This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 5 – Shower President With Praise

What an excellent episode!
This is what comedy anime is all about.
Well-timed jokes, funny misunderstandings, a little mystery..

And it’s all thanks to President.
Special thanks to Colette.


Considerate President

President spots something indecent happening in the clubroom, when Colette shows up. So what does he do? He takes Colette and runs away, protecting her innocence. An irresponsible individual may have continued to peek into the clubroom with Colette, but President is better than that. A true leader.


Merciful President

Colette vandalized the glorious sculpted head in the clubroom.

But, thanks to a misunderstanding, President believes she actually confesses to having set up Subaru with Tachibana-sensei. And after Colette has confessed, President shows his merciful side! He tells her she went a little too far, and flicks her forehead. President even proceeds to overlook the fact that Colette seemed to be dehumanizing Subaru, by calling him a “thing” and being reluctant to consider him a senpai.

This is why he leads the art club. A very righteous man who understands justice. He understands that Colette is entitled to her opinion in this situation.

A Fine Stature

Take a look at this image:


As you can see, President towers over Colette. He is a tall man, fitting for his position as leader of the art club. He can see everything from up there.

Open-Minded President

Not only is President willing to help Colette become a dove, but he is also willing to try it out himself. Seeing the world from other’s perspectives is important, especially for a leader.

dove president.jpg

Club Leader

What club leader doesn’t organize activities for their club?

President knows what’s up, and decided to add some fun to cleaning the pool by bringing some paint! The pool is their canvas. What a great idea – President truly understands his people’s needs and wants.

A True Friend

Of all the members of the art club, President is the closest to them all. You may think that he just sleeps in the clubroom, but he also manages to converse and spend the most time with all of the club members in one on one situations. He understands Usami’s feelings towards Subaru (and has tried to help her), he understands that Subaru may be a lolicon, and he understands Colette. Colette and President get along very well, despite the difference in energy. They are able to translate each other’s thoughts from dove-speak into human language, and they both seem to enjoy wacky things.

Stay gold, President.


I’ve noticed that I go pretty screencap crazy with this anime haha.
What can I say? I love all of the characters and just can’t resist.

Normally I write my thoughts on the episode here, but I’m actually going to write a second post because I have MORE screencaps and don’t want to clutter this one up anymore than it is. Plus I don’t want to take away from President in this post.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 5 – Shower President With Praise

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  2. All hail President!! I also ended up showering the President with praise, but your praise is much more thoughtful than mine. I’m excited for him to keep flourishing in the show!!


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