Konobi Ep 5. – I Gotta Have More Collette!

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription, is more Collette!
It’s a good thing I managed to grab a bunch of screencaps from episode 5 of Konobi.

Collette is the main reason for this post.
I also wanted to briefly mention my thoughts, but Collette is the real star here.



Collette is the best character in Konobi, no question.
So far at least.

I noticed that there was a chuuni character in the preview for episode 6. While I think Collette will maintain her position as best character (and Konobi best girl by extension), I DO really like chuuni characters.. So there is a 1% chance that Collette loses her status in the next episode…

Who am I kidding though? I gotta have more Collette!


Favourite Collette Moment

Even though I never chose “favourite Collette moment” as my theme, it’s something that I’m sure I will keep track of each episode anyways. The best Collette moment in episode 5 for me was the scene with all of the misunderstandings between President and Collette. I especially loved when Collette was low-key dissing Subaru without realizing it.

Did this misunderstanding ever actually get sorted out?

I also think that President and Collette make for a great comedic duo, considering they are both goofy and don’t take things very seriously.


Episode 5 Thoughts

Did anyone else enjoy this episode as much as I did?
I think it’s the most enjoyable episode so far in Konobi.

Is it really a coincidence that the BEST episode so far also was the first episode that had Collette present from start to finish?

The Collette / President misunderstanding made me laugh more than anything else so far. I also laughed at the Usami / Collette “hints”. I got a good “thumbs-up!” Usami screencap thanks to that scene – another kind of screencap I like to collect. The dove ritual was all right as well, but definitely overshadowed by those other two Collette moments.

Sorry Usami, you’re cute and all, and I like your blushing moments, but Collette drives home the comedy. I love how she thinks differently from everyone else, and I love when she panics when she thinks someone is trying to deceive her. I just love how we hear her inner thoughts while her face proceeds to turn blue.

I wonder if this pattern of Collette carrying her weight will keep up or not.
I also wonder how Collette would react to a chuuni character?
I can’t wait to find out!

Until next time,
Thanks for reading.

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