This Art Club Has A Problem! – Episode 9 Themes List

Another week, another set of themes to choose from.
Another week, another episode of Konobi.
Another week, another opportunity to see more Collette!

The collab:

  • The anime is This Art Club Has a Problem!
  • Each week, for each episode I will post a list of themes.
  • Pick a theme, watch the episode, and write a post about it!
  • You are free to write however you wish, and as much as you wish.
    Just be sure to write about your chosen theme in relation to the episode!
  • Please tag the post the theme list post where you got your chosen theme (ex. tag this post for episode 9) so that I can keep track of everyone’s posts. I will also update this post with a list of everyone’s posts as we go.
  • Have fun!

Previous themes can be found here.

Konobi Episode 9 – Sideways Edition

Episode 9 Themes

Core Themes

  • The Spirit of the Artist
  • Sometimes it’s the Small Things in Anime
  • Moral Dilemmas
  • How Does This Compare to the Classics?
  • The Hidden Dark Side of the Art Club

Episodic Themes

  • Favourite Collette moment
  • Artistic mishaps
  • Remembering Koyama-sensei
  • Estimate the character’s academic grades, using this episode as evidence
  • Second favourite Collette moment
  • Which character would fit best in a shounen anime and why?
  • What did Subaru do wrong this time?
  • Moments where Usami needs to calm down


Episode 9 Posts


I was thinking about choosing The Hidden Dark Side of the Art Club this week, but I feel like I’ve already written a similar post with my episode 6 Sealed Powers post. As you can tell, I’m hoping for lots of Collette this episode, as usual. If she even gets enough screentime for two “Collette moments” I’ll be happy, although history has proven that the most enjoyable episode was the one where Collette was present from start to finish.

I’m going to choose Remembering Koyama-sensei as my theme this week. Even if he doesn’t show up in the episode I think I can manage to find some reminders of him in the episode.

Four episodes to go including this one.
Where has the time gone?

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! – Episode 9 Themes List

  1. Sorry I’ve kind of bailed on the collab in recent weeks. I’m still enjoying following along with the others who are participating but I’m just a little overwhelmed with other stuff at the moment. Hopefully when things settle I’ll finish watching this anime and review but I just can’t at the moment.

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  3. Aw poop, I’ve fallen behind again, haha. I really love this collab, though, these themes are so fun! I think I’m gonna double up and do a two-for-one for episodes 8 and 9 and trash Subaru for both of them with “what has Subaru done wrong?” >:)

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