3 Days 3 Quotes – Day 2

Yesterday I posted my favourite anime quote.
And now, I’m all out of quotes.

So with that said, I decided to flip through some anime I’ve watched recently in order to find a quote that works well enough for this tag post. And that’s how I found today’s quote, and ended up writing many more quotes as a result!

You can find my Day 1 quote here.
Also I forgot to tag someone in this post, so I’ll just tag 2 people tomorrow on the Day 3 post!


Quote #2:
“In the end, this world is nothing but a game.”
– Riku Dola (No Game No Life: Zero)

This quote manages to capture the spirit of No Game No Life: Zero (and NGNL) in just 10 words. This quote is from Riku’s speech to some fellow humans as they plan to do something about their situation of being the weakest race on the planet. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, to fall short or fall behind on what we really want for ourselves, or what we don’t realize we need. So I guess this is one way to look at it. After all, we’re only here for a short time and then we’re gone. So maybe it really is all just a game.

I also really like the end of Riku’s speech, which is this:

“But know this, if we can do this, if we can master this game for real, and we can win it, we can die with our heads held high, because we lived the coolest, most badass lives ever!”

The whole speech is great, it really is the turning point for the movie. Despair becomes hope. Even if there is only a 1% chance of winning, that just means you have to try 100 times – or do what it takes to stack the odds in your favour. Which brings me to my final Riku quotes (speaking to Schwi):

Riku – “You must be wondering why everyone is so sure we can pull it off. So Schwi, if you roll a dice, what are the odds it lands on a 6?”
Schwi –
“A 1/6 chance.”
Riku –
“Yeah maybe so. But what if someone swaps it out for a dice that will only roll a 6?”
Schwi “You’re talking about manipulation of the variables.”
Riku – “Yeah. I like to call it cheating.

These scenes with Riku felt like he had finally come alive after being dead for so many years – focused on survival and nothing else. I really like his trickster mindset, and his optimism.

NGNL Riku 2.jpg

I also like that whole idea that if you have a 1% chance of success, it just means you have to try 100 times, because it’s pretty applicable in many ways to life. Like how you may have heard that saying that “behind every successful man is a mountain of failures”.

Here is one final quote for you all:

“The truth is, the game was rigged from the start.” – Benny (Fallout New Vegas)

There’s cheating, and then there’s cheating. The fact is, what you or I may consider cheating someone else may consider a lucky break. For example, you and thousands of others may apply for a job – only for someone else to get the position through a connection. Perhaps the company only created the job listing because they had to as a part of company policy, and that in reality the candidate had been chosen from the start.

Life isn’t fair – it never was, and never will be. So it’s okay to every last resource available to you in order to get ahead – if you don’t, someone else will. Sometimes you just have to do what you can to stack the odds in your favour.

Maybe not everything is possible, or attainable. But having some tenacity can go a long way towards achieving success – by whatever metric you wish to use to measure success.

So that’s today’s quote(s).
I wasn’t intending on going all motivational with all of this, but it ended up that way. I guess No Game No Life: Zero just does that for me. It might be just another anime movie, but it definitely has a very inspiring message. A great message of hope.

One more to go!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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