This Art Club Has A Problem! – Episode 7 Themes List

The collab continues onto episode 7 of Konobi!

I didn’t catch the preview for this one, but I’m guessing we can expect some more Imari as she settles into the cast. Will she join the art club this episode? I’m guessing that she will – it’d be against the rules for a major character to NOT join the club! Either way I’m anticipating some interactions between Imari and President / Collette, and maybe Tachibana-sensei this episode.

We’ll see soon enough!

The collab overview:

  • The anime is This Art Club Has a Problem!
  • Each week, for each episode I will post a list of themes.
  • Pick a theme, watch the episode, and write a post about it!
  • You are free to write however you wish, and as much as you wish.
    Just be sure to write about your chosen theme in relation to the episode!
  • Please tag the post the theme list post where you got your chosen theme (ex. tag this post for episode 7) so that I can keep track of everyone’s posts. I will also update this post with a list of everyone’s posts as we go.
  • Have fun!

You are all welcome to join in or bow out at anytime.
This includes YOU, the fantastic individual who is reading this right now!

Konobi Episode 7 – USAGI Edition

Episode 7 Themes

Core Themes

  • The Spirit of the Artist
  • Sometimes it’s the Small Things in Anime
  • Moral Dilemmas
  • How Does This Compare to the Classics?
  • The Hidden Dark Side of the Art Club

Episodic Themes

  • Imari vs. Usami
  • Cute things & moments
  • Interactions between Collette & President
  • Criticisms of the Art Club
  • Everything otaku
  • Usami angry moments
  • The colour red
  • What’s going on in the background?

Theme Challenge – Art Begets Art

  • Write poetry based on the art displayed in the episode.
    • As much or as little as you’d like!

Usami phone.jpg

Episode 7 Posts:


Hopefully there actually IS art in this episode, considering how much the club slacked on that front last episode. I’m thinking that the anime will bring things back to the clubroom though with episode 7.

This time around, I’m not going to reveal the theme I’ve chosen!
Rest assured though, I have chosen one at the time that I am writing this.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! – Episode 7 Themes List

  1. I hope you are ready for the Pay-Per-View event, Imari V. Usami. Who will win Subaru’s heart? Two enter, and only one will survive! Join me, Jon Spencer, over at Jon Spencer Reviews for the play-by-play coverage in episode 7 of Art Club! It’s the event of the season you CAN’T afford to miss!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Usami certainly is the fan-favorite underdog. Though challenger Imari seems to have the current leg up on the competition. Thanks for calling in to our program leading up to the LIVE, hard-hitting event with your take on the upcoming event.

        For any of you other watchers/listeners out there, feel free to chime in with your speculations and tell us who YOU will be rooting for. We have operators standing by.

        Until next time, this has been your host, Jon Spencer.

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