Konobi 12:59

The theme I chose this week was “pause at 12:59 and write about the image you see”.
This was one of those high risk, high reward themes. It’s also a theme that I should be able to wrap up with not many words.

I had to pick a random time that would hopefully yield a very interesting image, which in the grand scheme of things, is unlikely. What are the chances that the time I picked for the theme would end up being something amazing? Well, there are about 24 minutes in an episode, which is 1440 seconds. I’m going to guess that maybe 300 seconds were of something interesting this episode. Which would make the final chance 20.8%. So I guess I had a pretty good chance of picking a time that would produce an interesting image after all.


I’ll get to the image shortly.

So why 12:59? Why not some other time?

Well, the difficulty comes in picking a time close to the beginning and end of the episode. Due to the fact that there is an intro of X length, as well as ending previews for the next episode of X length, it can be difficult to approximate a time near the beginning or the end of the episode. Plus once you factor in the OP and ED, this extends the effective beginning and endings. So with this in consideration, I mentally place a buffer upon the first and last five minutes of the episode. This eliminates 10 minutes of the episode, right off the bat.

Leaving us with 14 minutes in between to work with.
But that’s not all!

Choose a time too early, and the segment may not have developed enough for something interesting to have happened! Consider that the average Konobi episode has 2 segments. This means we can assume that of the 14 minutes we have to work with, each is one seven minute segment. Of which, the first two minutes I would say are too early, because the beginning of a segment is usually the club members sitting around. Before the action, so to speak.

This narrows the window down to 10 minutes.

Of course, you can also factor in that each segment has a brief moment in which the title of the segment is displayed. There really are many factors to this process. I won’t bore you with the details though. Let’s just say that a point in time that was not too early, but not too late, had to be chosen. This is where my guess had to land.

And so 12:59 was chosen. My various calculations, including average segment length, episode layout, Collette screen time, and many other variables, concluded that the first segment would end at 13:00. Naturally, I wanted to choose an image that would encapsulate the feeling of the entire segment, and 1 second before the end of the segment seemed like a good moment.

Anyways, the image.

konobi treasure.jpg

Not this image though. This one was of a great moment where Usami, Subaru, and Imari concluded a basic treasure hunt and were opening up the treasure. Treasure hunts are a real tease, aren’t they? Especially the modern variety like this one. You know people wouldn’t willingly give up something THAT valuable, so it’s usually just junk or stuff with some sentimental value. Case in point, the treasure uncovered in this episode. With the advent of the internet the treasure contained here became pretty obselete. That said, this would have been a great image for 12:59! Right in the action. You never know, maybe the 12:59 image will end up looking like this one did.

I will admit that while some action or something exciting would have been preferable, my ultimate goal was to choose a time in which Collette would be in the image. Of course, with the nature of Konobi, you never really know if Collette will play a major role or not. Only one thing is certain, and that’s the appearance of Usami and Subaru. Unfortunate, but it’s what we have to work with.

Collette still manages to carry this show, despite being a minor character. In order to draw more attention to her, the best girl of Konobi, I wanted to choose a time that included her in the scene.

Speaking of which, what is an anime but a series of images? What is life but a series of images? Does anyone else ever experience those moments where you stop for a moment and realize that you are looking through your own eyes? Hard to explain, but I have moments where for example I am walking somewhere and then I realize that I am looking through my own eyes, controlling my legs… I guess it’s like when you zone out and then zone back in and have to remind yourself what you’re actually doing.

I have a feeling that anime characters cannot experience this. Even if I capture them in an image, like the one at 12:59, the characters will have no understanding of any of it. In fact, I suppose that even if the anime characters were real, their lives are scripted. Does this mean that we lose freewill if anime becomes real? Or will there be some sort of co-existence between the now real anime and our world? I wonder how that would work considering they don’t have freewill and we do. I guess it’d be like living with robots, which is another topic…

Speaking of which, back on topic.
The image.

Before I forget, I’d like to remind you that this image was taken at 12:59. This means that I paused the anime at exactly twelve minutes, fifty nine seconds. Now there IS a one second window in which the image may have changed, and I tested for this. The entire second is only ONE image, no variation to choose from. I suppose this makes things easier though – leaving no room for choice in what image is to be used for this theme.

And with that introduction out of the way, it’s time to display the image.

Konobi 12:59

One final reminder to you all is that this was a completely random time that I chose for the theme originally. There was absolutely no collaboration between me and myself when I chose the time for the theme. I had not seen the episode at the time, and even after I chose this theme I had no idea what image 12:59 would yield.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, there was SOME calculation. So it wasn’t completely random. But you get the idea, of this I am sure. After all, I explained my process to a degree.

Here we go.

Actually, before I post this image, there is one other topic I’d like to broach.

Remember how I said that I was hoping Collette would be in the image? I still feel that way now. Even though I already have watched the episode and the image is ready to go, I still hope that Collette is in there. You may have noticed that I love taking screencaps of Collette. She might actually be the new best girl of best girls, surpassing even my go-to choice of Yin. Of course I don’t officially endorse any best girl overall, just one best girl per anime.

Hopefully we get Collette in the image!

Konobi 12:59

Konobi 12:59

The image is Subaru opening the door to a black void, similar to this post.

No Collette this time unfortunately.

I also feel like the art quality is lower in this image than it normally is throughout the anime. Usami especially looks low detail here, but Subaru isn’t much better. I suppose anime is filled with moments like this – so quick that it’s not worth high quality animation. The scene is so fast that a decrease in quality is OK, because it’s hard to notice anyways.

You can click on the image to see a larger version. Usami’s face in particular is funny. Almost robotic. If that was her official face, the anime would be completely different. Her hairpin is also funny looking. It almost looks like one of those water drops (whatever that’s called) but her face just doesn’t match the situation.

At least they both look happy, our low detail Usami and Subaru.

What could be waiting in the darkness? That room truly is dark. The window must be closed, but even then, there should be some sort of light. Their windows don’t have curtains or anything like that right? The light from streetlights outside should be leaking in to the room some way or another. This image feels like Subaru is about to take a step and just fall into the void.

Hopefully he didn’t forget to equip his Covenant of Artorias.

And that concludes my post about Konobi 12:59!
I’m not sure what’s going on anymore with this anime, all of my predictions in regards to the overarching plot are going wrong. I thought that we would see some sort of Collette + Imari moments, because of the whole master and student thing, but we didn’t. Imari did hang around the club at least, so there’s that. I’m not sure she will ever join at this rate though.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Konobi 12:59

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  2. How amazing would it have been had you gotten the image with the three of them opening the box? That would have been something. Even though this one wasn’t amazing theme wise, it was still fun to read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The low quality image reminds me – I really like keeping an eye on Usami’s hairpin. Sometimes it’s so misshapen, I love it. Like, sometimes the rabbit has a nose, and sometimes it doesn’t. I took a million screenshots of just the rabbit pin because I wanted to try and do something silly where I wrote about an episode in its point of view, or rated its appearances, but then I never did :O
    Despite being a Collette-less image, at least it resparked my hairclip idea! It’s a powerful image after all!

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