Pastel Memories – Episode 6 Review

I know I decided to write episodic reviews for this series, but I didn’t realize that there wasn’t going to be much to write about! Each episode just feels so straightforward and transparent, that I can’t really go wild with speculation or anything. I guess that’s what I get for watching an anime based on the PV!

Anyways, Pastel Memories Episode 6 time.


What’s the deal with girls in anime being embarrassed about liking cute things? I can’t think of a single person in real life who would actually feel that way. Even girls who I know that aren’t very lively / energetic still love cats or whatever. Is liking cute things seen as childish in Japan or something?

So as I mentioned this episode was pretty bland overall. The red haired girl was embarrassed about liking cute things, a virus infected a hamster world, and then she became so self-conscious about the whole thing that she broke down in tears after Maya took pictures of her cuddling a hamster. Is this really something worth crying over?

The red haired girl then overcame her insecurity, defeated the mother virus, and then cuddled the dog that she so badly wanted to cuddle before but couldn’t because she was too embarrassed about it.

Oh, and once again I have no clue what manga / anime this episode was referencing with the hamster world. My goal is now to recognize at least 1 reference before the show ends… hopefully!

I’d have to say that this episode was weaker than the last few, which is a shame. They were sort of getting better on a weekly basis, but I guess the trope they used for this one just didn’t work for me. The whole cute animals thing just didn’t feel like it deserved an entire episode dedicated to it.

Animating the eyes just wasn’t in the budget for this scene.

And with all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the more interesting aspect of Pastel Memories: how is the cafe still in business?

We see one girl doing what looks like a basic expense report. Apparently the owner has personal expenses on the books too, which is fair. Even if he never actually visits his cafe or does anything with it, if I had my own business I’d be writing off personal expenses too. Went to McDonalds? “Business lunch”. New gaming computer? “Business computer”. Things like that.

We also learn that the owner is good at crane games, which is cool. I’ve never played one myself, but they always seemed like a total rip off because the claw is so weak and seems like it could barely lift a feather let alone a stuffed animal. Is this something one can actually get good at? I feel like it’s pretty much dumb luck if the claw actually manages to hold onto something for longer than a second.

The pink haired girl was sleeping on the job, and the red haired one was building a model robot. Owner sure picked a great team to work for him – although the fault ultimately lies with him for never being around to make sure they are actually working.

Back when I was in highschool working part-time, whenever the owner of the aquarium store I worked at left early and I had to stay / close the store for the night, there was this unspoken agreement that I would stand at the front counter (where the register was) and do nothing unless a customer came in that needed help. Although to be fair, that was mainly because I would be alone and I needed to be available in case a customer did need help, which they usually did because they couldn’t exactly catch fish for themselves. This was before smartphones though, so I would actually stand there and do nothing. Kids these days have it easy!

The girls at the cafe don’t seem to understand that. If they want to slack off, they should at least do it in a way that allows them to greet and serve potential customers properly. Build the robot model in the back or something. Imagine a group of customers show up, and the red haired girl has to frantically pick up all of the loose pieces to her model so that someone can actually use that table. Just very unprofessional all around.

It would be a funny sight though, to walk into a cafe and see the three girls like that. One sleeping, one on a tablet, and one building a model robot – all sitting at the tables. No one behind the counter. Personally I would probably find that funny enough to stay, but I might have some doubts as to the quality of their food / drink when I see that they are all just sitting around. The prices would have to be pretty competitive for me to be willing to pay I think.


So that’s pretty much it for episode 6.
Stay tuned for more criticisms of the cafe next week!
They should just switch the anime into a slice of life / comedy featuring a cafe with no customers. It would probably be more fun to watch.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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