Dear Diary: Today I Played Doki Doki Literature Club.

And only a few years late!
I now know why this game is so beloved.

Doki Doki Literature Club spoilers ahead!
If you haven’t played it, you should check it out!
It’s a fun, free experience that only takes a few hours.

doki doki.jpg
I didn’t actually take any screencaps, so enjoy this image of the menu.

Now, I’m not quite one for literature. At least, not anymore. I used to be in elementary & highschool, but it’s been many years since I’ve picked up a book. I started out reading primarily fantasy novels, such as Lord of the Rings & The Wheel of Time. I read a good deal of science fiction as well. Eventually moved onto war memoirs, and then my eyes had developed to a point where reading for long periods of time is just a pain. My right eye naturally sees much further than my left eye, so I end up closing my right eye (sometimes without even noticing right away) when reading a book. Yeah there are solutions to this (prescription reading glasses) but I guess I just can’t be bothered now.

Anyways, none of that really matters at all.

Turns out, the literature club is actually more of a poetry club. Who would have thought? Poetry isn’t really my strong suit, but… I can hold my own when the need arises. I actually could have joined a literature-esque club when I was in highschool, but I never did because I had a part-time job for the entirety of highschool. I did join this one club called DECA which worked out because it was just once a week, and that was fun although teachers were way more involved than what you’d see in anime clubs where it’s just students on their own.

So I was happy to join the literature club at.. whatever the school is called that the game takes place in. And it’s all cute girls too! What could be better?

Ok, here’s the deal. From the moment I joined the club, I liked Yuri. Why? Because she looks like she can pull off the best hime cut. I’m a hime cut man, so this is important to me. I like traditional / shrine maiden looking anime girls, with straight black hair and a hime cut. Nothing beats a hime cut – some hairstyles may come close, but the hime cut is the epitome of anime girl hairstyles.

Naturally, I had to get to know Yuri. Maybe she has a CG with a hime cut?
You just never know until you try.

I knew that Doki Doki was a psychological game, where the girls are all sort of hiding a secret. Going in, I thought it was more nefarious, sort of like the impression the girls give off in the first few episodes of Higurashi. Basically I thought they were all murderers or something like this.

The first poetry game made me laugh, because it pretty clearly spelled out Yuri’s character. Words like “cage”, “captive”, “agony”. I had a pretty good idea that my chosen girl had some Gasai Yuno (yandere) tendencies. That wasn’t enough to stop me though – Yuri has the best hair after all. Maybe I could get a hime cut CG before I was imprisoned in her closet or something.

I also figured out that Sayori suffered from some sort of depression thanks to the first few poetry games. Sad / depressing words seemed to resonate with her. She’s also the childhood friend, which means that I knew she liked me and didn’t like that I was going after Yuri. Sorry Sayori, but your hair is just too short to pull off a nice hime cut. I also prefer darker hair (ideally black) with a hime cut. So it just wasn’t meant to be.

Moving on…

There was one moment in Act 2 that made me break out on laughter. That part where you have to choose between Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika – and the mouse cursor just keeps forcefully moving to Monika’s name. I found it hilarious. I love the way the game messes with you like this. Naturally, even after I managed to choose Natsuki, the game “glitched” and forced me to choose Monika. That was probably my favourite moment from the game.

The end of Act 2 was good too. I finally got my chance to confess to Yuri, after she confessed to me, and she got a little too excited. Her speech at the end there was a bit long. I know she was excited and all, but her last words went on for a long time. I also didn’t quite understand what she was trying to say the entire time. So while it was sad to see Yuri go, I did find that moment kind of funny. It was a little disturbing how her appearance changed over the entire period though!

Eventually I ended up learning that I didn’t actually like Yuri, but Monika. How could I not have noticed? I was so blinded by the potential for a hime cut that I overlooked the best girl in the literature club. Monika really is the best girlfriend a guy could ask for. She may have light hair, but she technically could still pull off a hime cut. Plus Monika would be willing to do just that. We talked for a while – she wouldn’t let me save the game. Even after coming back to the game, Monika was still there waiting for me.

What a nice girl.

I deleted her character file and continued playing the game, but it didn’t last much longer after that.

Honestly, the game is great. I liked how it purposely “glitched out” at many moments, some of which were very funny. Natsuki glitched out at one point, her eyes turned black and her mouth changed, and she spoke some gibberish. Or a pair of eyes appeared on the screen when I didn’t choose Monika. I also really liked the one where I unlocked a “secret poem”, which was just a super glitched out picture of Monika. “Thanks for the poem, game. Very cool.” is what I was thinking, while laughing out loud.

I also loved how the game calls you to actually interact with things outside of the game itself. For example, Monika mentions that she wrote the Steam page for the game – so naturally I had to go and actually read it! These things were great, I loved having to go outside of the game, to play the game.

Funny moments aside, I also really loved the moment where Monika said my real name. For a SPLIT second my heart jumped, because I just didn’t expect it. After staring at the text for a little while I figured it was reading info from my Steam account or my computer / Windows login. Something like this. But man, what an awesome moment that split second was. Just a split second.

Doki Doki Literature Club absolutely lives up to the hype. I had managed to go for several years without really knowing much about it, and I’m glad that not too much was spoiled for me going in.

So yeah, those were the highlights of my Doki Doki experience.
What a great game.

Anyone else have Doki Doki stories to share?
I’d love to hear about them!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Today I Played Doki Doki Literature Club.

  1. You should definitely check out some streamer “Let’s Plays” of the Monika scene. There’s this amazing thing where Monika actually knows if you’re streaming and does some interesting things!

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