasses, just like Koyama-sensei. The only thing that Tachibana-sensei is lacking is the energy that Koyama-sensei brought to the anime. She’s trying her best, but she has some big shoes to fill.

For a split second, I thought that Koyama-sensei was still around when I saw this teacher scold Usami and Subaru for running in the halls:


He looks like a younger Koyama-sensei. Also wears glasses, and you can’t actually see his eyes behind the reflection – just like Koyama-sensei. In fact, Koyama-sensei probably would have told them to stop running in the halls too. This teacher is just missing Koyama-sensei’s famous suit. So many reminders.

The erotic magazine from last episode was also present. This also reminded me of Koyama-sensei – I bet he would have loved it if he were still alive. Maybe the buried treasure was his to begin with? Like a parting gift, for whomever solved the treasure hunt.


Things just aren’t quite the same without him.

Anyone else remember episode 1, where Koyama-sensei poked his head into the clubroom to encourage Usami and Subaru to be good to each other and work hard? Yomu remembers. So many memories.

Ever since I chose this theme I couldn’t stop being reminded of Koyama-sensei, he really left a mark on the school.

Wait a minute…
Is that…?
Good news everyone!
Koyama-sensei is alive!



No, really. I mean it, I SAW HIM. Right here in episode 9 of Konobi, AKA This Art Club Has A Problem! Seriously! What.. you don’t believe me??

Don’t make that face, I know what you’re thinking right now. No, this isn’t me trying to cope by pretending that Koyama-sensei is still alive. I would never kid about these things. Just who do you think I am? He’s actually alive! President can vouch for me here. Just ask President, he saw him too!

I know what I saw. How would you know anyways? You’re not me!
You know what, if you actually watched the episode you’d believe me.

Oh, if I saw him I should just post a screencap?

Uh, well I would, but I took too many Collette screencaps so..
I can’t.
My hard drive ran out of space…

Oh wait, here we go.
See? Koyama-sensei!

koyama sensei

Just like I said. I told you I saw him!
Oh, this isn’t good enough?
I feel like no matter what I do, you won’t believe me. I’m trying my best here folks.

In fact, maybe YOU should convince me that Koyama-sensei is NOT alive.

Why are you getting so upset with me? Koyama-sensei was right there! In episode 9!
You seriously didn’t see him?
This is becoming like AnoHana all over again..

I can tell this is going nowhere.

Just know that I’m right and you’re wrong on this one.

Koyama-sensei is still alive damn it!

You can find the episode 9 themes, as well as other episode 9 posts here.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading!

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