This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 6 – Sealed Powers

Hmm, so it seems I was a little off in my predictions for this episode.
Regardless, we did witness some sealed powers. My expert eye can spot them from a mile away. Let’s pray that the seals never remain unbroken, although I did witness some seals that show signs of wear.

I was also worried that the new character would take the top spot but luckily, Collette is still the best girl in Konobi. At this point I think her position is guaranteed for the rest of the anime.

Turns out the new girl wasn’t a chuuni, and just an otaku referencing an anime, thus appearing like a chuuni in the preview. That’s too bad, but I guess you can’t win them all. We do already have Collette as is, so adding a chuuni would be asking for too much.

Of course, the new girl, Imari, is also very cute. Which makes it difficult on me as I just can’t help but take screencaps of Usami and Collette as it is. It’s hard to show restraint in this area, but I’ll have to try or else I’ll never finish an episode.

Tonight we dive into the sealed powers hidden amongst the students at a certain Japanese high school. Readers beware, this post is not for the lighthearted.


Sealed Power #1 – Black Dragon Eye

First off is the obvious – the Black Dragon Eye. While Imari teases Subaru, saying that she thought HE was the one with this power (he was holding his eye), my trained eye cannot be fooled. Imari herself is the one who has the Black Dragon Eye.

Don’t believe me?

How do you think Imari managed to jump 5+ feet into the air? No ordinary human is capable of such a feat. When she mentions the Black Dragon Eye, she is actually signalling that she is the one who possesses such a power.

black dragon eye 2.jpg
Behind the cute smile is something much more sinister…

She is no rookie either, you can tell that she has done “the signal” (screenshot above) countless times in her life. The signal allows Imari to detect sources of magic – which is why she used it on Subaru. She suspected that he had a sealed power of his own, because he never reacted to her presence like all of the other boys in the classroom. Instead, he had his head down. Why?

Because he noticed her power, and made an attempt to pretend he never saw anything. It’s a natural human response. Just put your head down and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the teacher sent Imari to sit right next to Subaru, allowing her to use the signal and scan him. And clearly, Subaru has a sealed power of his own. Why else would Imari spend the rest of the episode trying to get close to him? To keep tabs on him.

What are her motivations?
The Black Dragon is a dark and ominous being – what I can say for sure is that Imari is likely up to no good.

Sealed Power #2 – Hidden Demon

Imari isn’t the only one trying to get close to Subaru. In fact, just like what you’d see in one of those shounen anime, there is another girl trying to do the same.

That’s right, Usami has a sealed power of her own.
The Hidden Demon.

Now, Usami’s situation is very different from Imari. While Imari is conscious of her power, and able to use it at will, Usami’s is much different. The Hidden Demon almost has a mind of it’s own, but it’s trapped in Usami’s body. She doesn’t have full control over its powers, but we saw a sign in this very episode that the seal on the Hidden Demon is beginning to weaken.


That right there folks, is the eye of the Hidden Demon. Able to strike fear into the hearts of even the best of men (President). A very dangerous power has begun to reveal itself from within Usami. Will she be able to control it?

So, why is the Hidden Demon trying to get close to Subaru? Unlike Imari, who likely perceives Subaru (and Usami) as a potential threat, the Hidden Demon perceives Subaru as a potential way to break the seal trapping it inside Usami’s body. The best seal is one left untouched. Get close to Subaru and perhaps his sealed power will play a role in undoing the seal on the Hidden Demon.

Why do you think Usami turns beet red whenever she sees or thinks about Subaru?
The answer should be obvious.

Usami is dangerous.

Sealed Power #3 – Illusory Serpent

The Illusory Serpent is not an actual serpent trapped in a body like the Hidden Demon, but an infliction that one bears. It’s symptoms are akin to that of a magical serpent, hence the name.

Key symptoms include:

  • Serpent-like features
  • Ability to deceive, or be deceived
  • Trace magic capable of minor spells and enchantments
  • Natural camouflage

I’m sure you all know who I am referring to here.
That’s right. Collette possesses the sealed power of the Illusory Serpent.

While the seal is definitely still quite strong, the infliction itself has clearly had an affect on Collette. Her green eyes are the first sign of serpent-like features. We know that Collette is especially paranoid about being deceived as well – does this mean she is aware of her sealed power?

I don’t think so. The infliction may have influenced the way she acts, but what I believe to be more the case is that either her mother or father purposely trained her to be especially wary of being deceived. It’s likely that her parents knew about the infliction and had a seal placed upon it when she was very young – after it had too much effect on Collette.


Her ability to perform small magic tricks is also a clear sign of the infliction, as well as her ability to disguise herself as almost anything – from a magician, to a student, to a pigeon…. the list goes on.

I believe that the affects of the infliction are due to a period of time between Collette’s birth and when the seal was placed upon her, likely sometime during her childhood. As a result, Collette should be completely fine and safe as long as the seal holds.

Sealed Power #4 – Styringorah

Styringorah, otherwise known as the Depth Priest Curse. This curse inflicts it’s bearer with a state akin to lifelessness. Completely drained of energy, the cursed has trouble maintaining physical form. The curse pulls energy to the depths, where a creature known as the Styringorah, or the Priest of the Depths, awaits.

Once enough energy has been drained, the Styringorah is able to withdraw from the depths and assume its form on Earth. This has never happened before, although it was once prophesied in ancient times. There exists only one confirmed case of this curse in ancient Greece in which the bearer died before the Styringorah was able to gather enough power. The curse was then sealed to the corpse of the man, in order to keep it from spreading or switching hosts.

Due to the seal, the curse has remained trapped in the original host for well over a millenia. It is believed to be still trapped in the original tomb of the afflicted after all of this time, sealed away.

So you can imagine my shock when I witness this very curse present in episode 6 of Konobi:


The seal is drawn like that of a bird attempting to emerge from a box, in which only the depths are bottomless. Just like the one pictured above. Which means that this head must be the head of the original afflicted. Perhaps his head was encased in some type of stone, in order to preserve the seal for eternity.

The Styringorah itself is no threat, as it is unable to collect energy from this lifeless head. However, the threat of the curse moving to someone else should the seal fail, is very real.

Sealed Power #5 – The Unknown

Perhaps the most striking sealed power in the episode is that of The Unknown, held by Subaru himself. While Subaru himself shows absolutely no sign of having sealed powers, it is clear by the actions of those around him that he does indeed have sealed powers.

What is their nature?
Perhaps time will tell.

All I can say for sure is that Subaru possesses powers that are not ordinary. Many will go a lifetime without ever so much as witnessing someone with sealed powers – and yet, Subaru finds himself surrounded by them. Something about his powers must have an affect on the others. Everything about them, from the seal, to the powers, are unknown.

Subaru better keep a close eye on his surroundings, as well as on himself.

Unfortunately that is all the time we have tonight.
Stay tuned for next week, where we delve into the mysteries surrounding a boy and his brother, who is trapped living as a suit of armour.

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 6 – Sealed Powers

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      1. There are times when these two sound exactly the same. I think it’s Imari’s ‘hihi’ laugh which is very similar to Yui’s laugh. It was how I noticed they have the same seiyuu.

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  2. Oh, I love this. The hidden plot in this seemingly innocent slice of life is starting to be uncovered…and of course, I gotta add that President MUST be harboring some intense power. It’s why he must sleep so much – the world cannot handle him at 100% energy. The folds of time itself would crumble should he stay awake for more than 5 hours at a time!

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