Akatsuki Records (暁Records) Song Review – LOVE EAST

Lately YouTube has been in control of what I listen to.
It’s been quite the journey for me. Started out with OP / EDs, moved to various Japanese songs.. YouTube went completely Japanese on me, and now I’m starting to see more English again in the song titles.

The style of music has been pretty consistent though, mostly rock and electronic.

While Hanatan is my favourite artist from this whole journey so far, YouTube has also directed me to this group called Akatsuki Records, or 暁Records. They’ve got a really interesting sound, very electronic, but the singer has a pretty crazy sound (in a good way). When it comes to Japanese vocals, I like it when the singer lets loose.

I also looked up Akatsuki Records and I guess they have something to do with Touhou. Akatsuki Records takes inspiration from Touhou songs, and uses portions / aspects of Touhou music in their songs. I actually have recognized a few in their songs, because I love listening to piano versions of Touhou songs. Never actually played the games. Flight of the Bamboo Cutter was one of my favourites to listen to on the piano.

Seeing as I’m listening to Akatsuki Records anyways, I figure why not review some of their songs? Starting with the song titled LOVE EAST.


Disclaimer there is no pattern whatsoever to these reviews. Just some of the songs that have popped up through YouTube recommendations. Not reviewing any specific album or anything like that.

I also don’t have any real criteria for this review, mainly just comparing what I liked about the song versus what I didn’t – out of 5.


This is the first one I was introduced to. The PV is actually pretty cool, and as you can see / hear, the song is a mix of English and Japanese lyrics. The PV makes this one worth watching compared to so many other static image songs. I don’t know who the green-eyed girl is in the PV, but I’d love to find out..!

Now with this song in particular, I don’t really notice any Touhou inspiration, but I only know maybe a dozen Touhou songs at best. Also I’m guessing that the green-eyed girl is from Touhou.

Anyways, there are two things I love about this song.

First is that it’s super upbeat. Start to finish, the song keeps a quick pace. LOVE EAST just has this very lively feel to it. The kind of song that makes you want to fidget or move or do SOMETHING. Not just any song can get that sort of reaction from me, but this one does. It’s also one of those songs that is very satisfying to listen to at an unreasonably loud volume, something I’m very guilty of (with headphones, don’t worry, I don’t inconvenience others with my loud music! Although this song would probably turn heads in public haha.).

Second is the wacky vocals, in a good way. The first few seconds give you a good impression of what to expect. Now I can only understand a portion of the lyrics, but this song feels like it’s a “yandere” song. The way the words are sung, especially during the chorus, give it this sort of crazy feel. I love that crazy feel, by the way. I also noticed that the vocals will speed up and slow down very drastically, as well as switch between an almost whisper to yelling. The vocals also accent certain lyrics with an echo effect, switching between echo and no echo. The vocals are quite the roller coaster, constantly switching between different sounds / speeds / volume. And it’s awesome!

I also love how “love east” sounds like “love yes”, “love yest”, “love yay” at various parts of the song.

The backup vocals are also great, they sound so distinctly different from the main vocals that you can’t miss them – further adding to the wacky sound of this song. The vocalist also just has a great voice, listening to her belt out lyrics is very satisfying.

I honestly struggle to find anything I dislike about this one!
Just like the lyrics at one point, “this is so trippy”!
I’m straight edge, so I don’t drink or take any recreational drugs. I also don’t drink anything that contains caffeine. Songs like this are probably the closest I’ve gotten to a drug, haha. Apparently music can act like a drug to the human brain. I believe it thanks to songs like this one.

I’m going to rate this one a 5 / 5 rating, I love the song start to finish.

That’s it for this review.
This song was so different and enjoyable that I probably would have shared it at some point anyways. Not bad to kick off these reviews with a perfect score. l’m looking forward to listening to more songs by Akatsuki Records!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Akatsuki Records (暁Records) Song Review – LOVE EAST

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    1. Amazing, haha. I think it actually works as a metal song. If anything I think it could use more energy – maybe more emphasis on the guitars or something like this. Redone vocals to suit the metal style probably would go a long way too. But I’m comparing this to the original, and I don’t know much about actual metal music!


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