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There are times when I want to write something, but don’t have anything in mind to write about. It’s times like these where I browse my anime list and see if I can’t think up a topic – like this one!

It’s something we talk about pretty frequently in regards to anime:
There are just so many unfortunate situations where a deserving anime is deprived of a sequel.

Consider this an open letter to the powers out there that create anime.
Or a series of open letters, I should say.

I was originally just writing a single post of desired sequels, but it became so long that I realized it would be pretty tedious to actually read. It basically looked like one of those posts that is just asking for people to just read the headers and skim the rest.

So as a result, here is the first anime on the list – Tokyo Ravens.

“Uh.. could I get a sequel pls? Hold the mushrooms this time.”

Tokyo Ravens

It’s been a while since I watched Tokyo Ravens. I remember several details about the series though. If there is anything that I don’t remember about it.. well I don’t remember. Japan was able to use magic to help them in WW2 (they would have needed a lot more than just magic to finish what they started in WW2, considering how their military / navy were basically hanging on by a thread for many years). Japan had magic, but then one man messed it all up and brought a crisis upon the country resulting in demons and whatnot appearing and causing trouble. So it wasn’t an extreme lack of resources and over extension of the Japanese military / navy, but a magical disaster that lost Japan the war in this universe.

Fast forward to sometime in the future and that man’s descendant (and believed to be his reincarnation) starts attending university, of the magic variety if I remember correctly. Our protagonist is her attendant / friend who can’t use magic at all, and struggles with the idea of not being able to protect her / be useful because of it. Things start to heat up, and the anime gets real good. Real good twist at the end too, unfortunately just in time for the anime to end.

Not a very compelling summary of the anime, I know. I’m not sure how popular Tokyo Ravens is / was, so I don’t really want to give anything away. It’s still a great anime, and I’d recommend watching it – just know that you will be left with that feeling of wanting more after you’ve finished all 24 episodes. Lot of great moments of magic combat, school, character development. What more could you ask for from an anime?

I remember enjoying the progatonist and his struggle with not being able to use magic but still wanting to protect that descendant girl (I should have just used names but I’m in too far to start now). She is a member of the main family, while he is a member of a branch family. So there are a lot of dynamics when it comes to the whole family situation, as well as familial expectations and whatnot.

Of course, I write all of this but to be honest it’s possible I remember the anime as more in depth than it actually is. We’ll just have to trust that my memory is mostly correct on this. What’s most important is that I know I enjoyed the anime!

I don’t actually have any Tokyo Ravens screencaps. This girl has nothing to do with Tokyo Ravens.

I think this is a case of “the anime caught up to the manga”, one of those cases where by the time the manga has progressed enough to merit an anime sequel, people will have lost interest anyways, so we just never get a sequel. I don’t know for sure, but that’s what it felt like, because the anime was just beginning to get very interesting – not that it wasn’t already good. For some reason this anime is just very memorable to me, so I wanted to mention it first.

I know I could go and read the Tokyo Ravens manga, but I’d rather just watch a different anime. Just a preference – I like the anime medium much more. Manga feels lifeless compared to anime and I just can’t get into it without the voice acting, soundtrack, colour, et cetera. So while a solution to many of these sequel posts technically can be “just read the manga!”, it’s  not something I consider an option.

Believe me, I’ve tried reading manga for this exact reason, and I just lost interest. There are too many things that make anime what it is that I don’t want to go without – even if the story has me intrigued like in these situations.

So if any of you bigshot anime people out there are reading this, just know that you’ve got at least one person who is on board with a Tokyo Ravens sequel!

Anyone else feel the same way or differently about this?

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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