Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Chapter 2

If chapter 1 was the game signalling to me that I knew what was going on, chapter 2 was the game’s way of knocking me back down.

Lot of interesting events occurred in this chapter, so I’m just going to get into it.
Danganronpa V3 Chapter 2 Spoilers Ahead!


After the Trial (Chpt 1)

First up we were given three items that would be used to unlock new areas in / around the school. This is pretty standard, because the game would get stale if all of the murders / investigation occurred in the same rooms. So the new areas we got were the pool, the casino / love hotel (I wonder what this is for..? 🙂 ), the second floor, and some ultimate labs (most notably the magician, “child caregiver”, and tennis labs).

It’s cool that the game will be able to use some pretty interesting locations through the ultimate labs, but I will also admit that I sort of liked the first game when it came to new areas, and how they were all pretty standard school locations (pool, gym, AV room, rec room, etc.). At least I can’t remember any really wacky rooms from the first game. I guess I’m just a sucker for school anime, and that sort of carries over here in that I enjoy just regular school related rooms (although a little stretching from this is fine).

Free Time

When it came to free time, I spent one moment with Kirumi, and the rest with Miu. A bit of a mistake, because only after all of the free time did I realize that there were 5 total, which is just enough to max out someone’s friendship. Will have to wait and see what perk I get from Miu next chapter. I actually tried to go for Maki, but she was so busy defending her lab that I couldn’t – but for every single free time moment I tried just in case.

Prior to the Murder

After free time and exploring all of the new locations (with the game definitely dropping hints), there were some events prior to the murder.

First was the motives, which were videos on tablets containing a motive for each student. They were mixed up, so everyone had someone else’s video. The students agreed to not show each other the motives, in order to possibly prevent a murder. That said, Kokichi had other plans and tricked Gonta into forcefully gathering everyone that he could into his lab. While Gonta thought this was to teach everyone about how amazing insects are, it was really so that Kokichi could steal the motive videos from everyone’s rooms and have everyone watch them all together. Some people were absent from this, and in the end they didn’t actually watch any motives.

The next morning there was a magic show in the gym. Himiko was going to escape from a tank of water that would be filled with piranhas if she took too long. Himiko went into the tank, the piranhas were dropped in after the elapsed time, and instead of Himiko, the ultimate tennis player Ryoma was there, his body then consumed by piranhas. Himiko managed to escape the tank unscathed, unfortunately – I was sort of hoping that her trick would go awry and she would be the victim, leading to an investigation behind an elaborate magic trick that was sabotaged.



First off I’ll mention that it’s seeming like alibis are going to be more important in this game than they were in the previous games. It has been a while since I played the last two, but this is the impression I’m getting.

The very first detail I looked for was the cause of death. What you see is not necessarily what you get in Danganronpa, and this was the case here. While the piranhas put on a good show, the actual cause of death was drowning. This means that Ryoma was dead prior to the spectacle, an important detail.  Naturally I felt very smart by noticing this right away, but I’m pretty sure the game basically tells you this through Shuichi’s thoughts.

The key pieces of evidence this time around were: windows, 2 ropes, alibis, and a scratched sink. That’s the best I can summarize the investigation. Of course there are many other smaller pieces of information, like how Himiko escaped from the tank or where the body was prior to showing up in the tank, but I think those pieces I mentioned earlier were the most important.

So going into the trial, I had a fairly good idea of what went down.

I knew that Ryoma was drowned in the sink in his tennis lab. I knew that his body was transported to the gym by moving window to window, using the ropes (one from the gym and the other from a tennis net), and I knew that his body was hidden in the piranha tank that was above the water tank, that the body fell in when the piranhas did. Basically I had a fairly strong grasp on WHAT had happened.


What I didn’t quite figure out was WHO did it. The probably should have paid more attention to the alibis. There were just so many that the alibis felt a bit overwhelming – what I should have done is go through everything one character at a time. Main reason it felt overwhelming is because majority of the alibis were all shoved into a few truth bullets (all the characters who were “kidnapped” by Gonta), so it was easy to lose track of who was clumped in there.

I also failed to think about the sequence of events. While I knew what happened, I didn’t question the logistics of it all prior to the trial. I should have questioned how the killer managed to have a rope tied and ready to go in the gym, because the gym is inaccessible at night. I basically just thought “they did it all at night”, so I missed that detail.

My only real suspects going into things were all of the people who were involved in helping to set up the magic trick – Keebo, Kaito, Himiko, Angie, and Kirumi. So those were the ones I suspected going into the trial. Of course thinking about things now, I really should have been able to pinpoint the killer prior to the trial, but I guess I was just a bit lazy. I could have easily went through each of their alibis to try and figure it all out.

Class Trial

First off, there is a new minigame. Psyche taxi, where you drive a car down a track and collect blocks to form a question, which you then have to answer via multiple choice. I think there was something like this in the 2nd game? I’m not really a fan of this minigame though, it just feels too slow and tedious. Maybe in future trials it will get hectic enough that I enjoy it more, but this iteration of it was very boring.


As for the trial itself, it felt like there were two sections:

  1. Determining what happened.
  2. Determining who did it.

I was not on the ball with the first section at all. Because I had a fairly good idea of what had happened going in, very often I found myself jumping ahead in terms of conclusions. The game likes to take baby steps in class trials, so thinking ahead can get you choosing the wrong solutions at times.

And for the second section, I basically fell into place and ended up following along, not entirely knowing who did it. Mostly laziness on my part, because I really should have just taken the time to review everyone’s alibis on an individual basis.

Finding out that Kirumi was the killer was a bit of a surprise as a result.
It’s too bad because she seemed like a cool character – but looking back the game was certainly hinting that she was going to be of importance, with how all the other characters were relying on her so much. I knew that she was the type who could easily justify committing murder, but I was thinking that it would be more along the lines of someone asking her to do it.

Turns out her motive gave her a pretty strong reason to do what she did.

Her execution was more brutal than Kaede’s, I’d say.
It looked very painful, to put it lightly.

Final Thoughts

Not a bad chapter, the murder was very creative.
I think that the chapter overall was very enjoyable, although I am reminded that I need to be more diligent when it comes to examining evidence (especially alibis).

If there was an alternate perjury route in the class trial, I missed it.
I might go back and redo the class trial to try and find it, if it exists, because I want to get a good idea as to when I can commit perjury.

Kokichi also lets us in on a secret, that Maki is the Ultimate Assassin.
I’m not too surprised though, considering how obvious it was that she wasn’t the Ultimate Child Caregiver, and that she guarded her lab the entire chapter.

Oh, Monodam killed Monosuke!
Could Monodam really be the hidden hero of Danganronpa V3?
He is certainly helping out!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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